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Cassidy Paris, "Flirt" EP Review


I've been an obsessed hard rock/heavy metal fan and collector since the early 1980s. If it's got a good guitar riff and attitude, I'm in.

Courtesy of Cassidy Paris/Steve Janevski

Courtesy of Cassidy Paris/Steve Janevski

Cassidy Paris - "Flirt" EP

Country: Australia

Style: Power Pop/Hard Rock

Label: Independent

5 tracks, run time: 18:36

About a year ago, I reviewed Delirium, a 4 song EP by the Australian metal band Wicked Smile, for this fine site. Since then, I've learned that Wicked Smile's guitarist Steve Janevski isn't the only musician in his family -- Steve's daughter Cassidy Paris is an aspiring "rock chick" in her own right, and she has just independently released an impressive new EP entitled Flirt.

Taking her cues from famed female rockers of the past like Joan Jett and Pat Benatar as well as modern-day heroines like Lzzy Hale (Halestorm), Avril Lavigne, and Pink, Cassidy has been pursuing her musical dreams since she was just 11 years old, and over the past couple of years she's released a half dozen well received singles and even managed to snag an endorsement deal with Fender guitars. Not bad at all for a gal who's only recently turned 18!

The five tracks on Flirt are a slick blend of modern power pop with just the right hint of melodic hard rock edge, which should appeal to a wide spectrum of rock fans, old and new.


The Songs

According to the bio sheet that accompanied Flirt, Cassidy's mission is to "inspire a new generation to pick up a guitar instead of a phone," and that comes through loud and clear on the EP's lead off track, the sassy hard rocker "Wannabe." This loud n' proud anthem was inspired by "society's obsession with popularity" and calls out the talentless phonies who want to get "famous" by jumping on the latest silly YouTube or TikTok craze. I got a serious Donnas vibe from this track, but my 14 year old son, who wandered through the room while it was playing, told me it "sounded like Paramore." Since I'm old and out of it, I had no idea who Paramore was, so I merely nodded and said, "OK, I'll take your word for it." (I checked out some of their stuff on YouTube afterwards and yup, I can see where my son was coming from, though Cassidy's song has a harder edge that I liked better.)

The moody "Like I Never Loved You" has a cool, chugging bass line and a big, glossy chorus that Cassidy sings with everything she's got. This song would make a great end-credit theme for a teen-drama TV show or movie.

With its big, booming electronic drums and guitar synths, the attitude-laden "Give Me Your L.O.V.E." sounds like a collision between Pink and Def Leppard. The dance floor crowd will probably love this one, but it's a bit too poppy for my tastes.

"Song For the Broken Hearted" is a big, wave-your-hands-and-get-out-your-lighters pop punk anthem with some tasty guitar riffing and Cassidy confidently leading the charge. I can definitely see a concert crowd bobbing up and down in unison to the chorus of this track!

The Flirt EP comes to a close with a live rendition of "Talk About It," Cassidy's debut single from 2017, and it's another catchy melodic rocker with a big sing-along chorus. The in-concert recording proves that Cassidy is not just a mere studio creation (like many teen performers), and that she can pull off her material with ease in a live situation.

"Like I Never Loved You"

Summing It Up

I am definitely a few decades older than Cassidy's target demographic (I don't keep track of what's going on in mainstream rock, I'm just an old metal head!), but I like to think that I can still recognize good stuff no matter the era or genre, and Cassidy Paris is definitely good stuff. Besides, any kid who wants her peers to pick up a guitar and ROCK OUT, instead of rap, or mumble-core, or whatever the hell else these crazy young'uns are doing nowadays, is just fine by me. This gal clearly has the talent, the chops, and the drive to make a name for herself in the biz.

If you want to check out Cassidy's tunes for yourself, copies of Flirt can be purchased via her official website and of course, you can keep up with her current activities through her other social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.

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