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Celebrities in Skinny Jeans and High Heels

Hunter observes popular culture and celebrity women that inhabit it who wear fashionable, stylish and sexy attire for public appearances.

Hilary Duff in skinny jeans and pumps

Hilary Duff in skinny jeans and pumps

Skinny jeans are very popular these days but are arguably not for everybody. You see many celebrities that are slim and/or petite wearing skinny jeans which makes many woman think that they can pull off the look too. When worn correct the tight jean is one of the hottest pieces of fashion for a casual cool look. It can even be dressed up and made to look more sophisticated with elegant high heels and stylish tops.

The skinny jeans are made to emphasize the hips and thigh area. They typically taper down to very tight around the ankles. Unfortunately if you have a little extra size the skinny jean does not look very flattering around the hips, butt and thigh areas. Skinny jeans can make your curves look bigger than they actually are. Women with long legs can get away with wearing flat shoes but if you are a petite woman then high heels would be the better choice with skinny jeans. Not to say tall women would not look fantastic with heels and slim jeans but certainly if you are not as tall you will find that high heels will certainly make you look slimmer and taller.

Celebrities that are proud of the way they appear love to wear skinny jeans. There are not too many jeans that display a woman's curves better. They tend to have a slimming effect on the body as the skinny jeans are made of an elastic denim that molds itself around a woman's body. The material never stretches out like regular denim and will not appear baggy, even after wearing it many times.

A favorite is the white skinny jean for summer. Bright colors are popular these days as well for spring and summer. Yellow and blue seem to be a color that many stylish women are enjoying. This looks fantastic and wears nice when the weather is warm. Paired with some hot high heels sandals it is definitely a head turner. Most dark denim will work year round. Most popular jeans companies make skinny jeans as part of the offerings.

Some favorite celebrities wearing skinny jeans include Hayden Panettiere, Cameron Diaz, Rachel Bilson and Kate Beckinsale. These women all have gorgeous legs and are slim and beautiful in skinny jeans. They typically pair their slim jeans with a pair of towering high heels whether they are physically tall or not.

Skinny Jeans and High Heels

Skinny jeans and high heels work well. Seems pointless to wear a jean that is tight and fitted with long lines only to clunk it up with a pair of flat or uninteresting shoes. High heel pumps and platform stilettos look fantastic with skinny jeans. It keeps the length flowing. It does particularly well for petite women. Slim jeans need length so shorter woman should wear a taller heel.


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