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Celebrity nipple slips, when breasts escape

It's just a nipple, yall!


Breasts are a many wondrous thing. Usually hidden by clothing, they walk among us, tempting us with their breastlyness (which is a word, because I say it is). There is one thing better than a breast however, and it's a nipple. A nipple lets you know that you've arrived. The rounded curve of the breast is so oft used to titillate the viewing public that things are to the point where it is debatable if anyone even cares anymore, but a nipple, a nipple is still a much sought after commodity. To put it in perspective, if nipples were animal products, they'd be endangered elephant ivory.

If it were up to the common laws of decency, we would probably only see nipples on our partners, on animals, and on men. However due to the wisdom of female celebrities and their stylists, a particular type of wisdom that causes them to walk around half naked most of the time, and with the not naked parts covered with fabric that seems determined to break free of their bodies and escape giggling into the night, we occasionally catch a glimpse of elusive, famous nipples.

Britney Spears is without a doubt, the current champion of the nipple slip. Her nipples have made multiple appearances, and seem to sneak out of her clothing at a moment's notice. Of course, the addition of a bra would probably help this state of affairs but Britney seems loath to use one. Her nipples sneak out the side, over the top, in any and all directions that they can find to burst into the limelight.

She's not the only young Hollywood starlet to bare her nipples however, Lindsay Lohan has had her share of nipple slips too, she's never one to be shy or reserved is Lindsay, and of course Paris has also bared her nipple area but I doubt you're surprised by or really much interested in that. The Britney, Lindsay, Paris triangle of ill conceived behavior (see how kind that was, no mention of promiscuity, or harlotry or anything) is a well established fact, and these girls mammaries are so overexposed that it's highly likely that there are members of the general public in foreign countries who could probably recognize these girls just by their nipples alone, maybe even just by one nipple.

So then, the truly interesting nipple slips are the ones that are surprises, like Janet Jackson's infamous 'wardrobe malfunction', or Kate Moss' beach frolics. Then there was Cameron Diaz's little episode on the Ellen show, where she insisted that she was not showing nipple before being convinced that it had actually happened. I'd go into that but the nipple slip denial phenomenon is a whole other article.

I don't want this to be an entirely superficial piece either, so now I think that you should spend a little time thinking about how nipple slips could impact your life. Perhaps they could help you generate more publicity in the work place for example, or maybe help you win friends and influence people down at the country club. Never underestimate the power of the nipples ladies. Nipples are your friends.

NOTE: I apologize for the lack of nipples in this nipple slip hub. We're not allowed to be nude and vulgar anymore, it was bringing the tone down. I hope you will be satisfied with a lascivious looking emoticon, it's the best we can do for now.


Darfan on March 03, 2010:

wow nice slips :)

Tom Cornett from Ohio on February 10, 2009:

Gotts watch those nipples! You'll shoot your eye out kid! ( If ya squeeze em)

tulwave from Orlando,Fl on June 01, 2008:

I love it

I found your hub and love the beautiful girls. I gave you a rating and I am writing a comment to help your score. There are a lot of hubbers out there that don't want hubs of photos of girls out there and so I am trying to do my part to keep them rated highly.

Thanks for all your hard work and feel free to rate my hubs and comment. I think that will help us all.


Hector Herrera from Dominican Republic on February 16, 2008:

The essence of life.The nurturing nectar fountain.The temperature raiser.The comforter.The power of being alive.The muse. The universe is a big nipple.We are the children of the Nipple Goddess.The mystery of the eternal slips.

What would life be withou nipple slips.

Happy slips

Hope Alexander (author) on October 22, 2007:

The powers that be Ralph, the powers that be...

Ralph Deeds from Birmingham, Michigan on October 22, 2007:

Who sez nipples are vulgar?

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