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Philippine Folk Dance


Cariñosa is a well-known folk dancewhich means loving and affectionate. It is introduced in the Philippines by the Spaniards in the 16th century. In honor of Maria Clara, a main character of Dr. Jose Rizal's novel called " Noli Me Tangere" when translated in English means "Touch Me Not". The female dancer portray a shy and modest disposition. It was also nominated as the next national dance in the Philippines up to the present time.

This is a kind of dance wherein it shows the style of courtship between a man and a woman during Spanish times. This dance steps also resembles hide and seek actions. The woman holds a fan while the guy holds his handkerchief.

Costume and Props

Cariñosa usually consist of a male and a female, who face each other when dancing. It can also be performed by one group but they have to be in partners. Female must have a fan and the guy must have handkerchief.

The girl wears " patadyong" with a soft "panhuelo". The boy wears "barong Tagalog" or "kamisa de chino" in any colors.

How to Dance Cariñosa

In this dance, performers should refrain from touching each other, but their steps shows the guy's interest to the female while the latter is shy and wants to be chased.

Female dancer uses fan. She will be using it to fan herself with the beat while dancing. They glance at each other from a handkerchief as if they were playing hide-and-seek, where each partners hold the corners of the hanky while blocking eachother's face. exchange flirtatious waves and gestures and then the girl will kneel down with one knee and fans herself while the guy dances around the other and then vice versa.

The basic step of Cariñosa is similar to waltz and the music is 3/4 signature. When the music starts, the female holds her skirt with one or both hands, swaying the fabric of her skirt at the side while moving around the floor by swaying to the side with a left foot, then stepping your right next to the left foot.

If you want to learn the dance here are the basic steps that you can follow:

Step 1: 3 step turn and bow facing each other

Step 2: 3 step and point Right-Left direction in 16 counts

Step 3: Touch Step - 3 step forward in 2 count. 4 touch steps, change position then repeat

Step 4: * 3 step forward and back to back

* 4 touch steps

* Change position and repeat the first two on step 4 above

Step 5: * 3 step forward

* Girl opens her fan and will start fanning herself

* 4 touch steps

* Change position and repeat the first three on step 5 above.

Step 6: * 3 steps forward

* Boy moves forward then kneel

* Girl taps the boy with her fan and she will do 4 touch steps

* Change position

* Girl will kneel as they look each other and the boy will do 4 touch steps

Step 7: * 3 steps forward

* Girl gets the handkerchief from the boy

* Both will move the hanky up and down four times

* Chang position then repeat the first three in step 7

Step 8: Dance with grace

You may want to follow the steps above into the beat of this video. Enjoy watching Filipino Folk Dance!


Kris Del Monte on February 27, 2015:

So Hard

7-Anthurium on October 01, 2013:

good dance..........................

nicka zenie on March 06, 2013:

so tired to write all steps!

jujanester (author) from Philippines on March 06, 2013:

yes indeed mary rose! It is something we need to teach to the next generations

mary rose samrano on March 05, 2013:

cultures are very important to us, gave an a importance........ to it..!

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