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Chip N' Dale Make a Comeback in May 2022.

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Honestly I'm getting come back vibes from this.

Honestly I'm getting come back vibes from this.

Introduction... And Premise...

Back in 2011, I caught wind of the possibility of a Rescue Rangers movie being made. And unknown to me on January 31 2014 The Walt Disney Company announced announced that a Rescue Rangers film was in the works. And as of February 15th 2022 the first trailer dropped. The premise thus far takes place 30 years after the original cartoon. The team split up, and apparently reunite over a new case.

Like the first life action Scooby-Doo film, but it also has Roger Rabbit vibes with combining humans with cartoon characters.

Then the second trailer furthered the Roger Rabbit vibes, as it’s revealed cartoon characters have gone missing, and Chip and Dale have to solve the mystery of the disappearing toons. Honestly while I suspect adult Peter Pan, he might be red herring. Especially given that chimera in the second trailer who has his torso, Wreck-It-Ralph’s arm, and head of a character from “The Aristocats.”

How convenient they picked these outfits on a whim.

How convenient they picked these outfits on a whim.

Expectations and closing thoughts....

I’m cautiously optimistic about this film. It looks like it’ll be a good film, but it wouldn’t surprise me if all the best bits are in the trailer. Though I don’t see how anyone could make Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers boring on purpose. I’m betting some idiot found a way, but I’ll have fingers crossed.

Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers will drop on Disney+ on May 20th. Not a fan of it being a streaming exclusive, as it implies that CEO Bob Chapek has very little faith in this film. Granted yes the Rescue Rangers fandom is small, but it might appeal to the new generation of kids and bring a new generation to the series.

But time will tell on how well this film does due to this release choice.

Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers trailer

Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers second trailer

Question regarding the Rescue Rangers movie

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