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Christian Longo Movie: Good Guy - Narcissistic Killer - True Story Chapter 1

Chuck Fasst is a concerned author who has become enlightened to the nationwide spread of Narcissism in our world. These are dangerous times.

Something happened here that the town of Newport will never forget

Something happened here that the town of Newport will never forget

Too Dead Too Soon: Christian Longo Embarks on his True Story, his Trail of Horror

Chapter 1
Christopher Michael Fargo was in a real fix. He had always felt that he should have been a millionaire and told everyone as much. But no matter how hard he tried, failure loomed at every turn of his twisted path.

He had a family to look after; his thirty-four year old wife, Mary Jo, along with four year old Zachary, three year old Sadie and little, two-year-old Madison. He went to great lengths to project an image of a well-liked fellow, in fact being well-liked was an obsession of his. But many did not like him.

The world needed to know that there was a reason his name was Christopher like the Christian. He was a good man. He knew this deep down and if the rest of the world didn't, they could all go to hell.

There were many things on his mind as he loaded up his van. People hated him and he absolutely could not figure out why. Everyone knew he had a family to provide for. He had a beautiful wife and three children he cared for very much. Everybody knew that – he made sure of it.

A man has to do what a man has to do and he would do anything to provide for his loved ones. Sure, he had written a few checks and done a few other things to get the money he needed. People were mad at him and wanted to throw him in jail for things he had done. But that didn't matter. They simply didn't understand. Nobody did.

Ypsilanti Michigan had used him up. Now he was forced to load his entire family into his stolen van and leave town. It was not what he wanted to do but he had to. They were after him. It was their fault and it would be their loss once he left.

He had even consented to go see one of those shrinks. The dude thought he was going to tell him all about life. But he didn't know squat. He tried to fill him full of this narcissism crap that didn't make any sense at all. The shrink was dull and boring like Mary Jo had become once she started having babies. It seemed like nobody knew how to have fun any more; except Candice. Candy was a barrel of laughs. She was a lot of fun to party with and great in the sack - for a while anyway. Then she got all moody like they all do. And it wasn't easy trying to bring joy into her life while dealing with a wife and kids, not to mention her husband who just happened to be his business partner. He only had so much to give and it seemed like everyone was always asking for it. All the same, he would have made things work out if Mary Jo hadn't found out. That damned wife of his seemed to be spoiling a lot of things lately. She was nothing but a little kid in a woman's body. He didn't like the job she was doing with the little kids either - but, he would take care of that. He would take care of everything like a man always has to do.

By the time it was all said and done, Chris had put in a hard night's work. Murder is a hard thing to do. He had to stuff the bodies of his little children along with their mother into various sacks and suitcases, weighing them down with rocks and other items. Then he had to load and carry the bodies to suitable locations where they could be dumped into the bay. Then there was the matter of disposing of what was left of his family's personal effects, things like the wife's purse and the kids' toys, baby journals and the sort. These all had to be bagged up as well and disposed of in a couple of nearby dumpsters. Why did she have to do this to the children? Why did she have to make him kill her?

Once he had completed these grim tasks he had to get down to Starbucks for a little R&R. Payday was still a couple of shifts away. And he would be needing that money. He had been living on a tight budget as of late. Thoughts of death and killing would just have to wait.

The Pacific Coast of Oregon

 End of the line for the Longo family

End of the line for the Longo family

But do you think he could make his shrink understand any of this - or anything else?
No way! He finally had to tell him to go back to his books and learn a little more about life. He would be damned if he was going to waste the rest of his precious life dealing with quacks and other idiots. There were many other, more important people, who would appreciate his company far more.

So he would be moving on.

Twenty-nine year old Fargo loaded his precious family and pulled out of the Midwest. He kept going until he could go no further, ending up in the sleepy little town of Newport on the central Oregon coast. He immediately went to work on "his presentation," utilizing his charm and good looks and leveraging his cute family to con his way into a deluxe, bayside condo on the promise of an impending check. He charmed his way into a job at the local Starbucks, all the while masquerading as some kind of consultant for big corporations.

It didn't matter how the economy was so depressed here or that the unemployment rate
was the highest in the nation. It was just another challenge, something Chris was always up for.

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His next challenge was going to be a big one!

It's a Long, Long Road to Murder: One has to work one's self up to that with a whole lot of crime

Chris took a lot of pride in his abilities to get what he wanted. Many times that required taking advantage of other people. Kiting checks, embezzling and conning people out of their money was nothing more than doing business. Caveat Emptor was what he lived by. He had to do it before they did it to him. He was just a little better at it than them.

But he wasn't good enough. This he knew and he would push himself harder. He had a plan. Any task he put himself to, he could do it. Take the computer for instance: There was a mother lode of information on that super highway, right there for the taking. He had already downloaded the E-books, Hitman Online and The Modern Identity Changer.

In no time, he had attained a number of phony IDs. Heck, he was even learning Spanish. Most people couldn't do these things that easily. But it was easy for him because he was a master planner. Everyone else could just continue on with their boring, pathetic lives. He was going to make his million, no matter what he had to do. And he knew just what to do. There were a certain few details he had to take care of first.

Head as far west as you can go and you might find yourself at a sleepy little town by the bay, Newport, Oregon

Head as far west as you can go and you might find yourself at a sleepy little town by the bay, Newport, Oregon

He was pretty tired after working his next shift. He needed to kick back, as he had the annual employee's pizza party coming up before his final shift. He stopped by the video store and rented the movie, "Blow." Then he picked up some more wine and cheese and spent a relaxing evening at the condo.

The pizza party went pretty well the next day. His workmates felt sorry for him going back to an empty home so they had packed him a nice little pizza care package to snack on. It was a real shame that a nice guy like Chris was being cheated on by his wife. But he had done the right thing by sending the family back home on a plane, so the wife could be with her lover. Other, lesser men had done far worse.

Well, Chris was not about to shed any tears over that situation. He had his newly stolen Dodge Durango packed and ready to go by the time he finished his shift and picked up his final paycheck. He headed south and didn't stop until he hit the Mexican Riviera, where his next adventure awaited.

Go West Young Man

As he settled comfortably into the plush seats, Chris thought about how easy it had been getting his new set of wheels. He was proud of that. He simply dropped off his stolen van at the Wilsonville auto dealership and drove away a Dodge Durango. He really liked those Durangos. There was something manly about them.

Again he had to leave a lot of his stuff behind in the van, for he had to travel light. He was a little miffed however, about leaving his book, Running from the Law. That reminded him of that other stuff he had left in Sioux Falls, S.D. that could be considered pretty incriminating. No matter, he would stay one step ahead of the law, like he always did.

It was a good thing he had swiped that customer's credit card number before he left Starbucks. That would work well for his tickets to Cancun. He had left the false identities of those four other men back in his Fred Meyer locker. He didn't need them anyhow. He would become Michael Fargo. He would simply use his middle name as his first name.

Carlton Smith was the first to tell the true story of Christian Longo

Image: FasstAction Productions

Image: FasstAction Productions

It was time to party. Chris deserved it. Murder is not easy. One needs to blow off a little steam after something like that. It was OK; he had sent them off to a better place. He could not send himself off to the same place, as his "religion" would not allow that. In reality, there was something far stronger than any religion that was driving this man of men. What was driving him now, however, was the need to party. This would help to soothe his sorrowful state. He was feeling very sorry - for himself. He was now left all alone on this earth and would have to make the best of things, the best way he knew how. He would search out solace from someone new, to distract his spinning mind from all his troubles. He knew how to effectively numb his brain to all of that. He could then simply send those troubles right out of his head, like flipping a switch. He was good at this and knew just how to do it. It had worked well for him throughout his life. Chris truly believed that he could send his troubles away forever by doing this.

Chris was thinking that it was too bad that there weren't more people in the world like him. The world would be a much more fun place and far less confusing. Jehovah had smiled on him when he was born.

It's all about living in the moment. You must be impulsive and poised to seize that moment at any time. Not everyone can do this.

Who is the Most Dangerous?

As the big Boeing lifted off from San Francisco International, he was starting to feel better about things; certainly better than the drive down. The night before, he had that dream again. It was always the same; he was trapped in a damp, dark place. He could hardly move and someone or some "thing" was after him. He could not get away and he was terrified. Then he would awaken thinking of his dad

Chris missed his dad. He was only a small child when his dad left. He could not remember much about him. He had been told that dad had beaten him and his mom when she was pregnant. But Chris didn't believe any of that. He often wondered where his dad had gone off to.

Chris figured there might be a few folks wondering where he had gone, as well. Yes, he was sure people were missing him. But alas, they would not know. He had studied his books well and covered his tracks. His next stop was sunny, warm Cancun where he would ease into a new life. Good times were awaiting and he was due.

And good times were certainly had. Once he hit Cancun he became Mike Finkelstein, New York Times writer. Then he headed on down the beach to find a place to kick back and party. In no time at all, he had found himself a nice little German lassie. She was a magazine photographer. He busied himself writing copy on the mysticism of the Mayan ruins as she worked her camera shutter. They would collaborate on a prize-winning magazine article. They had themselves a rollicking good time with many sun-filled days and danced the night away when the sun went down.

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Narcissists are people, they come in all shapes and sizes


The Book

© 2015 Chuck Fasst


Chuck Fasst (author) from Portland, Oregon on April 05, 2018:

Good to see you other commenters in addition to Paula. How are you, Paula? Catherine Giordano, yes I have been reluctant to write more about the disordered Narcissists. It just gets to be too much. See my comment after Chap. 9 I think it is.

Hello Shyron E Shenko. Yes, I don't visit here much. I am not a prolific writer most of the time. I do blog and write a monthly column for a local paper. I have other stories I could put up here but I guess it just needs to be the right time. But I must say that I cannot consider actually earning revenue from this site. That part is embarrassing.

Shyron E Shenko from Texas on January 31, 2018:

Hello Chuck, where have you been hiding? I am like Paula, I love a good mystery.

Chuck Fasst on August 01, 2015:

Yippee. I have comments :-) good to see there is somebody out there. CatherineGiordano, up above is right. This writing is difficult. Now Paula is my special follower. :-)

Suzie from Carson City on July 31, 2015:

Chuck.....I can't resist a true story that involves crime and mental disorders... The majority of my life has been ensconced with the study and continual research of Human behavior analysis.

This first chapter has hooked me. I intend to read on. This may just begin to sound familiar to me, but at the moment I cannot place this particular case...

I see you have no followers! I'm about to change this. I'll be happy to be your first!.........UP and very interesting!...Peace, Paula

Catherine Giordano from Orlando Florida on June 18, 2015:

Personality disorders are all dangerous. Diving into those depths too deeply can affect your own sanity. I now see yur remark about god being a narcissist in a new light. Nice work.

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