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'Celebrity Big Brother 2': What to Expect

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Every season of Big Brother brings something that is quite unexpected. The same was true with the first and only season of Celebrity Big Brother last year. So, what can viewers expect on the second season of Celebrity Big Brother that starts on Monday, January 21, 2019 and ends on February 13, 2019 with 13 episodes?

All of the houseguests were interviewed by Ika Wong on ET Canada. She was a houseguest herself on the Canada version of the reality. During the interviews, she found out some very interesting things about those who will be living together in the house for three weeks.

Some of them know something about the game and how it is played. Some of them are going into the house knowing nothing about the game or the key phrases.

Kandi Burruss

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star and Grammy winner Kandi Burruss describes Celebrity Big Brother as "hardcore housewives on steroids." Brandi Glanville, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum was on Season 1 of the reality show.

Brandi told Kandi that her experience in the house was "horrible" even though she lasted 24 of the 26 days. Brandi advised Kandi to find the most athletic person and become a friend with that person.

Kandi is joining the cast of the reality show because her agent encouraged her to do it. Her 16-year-old daughter Riley also thought she should do it. Kandi said she is going to try to be nice to people and not be too bossy and harsh with her words. She said she is a good cook, so she doesn't mind doing the cooking so people will keep her around longer.

Dina Lohan

"Momager" Dina Lohan revealed how her actress daughter Lindsay Lohan helped her prepare for her experience on Celebrity Big Brother. Dina says she loves game shows and she looks forward to being in the house with others who feel the same way. She believes she will fit in with the others who might consider her their mom.

Her strategy is to get to know others to find out what their strategies are. Like Kandi, she mentioned that she is willing to do the cooking.

Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte

Olympian medalist and competitive swimmer Ryan Lochte reveals how years of training will help him with the physical competitions. He believes his time in the house will be a challenge and will take him out of his comfort zone.

He knows something about the show, unlike Meta World Peace who knew nothing about the series when he was a houseguest in Season 1. However, he and several others said they don't want to go in the game being a know-it-all like Shannon Elizabeth last season. That was her downfall. She was evicted on Day 17.

Ryan says he wants to be in an alliance with someone who can cook because he can't. Since competitions will probably come easy for him he will throw some of them to the chef.

Kato Kaelin

Most people remember Kato Kaelin from O.J. Simpson's trial about 25 years ago. Kaelin was Simpson's houseguest and now he is a houseguest in the Big Brother house, and he thinks he knows how to handle himself. He also knows he has to build an alliance.

Kato says he will do best with mental competitions. He claims loyalty is his greatest asset. He concluded by saying he wants to have fun and he is excited to be on the reality show.

Tom Green

Tom Green looks forward to being on the show. He revealed that people know him as a comedian, but he doesn't want to be a comedian in the house for fear of being too annoying.

He vowed not to do comedy at others' expense by making fun of them or the competitions or anything else concerning the reality show. He wants to play it cool to show viewers that he is not crazy all the time.

Green's strategy is to listen and get to know others. While he is good at competitions, he will try not to win all of them, especially at first.

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Jonathan Bennett

Mean Girls star Jonathan Bennett says he decided to join the cast of Celebrity Big Brother to be with other celebrities, to play the games, and to have fun. He admits that he is a giant kid when it comes to having fun. He says his good memory will probably help him win mental competitions.

He has no strategy except staying under the radar and not be annoying.

Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramucci

Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramucci

Anthony Scaramucci

Former White House Communications Director Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramucci said he is part of this season's show because he was impressed with Omarosa when she was on the series last season. He said she is the one who convinced him to take the plunge. However, she did not give him any tips.

Anthony was in the White House for only ten days and said he was fired because he trusted the wrong people. He said he is not going to make the same mistake in the Big Brother house. He added that the White House is a little similar to the Big Brother house where people are competing to stay where they are.

Lolo Jones

Olympic athlete Lolo Jones said she has watched Big Brother and it is one of her favorite shows. In the past, she said she would never become a contestant herself. Then she changed her mind when she was invited to participate.

Lolo knows just enough about the game to hold her own. Like Lochte, she mentioned Shannon Elizabeth's problem of letting on that she knew a lot about the show. Lolo shared that she doesn't want to be a target because of her athletic skills. Therefore, she will downplay her strengths.

She admits that she is a virgin and is not interested in a showmance. She says she is taking her Bible into the house with her since there will be no television. Whether she wins or not, her coach believes she will be a better athlete when she comes out of the house.

Natalie Eva Marie

It was an easy decision for WWE star Natalie Eva Maria to join the cast of Celebrity Big Brother. Like so many of the other cast members, she mentioned Shannon Elizabeth downfall of letting the other know how much she knew about the game.

Natalie's strategy is to stay in the middle of the pack so she won't stand out. She is hoping to form alliances with those who are not complainers.

Joey Lawerence

Former Blossom star Joey Lawrence reveals that he has never watched Big Brother. Therefore, he has no strategy going into the house. He has to see how it works, but he knows he is not an alliance person.

He plans to be nice to everyone no matter how mean people are to him. However, he doesn't want to be involved in any craziness. One thing going for him is that he can be competitive.

Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton

Singer and reality star Tamar Braxton says she has watched every season of Big Brother, and she is a huge fan. She added that it has been her all-time favorite reality show since the very first season. She described herself as being a "hardcore fan" who knows how to play the game and will do what it takes to win.

Most people know Tamar has been loud and opinionated in the past. However, she said viewers will see a different side of her that is not as animated as she used to be. According to Tamar, her strategy is to just chill because she is not willing to participate in shenanigans.

During her interview, Tamar did seem like a changed woman. Viewers will see how she does when she is locked up with other celebrities for three weeks.

Ricky Williams

Former NFL and Toronto Argonauts running back Ricky Williams did not mince his words in his interview. He said he is joining Celebrity Big Brother because it will give him a chance to reinvent his public persona. He said most people know him as a football player, but that's not what he is about these days.

Ricky describes himself as an astrologer and healer with unique skills that will set him apart from everyone else. He also said he will probably be the most intelligent person in the house. He emphasized that people will probably hear things coming out his mouth that they have never heard before.

He admitted that he doesn't know much about the show, but he has played football long enough to know how to get along with different types of people. Besides, he said he is very difficult to dislike. He plans to give foot rubs and massages that perhaps will keep him in the house longer.

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