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Top TV & Movie Cars


Through the history of TV and Movies there have been a lot of cars that stoled the show.  So which is your favorite movie car?   To's not even close!


How About Your Favorite TV Car?

TV had some big stars too...Magnum PI's Ferrari, Starsky & Hutch's Stripped Tomato, The General Lee, The Munster Mobile and many others. 

The greatest builder of "famous" cars is George Barris.  His greatest creations were th Munster Koach, the Beverly Hillbillies Truck, My Mother the Car, the Monkeemobile, Green Hornet and of course, the Batmobile.

ANSWERS: Movie Cars & TV Cars

In order...

The Movie Cars: The Love Bug, Dumb and Dumber, Cars, Fast & Furious, Hollywood Knights, Bullitt, The Italian Job, Back to the Future, Gone in 60 Seconds, Animal House, Corvette Summer, Christine, Goldfinger, Mad Max and Transformers.

TV Cars: The Monkeemobile, Munster Koach, Dukes of Hazzard, Batmobile, Starsky and Hutch, Magnum PI, Beverly Hillbillies and the Green Hornet.

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AzDubster (author) on September 10, 2009:

Actually I did forget it in final edit. I had a list in an email I created and just missed it. Not to late to add. :)

I didn't see theoriginal Knight Rider, but did see the "new" one. As campy as it was...if you watch it in the right mindset, you'd like it. I assume the original was the same way. I never believed in taking cars...but I guess I do now. lol

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