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Chinese Paladin 5: A Chinese Drama Review

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This drama follows a young boy, who was raised by bandits after his mother's death. He is a happy go lucky guy until "good" sects of the pugilistic world find out he's the son of the demon lord they sealed 20 years ago. But, he's unaware about his parentage. Which will cause him too much trouble.There his journey starts with lots of ups and downs. But along the way, he meets friends who help him through his trials.

Information About This Drama

Genre: fantasy, adventure, xianxia

Based on RPG game of the same name

Production company: Linmon Pictures

Number of episodes: 45

Release date: May 23rd, 2016


My Review

This drama is actually a third season of this franchise that started with Chinese Paladin. None of its seasons are connected on a bigger scale. So, you can freely watch any of them. I tried watching previous two seasons but just couldn't get into them. After three episodes I gave up on both of them. This season is the one that got me past three episodes mark.

I have to say that I liked this drama, but I didn't love it. Unlike the previous dramas I wrote here about this one pales in comparison. At least for me, but more about that later.

Visually this drama can't be compared to its two predecessors. Cinematography of it is really captivating. It shows the director knew what he was doing. And I have to say that overall he did a fantastic job with this show.

Special effects are amazingly done. Especially the way magic is done. It is up to even western standards. And that part is what I like the most.

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Elvis Han did a great job as Jiang Yunfan, the son of the demon lord. His performance is so good that you get attached to his character even before the half-hour mark of first episode. As the story progresses his performance doesn't falter. But, unfortunately, not even he could save the mistakes in his character's flaws. That was purely a writing staff miss.

Joe Chang is amazing as a 2nd prince, and a successor to the throne, of demon realm. He played a stoic, philosophy prone, prince perfectly.

Guli Nazha plays Tang Yurou a love interest of Yunfan. She is a girl that has a dark secret that eats away her life force. She is adorable and strong at the same time. You can't help but cheer for her.


Now we come to the most problematic part of this drama, the story. This show started awesomely. For fifteen or twenty episodes it was firing on all cylinders. I was properly engaged and entertained. But, then the story started to fall apart.

Firstly with some discrepancies in the hero's character and then with plot progression. The writers took some odd choices with the character and in the end, it doesn't pay off. Particularly his anger towards his grandparents. There is a scene where he offloads his grievances on them and twenty minutes later he kowtows, to them. Which, in all honesty doesn't make any sense.

But, the bigger problem is when the story falls apart. The writing staff took the wrong direction with unwillingness of main hero to admit who he is. I mean it would be a much better show if he admitted to himself and others who he was. And his lack of compassion towards "people" in same situation as him is just appalling. Although by the end of the show they tried to fix that, by then it's too little too late.

This drama however did one thing right. And that's focal point of this story. Discrimination. Discrimination of half-demons and not evil demons. Well, I can't call demons good can I? This drama did that part perfectly. Social commentary is on point. Sometimes I caught myself making comparison to our world. It was certainly beautifully done.

Chinese Paladin 5 Trailer


When this drama started it had so much potential, but unfortunately, with some bad decisions it didn't meet it at the end. Which was a big let down for me. Especially, after that strong start. In the and it's just an okay drama, nothing spectacular about it whatsoever.

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