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Chillwave Single Review: "BMBY" by Yusuy


Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Yusuy’s BMBY (bambi or “pink” in Arabic) has a markedly different style from his previous release which was pure, classic synthwave. BMBY is in the chillwave or vaporwave vein with its fuzzy, misty qualities. It has a drifting, floating quality to it that matches the emotions which find expression in the song’s lyrics.

There’s a smooth, easy beat throbbing along into that track along with bright chimes and a pulse of guitar. Underneath it all there’s a steady, deep bass that adds weight to the music.

Yusuy’s easily gliding voice moves into the song as everything flows through layers of hazy, misty warmth. The whole song has a dreamy quality and a sense of floating as the delicate lyrics and gentle, but melancholy vocal melody floats over the chimes and everything flows away into silence.

Loss, pain, bitterness and separation fill the lyrics of BMBY. There’s a plaintive quality to them that is also found in Yusuy’s singing as he asks, “Where, Where were you when I was all alone?” A strong sense of loss pours out as he cries, “Why, why did you choose to leave and leave me to despair?”

There’s a bitter feeling as he speaks of each moment that he spent wasting his time and “each minute that comes and hour that goes.” I especially like the imagery in the words, “Luminous, inside it's pitch black and outside it's neon pink” for the strong contrast that they create.

Finally there is a sense of separation that cannot be bridged as Yusuy sings, “Between you and me are walls, indestructible.”

BMBY is an ethereal exploration of emotions and is imbued with a real feeling of disconnection and loss. It is fascinating to hear this music reflected through Yusuy’s unique cultural lens that adds its own sensibility while connecting to the drifting feelings that of the broader genres of chillwave/vaporwave.

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