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Carl the Critic: Reviews "The Adventures of Tintin"

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It appears that my review for “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” will have to wait, but until then, let’s all talk about this new Spielberg movie about a boy and his pet… No! Not “War Horse”, the other movie; “The Adventures of Tintin”.

Now first let’s get a little history. “The Adventures of Tintin” is a Belgium Comic by cartoonist Georges Remi (a.k.a. Hergé), and is known for being one of the most popular comics of the 20th Century. It is also known for its controversial depictions of animal cruelty, racial stereotypes, and political satire. Although I have never read the comic books myself, I know many people who have, and I understand the basic premise. Tintin is a young reporter who solves mysteries with his canine companion Snowy.

Simple enough, and it sounds like good old fashion family fun, so my family and I decided to check it out.


The film is based on three of the Tintin comics: "The Crab with the Golden Claw", "The Secrets of the Unicorn", and "Red Rackham's Treasure". It starts off with our funny haired hero getting his picture painted and then we are introduced to a beautiful looking ship called the "Unicorn" which for some reason is Steven Spielberg... I mean Sakharine, wants to buy it. But then Tintin brings it home after telling Spielberg-sorry I mean Sakharine (he looks a lot like a young Steven Spielberg) to piss off, where there the ship breaks, Tintin goes to the Library leaving his door unlocked for some reason, learns everything that we already know, Tintin then goes home finds the ship missing, confronts Spielberg (damn it I mean Sakharine) finds out that he didn't steal the ship (or maybe he did there wasn't explained who stole the ship so who cares) Tintin goes back home finds a piece that broke off the ship, finds a hidden message with strange writing, meets a guy at his front door who gets shot but not before- OH CHRIST MOVIE SLOW THE HELL DOWN! IT'S BEEN TEN MINUTES AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON! Well actually I do, sort of but seriously this movie is so fasted paced, and yet I can predict what's going to happen an hour from now.


Try to understand what I mean when I say this, but this is the fastest slow movie I have ever seen in my life. The pacing of the film was fast, camera movements were fast, editing was fast, transitions were fast, actions were fast, dialogue was fast, but the story itself was slow in the sense that I knew what was going to happen moments before it happened. I guess this isn't a bad thing, but it was very strange, it's like if someone took an over dose of steroids and tranquilizers at the same time.

For his first animated film, Spielberg did have some fun, that definitely shows, I'm glad that he was able to incorporate a gag from cartoons of the 1930's in the most natural way. In other words remember those old cartoons where Character A hits Character B over the head with a frying pan and character B sees birds (or sometimes stars) flying around their head? Well in this movie a man has an accident by bumping into a woman with a cage full of canaries and they collide with such great force that the canaries fly around the man's head (which if you can picture this, is pretty clever). There was some clever moments in the film, but it really didn't leave that much of an impression, I didn't leave the theater inspired or seeing the world in a new light, it was just a fun little action packed adventure.

Here's a fun little drinking game you can play in the theater (with your soda, or water, or whatever you're drinking) take a drink every time you see a reference to another Spielberg movie. I saw references to "Jaws", "Raiders of the Lost Ark", "Empire of the Sun", and there was probably more that I missed but if you look hard enough you will find them.

Now I want you to look at this picture of Stephen Spielberg for a moment:


Now look at this photo of Sakharine.


... Okay that's a bad picture I'll admit, but seriously these two look identical. This was bothering me through out the entire movie, it was like this was done on purpose.

Again, I have not read the comic book, so I do not know how this compares to the original comics. I know that it is full of references to the three it was based on but I feel like this movie took some liberties with the original material.

Is this a bad movie? Well I can see why people will without a doubt find this annoying. I watched this with 5 people, and at least one person gave it a 2.5 out of 10. So I guess this is another Hit-or-Miss movie, you'll like it or you'll hate it, I personally found the film to be a fun filled, action packed adventure, with some good acting, but with it has a strange pace that's fast and slow at the same time.


You know what else is weird? Daniel Craig is in two movies this week. I'll have to do "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" sometime later but until then I give "The Adventures of Tintin" what I think is a fair score of 7.3 out of 10.

What about you?


Carl (author) on January 01, 2012:

Yeah, I'm doing the same. Thanks for stopping by britishTV :)

britishTV on January 01, 2012:

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I was a fan of Tin Tin as a child, so I was very happy when I saw the news of this movie a few months ago! I took my children to see it a couple weekends ago and we all liked it very much! Don't know that I'll buy the DVD, but I wouldn't change the channel if I found it playing on TV in the next few years.

Carl (author) on December 30, 2011:

It should be, we'll have to just wait and see. Thanks again Steven.

Stevennix2001 on December 30, 2011:

Thanks for the compliment, as I kind of felt the same way reading your review, as I think you described the pacing troubles this film suffered from a lot more in detail than I did.

However, it should be interesting to see how well this film fares in the long run.

Carl (author) on December 30, 2011:

Hey Steven, great to hear from you, as I look back on this review I realized that I didn't mention a lot of things that I probably should have, one being family "appropriateness", which as you pointed out, may not be for the whole family, but I actually believe that this can fun for the whole family, but it would be a smart idea to look at the film's rating first and in this case it was rated PG, so it would be up to the parents themselves if this movie is suitable for their kids. I watched it with my family and it didn't seem like a big deal, but not all families are the same, so to all families who want to take their kids to see any movie, always check the ratings.

Thanks again Steven, always great to hear from ya :)

Stevennix2001 on December 30, 2011:

Hmm..I was wondering why you thought the plot for this movie was annoying, but now I can see why you'd say that. I can't say I disagree with any of your points, as you're definitely right about some of the pacing issues of this movie. Although, I'm still not sure if i'd call this a family movie, as I think it's a bit too dark compared to most family animated features, but it's definitely a fun adventure film that i think most mainstream audiences will like. Anyway, thanks for writing this, as i had a lot of fun reading your review. Be sure to keep up the good work buddy. :)

Carl (author) on December 28, 2011:

lol true, thanks for pointing that out.

Nici on December 28, 2011:

"You know what else is weird? Daniel Craig is in two movies this week"

So is Simon Pegg. (MI4: Ghost Protocol)

Carl (author) on December 24, 2011:

Hello everyone, I appreciate all of your comments, insights, and votes.

@THEHuG5: I'll have "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" review out as soon as I can, and hopefully you'll get a chance to see more movies this holiday season. Thanks for saying I'm smart, so are you:)

@FatFreddysCat: I'm sure this movie will do alright at the box office, it's one of the few family films that has been released this week, so I'm sure many families will get a chance to see it. There is a fan base for "Tintin" here in the US, but I agree we really don't hear much about it. Thanks for stopping by:)

@Man from Modesto: Well I'm glad you do. Capture-motion animation is very unique, and if done well it can look very realistic. Thanks for stopping by:)

@Robwrite: I'm glad you enjoyed the film, I did too it's just that it moved so fast and yet so slow that I can see why people may find it annoying. It's not a bad movie, it was fun, but it could get irritating at times. Again thanks for the comment :)

Rob from Oviedo, FL on December 24, 2011:

Hi Carl; I liked this more than you did. I thought it was a lot of fun and a return to old-school Speilberg. It's a good adventure film that you can take kids to, as well. I'm not familiar with the Tintin comic but I know its beloved in Europe.

Nicely written review,


Man from Modesto from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California) on December 23, 2011:

I like these animated movies. They seem to have better writers, with better humor.

Keith Abt from The Garden State on December 23, 2011:

Nice job. I'm curious about how this film will do box-office-wise since the Tintin character is all but unknown in the U.S.

THEHuG5 on December 23, 2011:

I've seen the previews for this movie and it looks pretty cool but I doubt I'll get out to the theater to see it. Another excellent review from you as usual you're so smart lol! I'm looking forward to your review of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It's not looking like I'll get out to see it anytime soon (unfortunately)but at least I'll get to see what your take is on it. Voting up!

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