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Celebrity Feet Photos: Whose Famous Toes Are These?

No film (that I have seen) has ever spent as much time focusing the camera on feet as Quentin Tarantino's "Death Proof". Sydney Poitier has said that after reading the script for the movie, she went into the audition, took her shoes off and plonked her feet on the table in front of Quentin! The rest is history.

Sydney Poitier in "Death Proof"

Sydney Poitier in "Death Proof"

Can you guess which celebrity these famous feet these belong to?

I know I am focusing on female celebrity feet, but let's face it - men's feet are dirty, ugly and often smelly!

Answers and full pictures can be found at the bottom of this hub.

Death Proof

The Celebrity Feet Quiz

Celebrity Foot #1

Celebrity Foot #1

Celebrity Foot #2

Celebrity Foot #2

Celebrity Feet #3

Celebrity Feet #3

Celebrity Foot #4

Celebrity Foot #4

Celebrity Foot #5

Celebrity Foot #5


#1: On TV she is one of three and has magical powers!

#2: She sings & so does her sister. Had a nose job... and a baby. (Yeah I know, this doesn't really help you does it! Haha)

#3: You'll find her if you seek Amy.

#4: She played a princess once in a movie set in the land of far far away.

#5: You shouldn't need a hint for this one.

#6: Young actor who has a sister called Hayley.

#7: She has latino feet and a big bum.

#8: Her feet can go invisible. (Well, in some of her movies)

#9: One deadly kick and vampires are vanquished.

Have you got them all?

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Celebrity Feet #6

Celebrity Feet #6

Celebrity Foot #7

Celebrity Foot #7

Celebrity Foot #8

Celebrity Foot #8

Celebrity Foot #9

Celebrity Foot #9

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lee on April 29, 2012:

being a huge fan of sexy feet i did pretty well - got 7 out of 9, i got the simpsons sisters mixed up and i didn't get number 5 because you didn't give a hint lol. however i would have gotten a few with no clues, britneys stinky soles and jessica albas huge big toes were easy to guess. if you had any pamela anderson or gwen stefani i would know a mile away.

marcofratelli (author) from Australia on January 16, 2010:

Hey Feet Lover, i like your avatar!!

Feet Lover from USA on January 16, 2010:

OH I love feet and especially celebrities feet.

Turqouise rose on December 14, 2009:

My friend goes to boarding school and everytime she comes ova to stay we r watchin tv whilst on the couch and I have to massage her feet so she won't nag me .

marcofratelli (author) from Australia on October 22, 2009:

Bahaha! :) Thanks for reading Sacha!

Sacha on October 20, 2009:

Amazing how many pretty women have ugly feet!

marcofratelli (author) from Australia on July 08, 2009:

Thanks mate!

JPSO138 from Cebu, Philippines, International on July 07, 2009:

You really make it very interesting....

marcofratelli (author) from Australia on June 07, 2009:

LOL, yeah I know what you mean :)

Writer Rider on June 05, 2009:

Ummm...actually, I want to correct myself. The picture makes Britney Spears' feet look bigger than they actually are. And don't get me wrong...I think she's a fabulous dancer.

hnyaji on May 20, 2009:

8 is good

Writer Rider on April 17, 2009:

Marcofratelli-No, just the size of celebrity feet and dance correlation. Some dancers feet are big, though.

Julianna from SomeWhere Out There on April 17, 2009:

Oh my gosh, I have learned something new about feet and I didn't even know that Alyssa's foot was number one, they had it so up close and personal I thought it was a man's foot. lollolo Thumbs up!!!:)

marcofratelli (author) from Australia on April 17, 2009:

LOL. Ok, I won't ask but I was thinking - is there a correlation between the size of a celebrity's feet and a personality trait you were thinking of?! :)

Writer Rider on April 17, 2009:


Writer Rider on April 17, 2009:

Wow, I thought for sure Britney Spears' feet would be smaller than that.

marcofratelli (author) from Australia on April 17, 2009:

Not bad, I think there's about 4 of them right! Answers above in the slideshow.

Writer Rider on April 17, 2009:

2.Solange Knowles

3. Amy Lee

4. Brandy

5. Sydney Poitier

6. Hilary Duff

7. J.Lo

8. Jessica Alba

9. Sarah Michelle Gellar

How did I do?

C. C. Riter on April 17, 2009:

Oh my Gawd. You obviously don't know about me and toes. 37 does it for me. woo-hoo I retired my toe hub, it drove me almost nutsz, well over 500 views in days, with toes of some of our own hubbers. Oh my. I don't want to know who's feet belong to whom, it may spoil it for me. haha thanks

Ihsan on March 10, 2009:

no.8 is Jisca Alba

marcofratelli (author) from Australia on February 25, 2009:

Hey Pam, Cris A & Shalini! Cheers for dropping by! I must admit, looking back, these weren't the easiest feet to guess! Probably should have made it a little bit more obvious, but where is the fun in that eh? :)

Shalini Kagal from India on February 25, 2009:

Hehe - that was fun! Didn't get any - but it was fun finding out who those feet belonged to!

Cris A from Manila, Philippines on February 25, 2009:

yes i agree with Pam, a very fun hub. i could have had more fun had i guessed at least 2 correctly! hmf! i hope 1 correct answer is good enough i mean if i guessed right that #5 is Demi's.

Pam Roberson from Virginia on February 25, 2009:

Marcofratelli, what a fun toe hub! I must admit I got them all wrong from beginning to end. It's nice to know a toe recognition specialist such as yourself. :D

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