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Chand Chupa Badal Mein: Hindi TV Serial Story and Review

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Chand Chupa Badal Mein - Indian TV Drama from Rajan Shahi

I am not a great Fan of Hindi TV Serials and only watch 2 Serials one of which is the Indian TV Drama Chand Chupa Badal Mein (Moon Hidden in the Cloud) which is telecasted on Star Plus Monday to Friday at 8 PM. This Serial was first aired on June 28, 2010. I started watching it after seeing the Promos where Legendary Poet and Lyricist Javed Akthar introduced the show as the story of a young motherless girl from a middle class family named Nivedita who is shy with strangers but later would gain the confidence and stand on her feet. Woman Oriented subjects especially those where woman fight and emerge as winners have always attracted me, so I decided to watch the love story of Nivedita which is shot in the beautiful environment of Himachal Pradesh.

What further motivated me into watching the Serial was that it was from Rajan Shahi who has given the viewers many successful family Dramas like Bidaai and Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlatha Hai. While Bidai dealt with the story of two sisters (one dark and the other fair) YRKKH is about love after marriage. Both these Serials where Rajan Shahi introduced newcomers attracted viewers and gained high TRP’s so I was sure that Chand Chupa Badal Mein too (CCBM) would be no exception. But after watching a few episodes of the Serial, I was thoroughly disappointed because I felt there was nothing new in the story the way it was headed. The story showed the main female protagonist Nivedita Sharma (Neha Sargam) who is a shy girl with Crowd phobia hailing from a middle class family in Shimla falling in love with Siddharth Sood (Abhishek Tewari) who is her neighbor and childhood friend. I was not seeing any sign of the girl gaining confidence or standing up for herself in the company of the guy who always dominated and treated her like a helpless doll and even called her Putul (which means doll in Bengali). So I quit watching CCBM after 2-3 weeks as I found it boring and not worth watching. But by September 2010 end some Promos of the Show came which featured Kinshuk Mahajan who had played the role of Ranvir in the Rajan Shahi Show Bidhaii which motivated me to start watching CCBM again and this time I was not disappointed. The Character of Viren Sood played by Kinshuk Mahajan literally added life and spice to the dead Serial with low TRP’s. After the entry of Kinshuk Mahajan, I have been watching CCBM regularly and also watched all the previous episodes I missed to have a better understanding of the Story. The unique love story of Viren and Nivedita and the mystery element surrounding the different charecters in this Serial makes CCBM worth watching.

Chand Chupa Badal Mein Hindi Serial Review and Story till now

Chand Chupa Badal Mein Hindi Serial Review and Story till now


Nivedita Sharma (Nivedita Viren Sood)

Neha Sargam

Daughter of Keshav Sharma and Wife of Viren Sood

Viren Sood

Kinshuk Mahajan

Son of Jawahar and Chanchal and Husband to Nivedita

Siddharth Sood

Abhishek Tewari

Son of (late) Bhuvan Sood and Husband to Divya

Divya Sharma (Divya Siddharth Sood)

Rishima Roshlani

Daughter of Pratap Sharma and Hemlatha and Wife to Siddharth

Keshav Sharma

Not Known

Nivedita's Father and Pratap's Elder Brother

Pratap Sharma

Punkaj Kalraa

Divya's Father


Sarita Joshi

Keshav and Pratap's Mother


Not Known

Divya's Mother

Aditya Sharma

Kanan Malhotra

Divya's Brother


Not Known

Nivedita's Brother

Jawahar Sood

Ashish Kapoor

Viren's Father


Payal Nair

Viren's Mother


Nitika Anand

Siddharth's Widowed Mother



Bhuvan and Jawahar's Mother

Bhupat Rai Sood

Madan Joshi

Siddharth and Viren's Grand Father

Sharmila Khanna

Nupur Alankar

Wedding Planner

Chand Chupa Badal Mein Story before June 28, 2010

Bhuvan Sood and Keshav Sharma are friends. Even Bhuvan’s father and Keshav’s Father used to be friends and they stay in houses nearby. While Bhuvan is rich and stayed in a Mansion, Keshav hails from a middle-class family. Bhuvan because of his good nature was liked more by his father than his brother Jawahar. Keshav use to work for the Soods as a manager in their factory. Destiny strikes and one day Bhuvan gets killed in the fire set by his own brother Jawahar to destroy evidence of inferior materials made in the factory. Siddharth’s mother gets widowed and Bhuvan’s mother Yashodhara holds Keshav responsible for her son’s death. However, Bhuvans Father who had immense trust on Keshav did not hold him responsible for the death of his son but kept his own son Jawahar away from Business.

The cold war between the Soods and Sharmas begin. Because of the false accusations of Jawahar on Keshav, Nivedita’s mother commits suicide. Even after several years Jawahar did not get the deserved place in Sood Family Business or at his own house because of something Keshav Sharma had told Bhupat Rai Sood, Jawahar’s Father. Because of the second grade treatment Jawahar had always received from his father he send his son Viren to a Boarding School at Delhi from a very younger age and kept him away from home so that he did not get affected. The Soods leave Shimla shortly after Bhuvans death. It is Siddharth Sood who is Bhuvan’s son who succeeds his Grandfather in the Sood Family Business instead of the legal heir Jawahar Sood. Because of this Jawahar and his wife Chanchal hates Keshav Sharma and his family.

Chand Chupa Badal Main Story before Viren returns to Shimla

The actual story begins with the Soods returning to Shimla. Bhuvan’s son Siddharth who had fond memories of his childhood comes to meet Nayanthara Dadi where he renews his friendship with his childhood friends Nivedita whom he used to fondly call Putul and Divya, her cousin. Having lost her mother at a tender age and having a father who has become bitter in life as he still cannot come out of his failure, Nivedita grew up as a simple shy and innocent girl with plain looks who avoids going out or mixing with people. However, Nivedita is also a responsible person with great moral strength. Family is her priority and she does her best to keep them happy. On the other hand, Siddharth Sood has grown up to a handsome young man who handles the entire responsibilities of the Sood Family Business. He is disciplined and respectful to elders. As a fatherless guy, Siddharth is very close to his mother Vandhana and family always has been his priority. After a few initial episodes Siddharth and Nivedita is seen falling in love with each other. But the twist in the tale happens when Nivedita’s cousin Divya also falls for Siddharth. Siddharth’s Grandmother Yashodhara who does not like the closeness maintained by her husband and Siddharth towards the Sharma Family maintain a distance from all members of the Sharma family. When Jawahar’s wife Chanchal finds about the closeness of Nivedita and Siddharth (referred as NivArth) she schemes along with Yashodhara to confuse the Sharma Family and create a rift between families and thereby stop Siddharth from getting married to Keshav’s daughter. Because of the Confusion created by Chanchal when the girls hand in marriage is asked for Siddharth Divya’s Parents think that the marriage proposal of Siddharth has come for their daughter Divya. After seeing how crazy in love her sister is Nivedita decides to sacrifice her love for the sake of Divya.

In the mean time, Keshav loses his job because of problems created by Jawahar as per the plans of Chanchal and Jawahar. Siddharth falls into the plans of Jawahar and Chanchal to trap Keshav and convinces his Dadaji to offer a job for Keshav in the Sood Factory. Keshav Sharma joins the job without knowing about Jawahar’s plan of revenge. Yashodhara and Chanchal’s plan backfires because of Nivedita’s decision of sacrificing her love for the sake of Divya. At the Engagement Ceremony when Siddharth sees that the girl he is supposed to get engaged to is Divya instead of Nivedita he hurts his hands because of which the engagement does not take place. However, Siddharth convinces Nivedita that he will set everything right and both take marriage vows (though incomplete) around the fire alone at midnight. While Siddharth is away on Business Jawahar traps Keshav again by creating misunderstandings in the mind of his father. During the inspection at the factory inferior materials planted by Jawahar was found and Keshav is blamed for it. Following the Problems at the Factory Bhupat Rai is humiliated by the public for the usage of inferior materials at the construction site. After that arguments crop up between the two families during which Nivedita would stand up for her family. It is in midst of this Siddharth returns and when he hears about his father's murder for which Keshav is been accused and the way Nivedita was talking to his family he gets angry and gives her a verbal bashing. Nivedita decides to break up with Siddharth as he did not support her innocent father.

Siddharth’s Dadaji is arrested by the Police because of the usage of inferior materials in the factory but Siddharth arranges bail for him before he is put to jail. After coming back to the Sood Mansion he suffers from a heart attack for which Keshav and Nivedita are blamed by Yashodhara and Chanchal. After hearing about Dadaji been taken to the Police Station and his subsequent Heart attack Keshav who is guilt ridden walks aimlessly through the road. Nivedita searches for her Dad and finds him walking on the road. She saves him from being hit by a vehicle by pushing him to the side of the road but his head hit a rock and he becomes unconscious.

Kinshuk Mahajan as Viren Sood

Kinshuk Mahajan as Viren Sood

Neha Sargam as Nivedita

Neha Sargam as Nivedita

Abhishek Tewari as Siddharth Sood

Abhishek Tewari as Siddharth Sood

Rishma Roshlani as Divya

Rishma Roshlani as Divya

Payal Nair as Chanchal

Payal Nair as Chanchal

Ashish Kapoor as Jawahar Sood

Ashish Kapoor as Jawahar Sood

Sushma as Yashodhara

Sushma as Yashodhara

Madan Joshi as Dada Sahib

Madan Joshi as Dada Sahib

Nikita Anand as Siddharth's widowed Mother Vandhana

Nikita Anand as Siddharth's widowed Mother Vandhana

Keshav Sharma

Keshav Sharma

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Saritha Joshi as Nayantara Dadi

Saritha Joshi as Nayantara Dadi

Divya's Parents - Pratap and Hemlatha

Divya's Parents - Pratap and Hemlatha

Kanan Malhotra as Divya's Brother Aditya

Kanan Malhotra as Divya's Brother Aditya

Nivedita's Brother Yash

Nivedita's Brother Yash

Chand Chupa Badal Main Story after 1st Oct 2010 till now

Nivedita tries to find help for getting her father to the hospital. It is then a bunch of goons in a vehicle come and she requests them to help her. But the guys had an ulterior motive and try to get her into their vehicle. A stranger rescues Nivedita from the goons but before she requests him to help with her father he receives a phone call and leaves the spot. Later we see him joining the Sood family while the Soods are taking Bhupat Rai Sood who suffered a Heart Attack in an ambulance to the Hospital. The stranger was Viren Sood, son of Jawahar and Chanchal. Nivedita also manages to take her father to the same hospital. After knowing that his Dadaji’s plight is because of Keshav Sharma and his daughter, Viren decides to take revenge on Keshav Sharmas daughter. Nivedita and Viren meet several times after that where Viren rescues her from one problem or the other without knowing each other’s identities. Siddharth’s mother reveals to Dada Sahib who is in Hospital bed that Siddharth loves Nivedita and not Divya as Nayantara Dadi had said. Hearing this Bhupat Sood suffers from another heart attack. In a serious condition he conveys his last wish of getting Siddharth married with Nivedita which Chanchal cleverly manipulates and as a result unwillingly Siddharth had to get engaged with Divya in front of Dadaji in the hospital. Yashodhara also had to reluctantly agree to the marriage as it was her husband’s last wish. However, the old man recovers from the condition but loses his speaking power and also gets paralyzed. When Chanchal finds out Dada Sahib’s chances of recovering fast she acts again and informs Yashodhara that the doctor informed her that Siddharth’s Marriage could help Dadaji to recover fast as she did not want her plans to be spoiled and see Keshav’s daughter Nivedita being the Bride of Siddharth Sood. In the meanwhile, Keshav who considers himself as a failure leaves the house. Nivedita looks for a job to support her family consisting of her Grandmother Nayanthara and Brother Yash. She finds a job with a wedding planner Sharmila Khanna who gives Nivedita the first assignment to prepare for Puja at the Sood Mansion where Viren once again saves her when her dupatta catches fire. Nivedita and Viren (here after referred to as NivRen) come to know about each other’s identities after the incident. Siddharth finds the truth about Jawahar’s role in trapping Keshav but keeps quiet as Dadaji is still unwell.

Sharmila Khanna is hired by Chanchal for helping with the Wedding Arrangements and Pre-Wedding rituals of Siddharth for which Nivedita comes to Sood House again. Viren offers friendship to Nivedita but she refuses. However, he keeps on helping her whenever she is in trouble and needs help. When Nivedita is supervising the decorations of the mansion at night Viren mixes sleeping pills in Niveditas tea as a result of which she feels sleepy. But in a sleepy state she talks about the guy who broke her heart and that she wants him to be happy. The next day Viren rescues Nivedita again from being hurt but he gets hurt. He confesses his love for Nivedita while she nurses his wound. But Nivedita rejects his love. He tries to get close to her by flirting with her the next day and even asks her to dance with him in front of the family. When Nivedita realizes that Siddharth would not accept Divya and love her unless she gets married herself and goes away from him, she runs off to her house and is followed by Viren who finds her bracelet which had fallen into the ground. Viren overhears Nivedita talking with Nayanthara that she wants to get married fast and when Nivi leaves the room he goes and asks Niveditas hand in marriage from Dadi. Dadi refuses telling him that she cannot get Nivedita married to a Sood for which Viren tells her that he would leave his family and Sood name for the sake of Nivedita. But Dadi still refuses. Viren returns to the Mansion without returning the bracelet. When he remembers about the bracelet, he walks back to the Sharma House where he overhears another conversation between Nivedita and Dadi that the reason Nivedita wanted to get married fast is because Siddharth would not be able to accept Divya as long as he still nurtures hopes of getting Nivedita. Viren is shocked after hearing about Siddharth and Nivedita (NivArth) love affair and returns to Sood Mansion again without returning the bracelet to Nivedita.

The Next day Nivedita offers friendship to Viren and tells him that she overheard him talking to Dadi. He also tells her that he overheard her conversation with Dadi regarding Siddharth and now knows the truth why Siddharth is unhappy about his marriage. NivRen plans to get Siddharth and Divya together and acts the love drama in front of Siddharth. They manage to get Siddharth suspicious about their closeness during the Shakun ceremony, Haldi and also by going for a bike ride together. Viren writes his name using Mehendi in Nivedita’s hand after which they even dance together in front of the family. After seeing NivRen dancing together and the name of Viren in Nivedita’s hand Siddharth is convinced about them and decides to move on with his life. Chanchal gets annoyed by the closeness of her own son with Nivedita but is unable to do anything. The next day while Nivi and Viren are getting Siddharth ready for marriage, Siddharth notices the pendant he gifted on Nivedita’s neck and decides to talk to her one last time before marriage. He sees Nivedita trying to burn the love letter and things gifted by Siddharth on the spot where they did the 6 Pheras and realizes that Viren and Nivedita had fooled him to believe that they are in love with each other. So he decides to break off his marriage with Divya and rushes out of the spot. Nivedita reaches Sood House before Siddharth and confides to Viren that now Siddharth knew the truth of them and would break the marriage with her sister. Viren tells her that nothing of that sort would happen. Before Siddharth could tell anything to the family NivRen informs the family about their wish to get married. Siddharth is shocked and could not even utter a word. After heated arguments NivRen leaves the Sood Mansion. Siddharth is left with no option but to wed Divya. Viren convinces Nivedita that for the sake of Divya and Siddharth’s happy married life they should get married too and gets married in a temple. In the meanwhile, Keshav returns and when he finds out about NivRen he rushes to stop the wedding. But before he reaches NivRen gets married and Nivedita stands up for her relationship with her husband. Keshav cuts all relations with Nivi as she married Viren who is Jawahar Sood's son. On insistence of Nivedita, Viren returns to Sood House with Nivedita after marriage. Chanchal does not allow Nivi and Viren to enter the house but on Vandana’s insistence allowed them to enter the house. She vows to make Nivedita’s life miserable for marrying her son. Viren goes missing on wedding night and once again all blame is put on Nivedita. She is thrown out of the house following some remarks of a lady who came for the face seeing ceremony of the bride the next day. But Viren returns back in time to rescue her and take her back to the house.

Viren and Nivedita start their married life at the Sood Mansion. Viren tells Nivedita that he would wait for her till she accepts him from her heart. He woos her with gifts and flowers. He also takes her to meet Nayanthara Dadi. In Sood House Nivedita is humiliated by Chanchal and Yashodhara at every possible opportunity. Yashodhara asks Nivedita to cut all ties with her family if she wishes to stay in Sood House and reluctantly Nivedita promises to do so. In Sood House Nivi is stalked by someone who creates troubles for her. Chanchal is also trying to create a rift between the two sisters and finally manages to do so at Siddharth’s mothers Birthday Party. When Nivedita gets a call from her brother Yash that Nainthara Dadi has fallen unconscious she breaks her promise and rushes towards her house. Chanchal tries to stop Nivedita but Viren supports his wife and they get Nayanthara hospitalized. Keshav comes to the hospital and the doctor informs him that his mother suffered from Heart Attack and needs to get operated immediately. Keshav is angered to see NivRen and ask them to leave and also refuses Viren’s offer for money. While Keshav leaves to arrange money Dadi’s condition becomes serious and she gets operated.

Nivedita returns to Sood House but Yashodhara refuses to let her in. Viren then comes to the house and Dadima asks him to choose between Nivedita and the family. Viren holds Nivedita's hand and they are about to leave the house when Dadaji who was bought to the entrance in the wheelchair stops them by calling out Viren's name. Every body in the Sood House except Chanchal and Jawahar are happy that Dada Sahib has regained his speaking power. Chanchal and Jawahar are scared to know that Dadaji has asked everyone to assemble in the hall. But to their surprise Dadaji does not question them or reveal anything about NivArth but asks everyone to give Nivedita her deserved place as the Sood Bride. Viren takes Nivedita to the Hospital to meet Dadi but she refuses to meet her and tells Viren that whether she meets Dadi or not she knows that Dadi's blessings are with her always. Karwa Chauth Preparations are going on at Sood House and Vandhana gives Sargi to Nivedita as Chanchal did not give her Sargi. On KC day Viren and Siddharth comes down to watch their wives having food before the fast. When everyone leaves the breakfast Table Divya questions Nivedita why she married Viren when she does not love him. Viren comes to the rescue of his wife and tells Divya that he only has the right to ask Nivedita why she married him or if she loves him and what matters to him is that he loves her so much. Viren leaves to Office without having Breakfast. Divya tries to romance Siddharth with flowers by sending flowers to the Office. Divya gets angry when Nivedita tries to pass her Saree to Divya telling that it would suit her more. Chanchal changes the Sherwani's she bought for Siddharth and Viren to cause a rift between sisters.

Chachal asks Viren to go to the Terrace for the Karwa Chauth Rasm and sends Nivedita to the terrace to break Viren’s fast. Divya mistakes Viren as Siddharth after seeing him along with Nivedita on the Terrace wearing Pink Sherwani. Chanchal sees Siddharth coming out wearing the cream sherwani and stops him telling that he is wearing the wrong sherwani and tells that she would send Viren to his room so that they can change the Sherwani’s. Chanchal also informs Viren that he is wearing the Sherwani meant for Siddharth and instructs him to exchange sherwani’s. Viren and Siddharth come down after changing the Sherwani’s to break the fasts of Nivedita and Divya. Divya who becomes suspicious of Siddharth’s relationship with Nivedita does not eat the food properly and leaves the room. Viren on the otherhand does not leave the opportunity to express his love for Nivedita in front of everyone. Divya leaves early morning to her house and sulks. However, Nivedita comes and clears her misunderstanding and takes her back to Sood House. Divya who still nurtures suspicions about NivArth treats Nivedita badly. In the meanwhile Viren plans to take Nivedita out for a date but the mysterious stalker spoils the plan by cutting the petrol pipe of the bike. Chanchal once again creates suspicion in the mind of Divya by showing the Radhakrishna Locket. She gets further suspicious when she sees Siddharth dropping Nivedita home as per Viren’s request. In the meanwhile Viren takes Nivedita out on a date and they spend time singing together with Viren playing the flute.

What makes CCBM interesting?

For me, it is the NivRen Moments and the mystery element in Chand Chupa Badal Mein which makes this Hindi Serial worth watching. Viren and Nivedita make a great pair and share a wonderful chemistry. While the NivArth fans think that Viren married Nivedita for Revenge, NivRen fans are convinced that Viren is genuinely in love with Nivedita. However, almost all the main Characters like Viren, Siddharth, Divya, Chanchal, Jawahar and Yashodhara has the motives of revenge against Nivedita which keeps the viewers guessing. Now after the latest episodes have convinced the viewers that Viren is indeed in love with Nivedita and did not marry her for revenge the latest buzz is about Viren turning a Psychotic Lover.

I know it is not an easy job to narrate a Serial which has crossed 150 episodes in a few words as I have done here. So if you wish to watch the show from the beginning you may watch it at the Star TV Website directly under Star Plus Serials. If you are interested in just the NivRen Scenes then you may watch that too starting from the entry of Kinshuk Mahajan as Viren Sood on October 1, 2010.

Viren and Nivedita (NivRen)

Viren and Nivedita (NivRen)

Best NivRen Scenes

I love almost all NivRen Scenes but if I have to pick a few then I would pick

  • Nivedita and Viren’s first meeting where Kinshuk Mahajan is introduced in CCBM
  • Viren Playing Flute and Nivedita remembering him
  • NivRen’s dance together to make Siddharth jealous
Siddharth and Nivedita (NivArth)

Siddharth and Nivedita (NivArth)

Best NivArth Scenes

Some of my favorite Siddharth and Nivedita Scenes are

  • Siddharth and Nivedita meeting for the first time
  • Nivedita and Siddharth preparing Tea together
  • The Radha Krishna Pendant and the incomplete Pheras of NivArth

Chaand Chupa Baadal Main this Week

December 27 : Divya goes to Nivedita and asks for some light jewelry which she can wear with her Saree to go out with Siddharth. Divya notices the Radha Krishna Pendant and chain and tells Nivedita that she likes it. Nivedita tells her that it suits her better and that she does not have to return it. Divya displays the pendant in front of Siddharth and then asks him to promise her that he would not talk to Nivedita hereafter and Siddharth obeys. Viren waits to spend time with Nivedita after decorating their room with candles and flowers while Nivedita goes to give medicines for Dadaji.


Poonam on May 09, 2011:

hi plz show this serial in the night at 8 pm coz we r in the office and we miss the serial, we dont want to miss it plz i request ul

Anamika S Jain (author) from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India on March 13, 2011:

I don't know what you mean. The PKYEK Review is definitely available on my Blog @ http://pyaar-kii-ye-ek-kahaani-story-video.blogspo...

You will also see daily episode written updates, details of cast and characters etc in the Blog

sjd on March 13, 2011:

hi anamika...why not available story review of pyar ki ye ek kahani in ur blog .........please..........

anjie on February 28, 2011:

you are all awesome. love you all

Anamika S Jain (author) from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India on December 28, 2010:

Thanks! If you have read this article then you know that it is Kingshuk Mahajan's entry which motivated me to watch this Serial again. The mystery and the Nivren chemistry makes this serial interesting. I agree with you that the jugalbandi scene is a must watch.

A on December 26, 2010:

Nice detailed account. I didn't watch the show from the start as it looked boring but with virens entry it was brilliant. I love the nivren jodi and the drama is getting better and better. i also agree the scenes you have mentioned are the best but also the chand chupa dance and the jugalbandi scenes

Anamika S Jain (author) from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India on December 12, 2010:

@Ketty Thanks a lot for the nice words. If I am not impressed with CCBM, I would not have written about it. However, it needs to be seen how Nivedita is going to emerge as a strong woman all would admire.

Ketty on December 12, 2010:

Hi Anamika, beautifully written article, you have captured essence of CCBM and Nivren pretty well. We are crazy about Nivren and that's no doubt CCBM become more interesting after Viren's entry.

Anamika S Jain (author) from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India on December 12, 2010:

@Aashvee Raheja Thanks for the encouragement. I love the character of Viren Sood in CCBM. So far Nivedita as a character has failed to impress me. But you are right... NivRen as a couple is awesome.

@Ashi Thanks for the lovely comment.

Ashi on December 12, 2010:

Anamika, you explained it beautifully!

Aashvee Raheja on December 12, 2010:

Anamika, this is fabulous. How wonderfully you have summarised the story, the concept. And seriously, NivRen as a couple are phenomenal.

Right from the day of Viren's entry into Nivi's life, the day Viren first met Nivi, caught her hand as he pulled her to safety on that bridge, they became NivRen for me and my life has just not been the same. I love this couple and I think Kinshuk and Neha are unbelievable together. Even without a single "romantic" scene, they have succeeded in firing our imaginations and capturing our fancies. And words will never suffice to do justice to the happiness we get seeing them together on screen.

Thank you Anamika, for this great article. I hope KM, NS read it and realise how much we love them.

Anamika S Jain (author) from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India on December 11, 2010:

@Zarmeen Thanks a lot for the lovely comment. It is this 'spice' in this Serial after the character of Viren Sood entered the show which attract us and keep us glued to the TV Screens, right?

@Sabii Thanks for the appreciation and nice comment. Have not seen you around for over a week now.I guess you have been busy. Well, I think we would know about Viren's secret conversation with his mother on Monday. Have you seen the Post where some one attempted lip reading on India Forums?

Sabiha on December 11, 2010:

Extremely well written article.

I haven't had a chance to watch this week's episodes, but when I get a chance, I'll definitely catch up.

Anu Di, thanks for keeping the essence of NivRen around - especially when things look like they'll be turning for the worse (the secrecy b/w Chanchal & Viren coming out very soon I think?)

Zarmeen Zubair on December 11, 2010:

Anamika loved the article. I love the serial too. And no doubt that Kinshuk Mahajan has added much needed spice to the show and u have really summarised it well.

Anamika S Jain (author) from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India on December 11, 2010:

Thanks for the appreciation and nice comments Naveen and Monica. We all are crazy about NivRen, aren't we?

monica on December 11, 2010:

wowww anamikaa .Veryy well written .n i agrre ki ccbm is rght now is d bestest show on SO .n nivren r just 2 adorable n viren toh mashalaahhh. amazinggg n 2 hott 2 handle.

Naveen Arshad (Xaviara) on December 11, 2010:

hey anamika !! You have done an amazing job with the article hun !! Its extremely well written !! And you have managed to explain the essence of the show and NivRen beautifully ! Kudos to you !! :) Keep it up !! :)

Anamika S Jain (author) from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India on December 11, 2010:

Thanks Suchi for the love and appreciation! Hope to see your Weekend Retreat this week at India Forums.

Suchitra on December 11, 2010:

very very very well written Anamika. you have captured the essence of the serial and that is why we love your writing and we love nivren!

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