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Chainsaw Man will saw its way onto the airwaves in October 2022.

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This is a super hero...?

This is a super hero...?

What we know so far...

October 2022 is looking to be packed with many great anime like Bleach, Urusei Yatsura, My Hero Academia Season 6, and as I just found out, Chainsaw Man too.

The plot takes place in an alternate timeline in 1997 where the Soviet Union remain and the Holocaust apparently never occurred. Here we meet Denji who after being betrayed by the Yakuza, he merges with his devil possessed dog Pochita to become Chainsaw Man. After he takes down the Yakuza who betrayed him, Denji is approached by a team of governmental demon hunters, and things escalate from there.

The Chainsaw Man anime was announced on MAPPA’s official Twitter on December 13th 2020. It was expected to drop in 2021, but there was no official release date announced at that time. Then when an official trailer dropped on June 27th 2021. And there was radio silence from MAPPA and Crunchyroll. Then on May 16 2022 A trailer dropped with Crunchyroll mentioning in the video description that Chainsaw Man will premiering on Crunchyroll in October 2022.

However the October date was confirmed in the second trailer that was released August 26th 2022.

This was one of the first images I saw, and it should have peaked my interest.

This was one of the first images I saw, and it should have peaked my interest.

So is that a mask, or his head?

So is that a mask, or his head?

The Conclusion...

In conclusion I’mma check out Chainsaw Man when it premieres as it looks promising. And given when it was announced, that would explain why I saw anticipation for the Chainsaw Man for the last two years. Not expecting it to live up to any hype, but we’ll see when it comes out this October.

Chainsaw Man Official Trailer

Chainsaw Man 2nd Official Trailer

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