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Chance Chancellor's Future May Be in Jeopardy Because of the Newmans

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Chance might be in over his head

Chance might be in over his head

Phillip "Chance" Chancellor IV is in deep trouble

Last week on The Young and the Restless, Chance found trouble in every direction that he turned. Chelsea wants him to keep quiet about what happened in Vegas with Adam, as Victoria is going out of her way to help Billy expose the truth. Alyssa has disappeared and Adam assured his friend that she is alive. he claims to have given her a false lead that led her away from Genoa City. Chance said he would reveal their sordid Vegas history if Alyssa did not turn up alive and well. Abby is angry at Victoria and worried that Chance might be in big trouble. Mr. Chancellor is supposed to be starting a new job working for Paul at the GCPD. His past with Adam could come back to haunt him and everything blow up in his face. Although he is not guilty of murder, he is responsible for covering up the crime and not reporting it to the authorities. The squeaky clean record of Jill's grandson could be in jeopardy because of his desire to help Adam Newman.

Victoria and her father are at odds

Victoria and her father are at odds

The Newmans play hardball

Vegas seems to be filled with secrets going back to Cane Ashby. He was lured Cane to Los Vegas, then knocked him on the head. When he woke the will pages were beside him. He learned later that it was his father Colin. Early on, Phyllis went to Vegas trying to get answers but came up empty. This secret has been hanging around for a long time and now it should be revealed in its entirety. All that is known is that Adam killed someone in order to save Chance's life. Billy is like a dog with a bone and determined to take down the man who killed his daughter. Victoria wants revenge because her dad removed her from the Newman CEO position and allowed Adam to temporarily run the company. She does not care who else gets hurt align the way. Chance is in this just as much as Adam because it was on his behalf that the murder was committed. Victor is going to have a talk with Billy soon, no doubt to tell him to back off. Chance is in the middle of the Newman patriarch, his daughter, and youngest son, with Billy and Alyssa breathing down his neck. One thing that is certain is that Victor will try to save his son just as fiercely as Victoria tries to bury her brother.

Will Nina return to help her son?

Tricia Cast who has portrayed Nina Webster on The Young and the Restless announced the death of her husband Bat Mcgrath some time back. A number if fans have begun wondering if she might return to Genoa City now that her television son is in trouble.. The last time mother and son interacted, was when she disagreed with his decision to work for the Pentagon. Shortly after, Nina and Paul's blossoming romance cooled when she realized it was Christine he truly loves. Doug Davidson is supposed to be back on The Young and the Restless soon.and his character Paul, will naturally end up in the middle of all of this. There has been no official word regarding Trisha Cast so keep in mind this is speculation on the part of some of her fans.

Victor might be the deciding factor

Chance might be able to tackle Adam, deal with Abby and outsmart Victoria and BIlly but he may not be able to handle Victor Newman. When all is said and done, Adam is still the son of the Newman patriarch. Victor does not like anyone causing trouble for his family. Last week Nikki tried to get information out o Lily, who held her own with Victor's wife. Nikki will probably discuss the situation with her husband who will no doubt put some type of plan into action. Chance might find that all of this is a bit much for him and he could throw Adam to the wolves. If his new job with the GCPD is jeopardized who knows what he will do.

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