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The Young and the Restless: Trouble Is Brewing After Nikki Gets Phyllis to Break the Truce With Diane

Cheryl has been watching the soaps for 50 years and writing about the for 12.


Summer is stunned

Tuesday on The Young and the Restless Summer Newman (Allison Lanier) was in shock when her mother and grandmother agree on a common goal which is to run Kyle Abbott's ( Michael Mealor) mom out of Genoa City. Nikki Newman (Melody Scott Thomas) is in utter despair when Summer says Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) has a truce with Diane Jenkins ( Susan Walters). Nikki is beside herself and chastises Phyllis for making a truce with "that woman." Y&R fans knew that it was only a matter of time before the volatile redhead returned to her evil ways but who would have ever thought that Nikki would be the one to bring it out of her? Summer is attempting to be a peace broker because after all, Diane is Kyle's mother. She has been watching her mother-in-law seemingly making all the right moves and enjoying spending time with her son and grandson Harrison Locke Abbott (Kellen Enriquez). Now she has witnessed the worst coming out of two women she loves and is trying to damage control before things get any worse.

Summer attempts to diffuse the situation

The Young and the Restless viewers knew that Phyllis would eventually implode and begin making life miserable for Diane. Nikki has joined her ranks as she never misses an opportunity to make Kyle's mom uncomfortable. Summer loves her husband and is allowing him time to get to know his mother She frantically is trying to diffuse the situation but it's like throwing gasoline on a raging fire. This is the first time that she has witnessed firsthand her mom and grandma coming together for a common goal. Nikki and Phyllis can barely stand one another but they have put their differences aside in the past. Along with Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) and Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case), these two women covered up the fact that Nikki believed she had murdered JT Helstrom (Thad Luckenbill). They went to extreme lengths to cover up the murder and worked well together in spite of the fact that they loathed each other. Both Phyllis and Nikki have warned Summer of ho dangerous Diane can be and said that she would soon reveal her true self. At this point Summer only sees a hard worker and loving mom and grandma while her own mother and grandmother are showing how vicious they can be.


Phyllis, Nikki and Diane moving forward

Diane appears to really have changed and spoilers tease that she and Jack might eventually grow closer. Everyone knew it would be difficult for Phyllis to pretend she is OK for the long haul and now Nikki of all people has pushed her to reveal the truth. She tried so hard to remain calm but after Nikki's prodding Phyllis finally announced "I can't do this. I can't do this." Some spoilers tease that Diane has not really changed and that eventually her true colors will be revealed. In the meantime those who enjoy The Young and the Restless will be watching and waiting fro see how all of this will play out. Can Summer keep her mom and grandmother in check and stop them from launching an all-out war on Diane? Will she keep this information to herself or will she alert Kyle and Jack? There are sure to be some tense, but humorous moments ahead and perhaps a cat fight or two. The big question is how much will Diane be able to take before she blows? Will she risk all she has gained and the love of her son and grandson just to get in the mud with Nikki and Phyllis? Stay tuned because big trouble is brewing and you don't want to miss any of it.


Time will tell

The Young and the Restless brought Diane back for a reason that’s still not clear. She may truly only want to reconnect to her son but most Genoa City residents don’t believe her. Phyllis Lois will have to be careful not to focus to o much attention n Jack and Diane especially if they become romantic. There currently is no man n Genoa City that se can use in an attempt to try to make Jack jealous and throwing herself into the Grand Phoenix is not going to work. Will the redhead self destruct and prove de is the volition one and not Diane or will Ms. Jenkins be proved a liar? Be on the lookout he lookout for updates and spoilers related to what comes next. Be sure to tune in Wednesday and watch as Phyllis for once in her life has nothing to say.

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