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'Captain Marvel': The Somewhat Unbiased Review

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My passion is in the film industry itself but has always loved writing reviews in my spare time. Been doing it since I've been in college.


Either way, this review will anger fans...shocker. I would also like to say I like almost all of the MCU... and this film too. Yes, yes. I hear the boos but just hear me out. This isn’t top tier level Marvel. This is actually bottom tier Marvel, which is the equivalent of just an okay film. There‘s heart to be found here but it’s all in the wrong parts that makes Captain Marvel feel more like filler than something fans should see before Endgame.

Captain Marvel is the story about Carol Danvers, a Kree who's fighting the Skrull army who are there to destroy the Kree. After escaping from a Skrull ship and crash landing on Earth, Danvers has to find her way home while finding intel for everyone back home.

The MCU is a thing of beauty. To have this many films with few hiccups is impressive in itself. They’ve expanded so many stories and universes that it’s crazy. However, lower tier MCU feel repetitive and they’re getting to the point where I’m getting bored with them. The same formula can work but it doesn’t work if it happens for a span of 11 years. This is where Captain Marvel fallls into and doesn’t really stand out.

I‘m a Russo Brothers fan and it seems like they’re perfect when it come to combining great story with humor and then with drama. Ever since Winter Solider, the Ruso Brothers have made hit after hit. However, when the MCU film has these films that come out to try and cash in one more time before the Russo’s take it over again (antman and the Wasp, Captain Marvel, and even Doctor Strange), they seem to make stories that are cookie cutter. Captain Marvel doesn’t escape this trend.

The sleek narrative structure of a Civil War isn’t here. The epic tone of an Infinity War isn't here. Also, the smart narration of a Winter Solider isn't here. Even the heart of Spider-Man homecoming isn’t here. It just feels like a MCU movie where Disney knew they couldn’t make an epic film, so they dusted off another basic story for CM and then released it. It is quite sad because the beginning of the film had some promise that is wasn’t going to be basic. They have a premise with the Skrulls that could have been really interesting. They also have Samuel Jack back, which could have been very interesting. However, they don’t ever capitalize on it and the talent around it.

Larson does a serviceable job as CM and she never feels like she way miscasted, but even she feels like shes trying really had to act. The Skrulls are an interesting premise but the writers seems to want to try really hard to make them menacing and it comes off as hokey. There’s just a lot of trying hard to push the story and the actors to make the film interesting but it always feels forced rather than organic. It seems like I’m hating on it more than I am but it is frustrating to watch a B level MCU film when I know they have better writers and stories to give to us.

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Overall, it isn’t awful by any means like everyone else wants to say, but it isn’t as fluid or fresh as I was hoping. There’s also no performance like a Killmonger or a Thanos to elevate it past it being just filler for a better film coming up. I’m not saying to not go see it, as it is a MCU film and you’ll see it regardles, I’m just warning you that it isn't worth running out and going to see it in theaters. Especially, when it doesn’t connect to Endgame besides stuff we already know and an awesome five second after credit scene.



Stay for the first After credit scen but just leave for the second one. It is useless.

Stay for the first After credit scen but just leave for the second one. It is useless.

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