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The Young and the Restless

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Adam and Billy are at it again.

Adam and Billy are at it again.

Bad choices hurt loved ones

Billy Abbott has been obsessed with making Adam Newman pay ever since Delia's death. He recently found an ally in his ex-wife when Victoria gave him the ammunition he needed to bury her younger half-sibling. Vicki desires to get even with her father and half brother because she believes Victor excuses all of Adam’s bad behavior. Now that Adam's secrets are in print he is determined to get revenge, but neither man is considering all the people who will be hurt along the way. Faith is being teased in school because Billy revealed that Adam told Sharon she was dead when she was a baby and gave her to Ashley. Chance was supposed to start a new job at GCPD working with Paul and now that is in jeopardy. Chance went to meet Paul on Wednesday but did not catch up with him. Perhaps this indicates that Doug Davidson's long-awaited return is near. While Billy was riding high on his article increasing Chancecom's revenue, Adam hired someone to turn off the electricity at the company. While Lily so he could go through Billy's hotel room looking for evidence he could destroy and now Chelsea is suffering for his impetuous behavior.

Chelsea pays a big price

Chelsea was already troubled as she wondered how the article about Adam was going to affect Conner. She went to Billy's office and pleaded with him not to do a followup. She told him that Conner had to be sent away to boarding school to keep him from the fallout. Billy refused to listen and blamed everything on his former brother in law. He even said Conner was better off away from his dad. Lilly had already calmed Billy down and he was considering not running part 2. Ince she saw the sales numbers from the first article, Lily had second thoughts. Billy assured her that Adam had more skeletons in his closet. He added that the evidence was hidden safely away. As they were talking the lights went out and unknown to Billy the duo, Chelsea was trapped in the elevator when the lights went out in the building. Simultaneously, Adam was going through Billy's hotel room trying to find evidence that might go in the follow-up expose. Chelsea thought she could get out of the elevator by climbing to the top and going through the ceiling but she fell. After the lights came on, the door opened and Billy found Chelsea where she had fallen to the floor. She more than likely has been badly hurt because she landed on her back and her head hit the floor.


Sharon, Mariah, and Nick are worried about Faith, who is becoming a headstrong teenager. Chelsea is concerned about how all of this will affect Conner and fearful Adam might go to the dark side and do something drastic. The welfare of Nikki’s entire family has her concerned and Victoria sees nothing wrong with what is going on. Vicki wants both her dad and Adam to suffer, although she realizes Nick is trying to remain neutral and knows Billy went too far. Victor has promised to crush Billy boy and also deal with his daughter. Spoilers, however, have said that by the end of the week the Newman patriarch will reach out and try to mend fences with his daughter. It's not clear what Vicki's reaction will be Or if she will accept her father’s olive branch. Adam will probably blame Billy and not himself for Chelsea's accident and will stay by her side until she regains consciousness. He will be more determined that ever to make Billy pay fo reuining his life. By the end of Wednesday's episode, viewers did not know whether or not Adam had found what he was looking for in the hotel room but this could be cleared up by the need of the week. Stay tuned to The Young and the Restless to find out if Billy and Adam destroy each other and in the process hurt themselves. Will Chelsea have lasting effects from her fall and how far will Victor go in his desire to make Billy pay? Be on the lookout for spoilers and updates for The Young-and the Restless and continue tuning in each weekday afternoon. Billy and Adam May be on a collision course for disaster and take others down with them.

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Cheryl E Preston (author) from Roanoke on October 27, 2019:

Yes it’s so sad

Pattie on October 27, 2019:

I agree that the family should have stayed together. Lily went to jail, twins off to school and Neil passed away. Lily and Cane and the kids could have a ton of family story lines. Lilys mom could come back. They never found her body. She could wander into town and find her family. But instead, we lostlist everyone.

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