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Cartoon Review: "The Batman" Season 4 (2006)

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"The Batman" season 4 official DVD cover.

"The Batman" season 4 official DVD cover.

Quick Info

Director: Various
Distributor: Warner Brothers Animation
Released: November 20th, 2007
Runtime: 338 minutes
Availability: On DVD out of print, available for digital purchase on Amazon, iTunes, and other stores, streaming on HBOMax

Story Summary

Haly’s Circus is in Gotham City and mob boss Tony Zucco tries to shake down the circus manager John Grayson for protection money. Batman manages to stop him but Tony Zucco gets revenge on John and Mary’s son, Dick who called the police, by murdering his parents during their acrobat circus act.

Bruce Wayne takes Dick in and Dick discovers he’s Batman. Dick becomes Robin, Batman’s official sidekick, and helps fight crime along with Batgirl.

Robin Is Finally Here!

Robin hasn’t been in three seasons of The Batman and there’s a reason why the “Bat Embargo”. Because Robin was a main character in the Teen Titans cartoon he could not be in The Batman at the same time.

Because the Teen Titans cartoon was canceled Robin was allowed to be used in this cartoon. While I was disappointed that Teen Titans was canceled, but having Robin in The Batman gave us my favorite version of Robin’s origin story.

It’s very nice for the Dynamic Duo to be together, and it’s the only good thing that came out of the cancelation of Teen Titans, a cartoon that I enjoyed a lot.

"Robin", it's a family name.

"Robin", it's a family name.

The Batman-Batman and Robin vs. Tony Zucco

The Animation Looks Great!

The animation for the series has improved over the years and The Batman season four has the best animation when it comes to the cartoon. The character designs are great, the animation has improved and everything is very fluid. The fight scenes are better and the quality has improved a lot compared to season 1.

The animation looks on par with Teen Titans and Teen Titans had great animation throughout its entire run. Both shows had great production value and improved over time, but The Batman had more obvious improvement while Teen Titans just kept upping the quality of their fight scenes.

This Season Was Full of Guest Voice Actors

The same voice cast reprises their roles and they do a great job. Rino Romano, Kevin Michael Richardson, Tommy Kenny, Robert Englund, Mitch Pileggi, and Danielle Judovits are all great in their roles, as Batman, Joker, Penguin, Riddler, Batgirl, and Commissioner Gordon respectively

DIck Grayson/Robin

Evan Sabara voices Dick Grayson/Robin and he did a great job in this role. I liked how he portrayed his character and he was a great choice to play a younger Robin who is just starting out.

I liked his voice acting and he gave a great performance and he did a great job as Robin.

John Grayson

John Grayson, Dick Grayson’s father was voiced by Kevin Conroy. Most fans know him as the voice of Bruce Wayne/Batman in Batman: The Animated Series (1992). I was very happy to hear him in this role because I loved Batman: The Animated Series.

He was great in his short appearance and gave great characterization to Dick Grayson’s father, John. It was also a nice way to bring him into the series because he’s very well-liked by Batman fans for his voice work.

Mary Grayson

Grey Griffin voiced Mary Grayson. Batman fans mainly recognize her for her voice acting as Selina Kyle/Catwoman in the Batman: Arkham videogames and the Injustice games. Many fans also recognize her for her amazing voice work as Princess Azula in Avatar: The Last Airbender, which I will be reviewing soon.

She did a great job in this role and this portrayal of Mary Grayson and I hear her voice in my head if there’s a comic with Mary Grayson having spoken dialogue, her performance is what I think of and she did a great job in this role.

Tony Zucco

Mark Hamill voices mob boss Tony Zucco and despite his single appearance, he does a great job voicing the character. He is also a Batman: The Animated Series veteran, voicing the Joker in his other iconic role besides his acting as Luke Skywalker.

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He was great and brought a menacing presence to this role and I enjoyed his voice acting a lot. It’s similar but not nearly as scary as his voice work in Avatar: The Last Airbender as Fire Lord Ozai. He was great in this role.

John Marlowe/The Everywhere Man

Brandon Routh voiced the John Marlowe/ The Everywhere Man and this was around the time that the movie Superman Returns (2006) was in theaters so having him as a celebrity voice actor was an indirect way to get people interested in him and maybe going to see the Superman Returns movie.

He did a great job and I liked him in this role, but it was just a one-time deal and he never came back to reprise the role, but it was still a fun one and I enjoyed his voice acting.

Harley Quinn

Hynden Walch voiced Harley Quinn, she’s well known for doing Harley’s voice these days but this was her first crack at it after Arleen Sorkin retired from voice acting. She did a great job, although she does play Harley differently in other mediums where she’s voicing Harley; she still did a great job.

Most people remember her for voicing Starfire in Teen Titans and she plays Harley differently than Starfire but you still recognize her voice and she did a great job in this role.

Overall, the voice cast is great and they brought fantastic guest voice actors for various roles and this is my favorite season of The Batman, and not just because of the guest voice actors, but because the writing improved a lot and every episode was fun to watch.

The Soundtrack Is Great!

Thomas Chase’s soundtrack is great and it sounded really good and he upped the quality of his music for all the episodes and it sounds much better than previous seasons of The Batman.

Andy Strumer’s theme is still being used and while I don’t like it, it’s still a decent theme song. I just prefer the old theme by The Edge more.

Overall, the soundtrack is much better and enhances the show more than just being background noise like the previous seasons.

"Rumor" a vigilante targeting all of Gotham's supervillains.

"Rumor" a vigilante targeting all of Gotham's supervillains.

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The Season Fixed the Flaws of the Previous Seasons

While some flaws in the series are still here, such as Joker being a prominent staple and being in a lot of episodes, at least they’ve given him some more variety with Harley Quinn being introduced in this season, for him to bounce off of.

Every episode is fun to watch and unlike season 3 where there were some episodes that were mediocre, this season had the best episodes, and there are just great episodes throughout the entire season and I enjoyed all of them.

The Best Season of “The Batman”!

This season is my favorite season of The Batman, it has great additions to the cast and each episode is fun and entertaining. I like the character dynamic between Batgirl and Robin and I like how they incorporated Robin into the cartoon.

I liked that the writing for the episodes improved and every episode is well-done and fun to watch. There are lots of plot twists that I enjoyed and everything about the show just got better in season 4.

Quick Summary

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

Great plot, characters, and world-building

The Joker is still overused, but he's more tolerable

Improved animation compared to previous seasons

Great voice cast, especially the guest voice actors

Improved soundtrack

I highly recommend this cartoon for Batman fans, sure it’s not perfect, but it’s still a lot of fun and I had a blast watching this cartoon. It’s a great cartoon that while it’s not Batman: The Animated Series (1992), but it’s a solid series that stands on its own.

— ReViewMeMedia

My Grade: A+

characters and Robin is a great addition to the cast. The writing is better, the animation, the action, and music have improved so much since season 1

I loved this season and this is without a doubt my favorite season of The Batman, it has all my favorite episodes in it, and it’s overall a fantastic season for this cartoon.

It’s a great cartoon that I loved and I’m very happy to have the DVDs in my physical collection. Unfortunately, it is out of print when it comes to a physical copy, but it is available for digital purchase on Amazon and iTunes.

The Batman season 4 is available for streaming on HBOMax if you want to stream the series. It’s a great way to watch the series if you have a subscription to HBOMax.

I highly recommend this cartoon for Batman fans, sure it’s not perfect, but it’s still a lot of fun and I had a blast watching this cartoon. It’s a great cartoon that while it’s not Batman: The Animated Series (1992), but it’s a solid series that stands on its own.

I highly recommend The Batman season 4, it’s well worth your time, and money if you can find a physical copy of it online. It’s my favorite season and I enjoyed rewatching it after a long time. It has a place in my DVD collection.

It’s worth your time if you have HBOMax or if you buy a digital copy of the show from a digital store. I love it and I always will.

My Rating

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