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The Young and the Restless: Jack Finds Evidence That Keemo May Be Deceased


Be careful what you ask for

There is an old saying to be careful what you ask for because you just might get it and on The Young and the Restless Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) may have bit off of more than he can chew. Phyllis Sommers ( Michelle Stafford) encouraged him to investigate the texts he has been getting and this led him to decide to take a trip to LA. The duo found a property owned by Jack's late wife Luan Volien's (Elizabeth Song) father. They suspected that the couple's son Keemo is behind it but Jack told Phyllis and Traci Abbott a very sad tale. Jack admitted that he and his son were not on very good terms because he did not tell Keemo that Luan was dying of cancer until it was too late. Keemo later dropped the last name Abbott and used his mother's maiden name Volien. Jack led his family to believe that he and his son had been keeping in touch but it was all a cover-up.

Jack's admission and shocking discovery

Jack said that he had not heard from his son in several years and that it was not Keemo's style to operate this way. Fans of The Young and the Restless were hoping this meant that Phillip Moon would reprise his role as Kyle Abbott's (Michael Mealor ) older brother but now it looks as if the storyline may be headed in a different direction. It was recently announced by spoilers that Kelsey Wang ( Daisy Kwan) General Hospital will be making her debut on Y&R on March 10. Spoilers and viewers immediately suggested that the actress might portray Keemo's daughter and Jack's granddaughter. Thursday's episode of the CBS soap has revealed yet another piece of the puzzle as Phyllis and Jack stumbled upon something shocking while following the clues that have been left for them. At the end of the episode they located a memorial page online and Jack admitted that the photo was of Keemo as he exclaimed "My son is dead."

Kelsey Wang

Kelsey Wang

Keemo's daughter may be leaving clues

If Wang will indeed portray Keemo's daughter then she is leaving clues to let her grandfather know that her dad is dead. Jack will have to find her in order to gain the knowledge of why she went this route rather than just calling him. Between now and March 10 Jack will be devastated and racked with guilt. He already feels as though he failed his son and will be very remorseful that things turned out this way. Once Jack locates whoever was trying to contact him he may have a brief meeting and things go back to normal in Genoa City. It's not clear if Jack and Phylis will travel to LA or if wang's character will show up in GHenoa City. Since viewers don't know yet how long Kelsey will be on The Young and the Restless it's difficult to figure out a plot. She could come to town and get to know the Abbott clan but she might not stick around long. Theo Vanderway (Tyler Johnson was revealed as an Abbott air but things did not work out and he was sent to work for the company in Paris. Viewers will have to wait for this story to unfold once Wang is on screen.

Jack needs a good storyline

Phyllis recently announced that she was only going to remain friends with Jack and not pursue romance. fans of The Young and the Restless are still saying that the Abbott air needs love in his life. In addition to "Red", the CBS soap teased that something might happen between Jack and Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) but she is now with Adam Newman (Mark Grossman). There was also a rumor that Kristen Alphonson (ex Hope Brady DOOL) was joining the Y&R cast as a possible love interest for Jack but this did not happen. Viewers are also saying they desire to see as much time and attention of Jabot as is shown to Newman media. Perhaps Wang's character might have the qualifications to work for the family business in addition to getting to know her Genoa City family. This is all speculation and possibilities but be on the lookout for updates related to Kelsey Wang and her new character on The Young and the Restless. Perhaps she will fill in all the blanks related to when Keemo died and how he met his death.

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