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Chillwave Single Review: "A Changed World" by Albatrauss

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Albatrauss’ A Changed World is a swirling, rich soundscape that flows around the ears and glides along smoothly. A Changed World opens on deep, slightly rough-edged chords moving into the music along with gentle gliding washes of sound that float over the lower notes as a slow, smooth, steady pulse of solid drums are joined by synth chords growing over the top of that slow pulse.

There are percussion elements that come in and add a level of complexity and depth to the dense, rising synth notes all grow together and now a soaring, climbing, slightly distorted melody flows into the music. The melody feels inviting and delicate, full of wanderlust and melancholy.

The music now shifts to those slightly rough-edged synth chords and a distant flow of gentle notes that shimmer into the music in waves. The lead synth, high and bright, cries out over the bass and drum pulse that underpins the track. This is a track with a great deal of melancholy shine to it, full of emotion and expression as it glides along.

I do enjoy full, lush soundscapes and I feel that A Changed World creates such a soundscape and makes for a relaxing and engaging listening experience.

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