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"Captain America: The First Avenger" - Infinity Saga Chronological Reviews

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The Infinity Saga Rewatch


I originally was not planning on rewatching the Infinity Saga because I did not think I would have enough time... but then Black Widow got pushed back from May to November, which now gives me plenty of time! I've wanted to rewatch the Infinity Saga in chronological order for some time now. Why? I think it would be interesting to watch the smaller stories in the order they take place within the larger story. And I thought that this would give me the perfect opportunity to review the MCU movies I haven't reviewed yet, as well as create a complete ranked list of the Infinity Saga that I can release once the rewatch is over. Basically, I love Marvel, and I love to talk about Marvel movies. So let's get to it!

P.S. This review contains spoilers for the film, as well as spoilers for the Infinity Saga as a whole. If you somehow haven't seen this movie or any of the MCU movies for that matter, you have been warned.


The First Avenger

What I love the most about this movie is the building of the character of Captain America. Yes, it is an origin story, and sometimes origin stories can be boring. You know how it goes: the hero has a crappy life, hero somehow gains powers, hero works to harness powers, and then hero uses what he/she has learned to defeat the big villain (who almost always has similar powers to the hero) in a battle that usually happens with ten minutes left in the movie. Basically, we don't get to see much of the hero doing his/her hero stuff.

However, this movie is different. This movie firstly introduces us to Steve Rogers and really shows us who he is: a man who hates bullies and wants to do what is right -- a man with a good heart. We see his characteristics and viewpoints even before he gets the serum, and once he gets the serum, he never changes. That's what is so loveable about Steve: he stays a good man throughout the entirety of his story. We also get to see him use his enhanced abilities throughout almost the entirety of the second and third acts. This movie isn't boring in any way. Since the character of Captain America is so likable, I find every moment he is on the screen enjoyable. Plus, we get plenty of time to see his enhanced strength and endurance. In other words, Captain America is a badass, and the movie doesn't make us wait until the final ten minutes to see that.


The Big Bad

To me, a superhero movie drops in quality if the villain is not good. Luckily, Johann Shmidt, (a.k.a Red Skull) is a formidable foe. Now, I know that I said that many origin stories include villains with similar powers to the hero, and that is the case here. But that isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes, in order for a hero to grow, he must defeat himself (himself being the villain with similar powers). Red Skull is an evil man -- the movie gives him enough screen time for us to see that. He has an agenda, and he is not going to let anyone get in his way. Hugo Weaving plays him so well, which adds to his menacing quality. Plus, he looks great. The red skull aspect of Red Skull is oddly disturbing.

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I only wish we would have been able to see more of his enhanced qualities. We know he also received some version of the super-soldier serum, but we don't get to see exactly what he can do with it. I also wish we could have gotten a longer fight -- or possibly more fights -- between him and Captain America. For being one of Cap's main villains in the comics, they don't fight hand-to-hand too much. We know Red Skull is still alive, but sadly, Cap isn't really in fighting condition anymore... but maybe we will get to see Bucky face off against the infamous villain.


The Story

The problem that Marvel COULD run into is creating a story that feels like set-up and nothing else. Luckily, they haven't yet. Yes, there IS set-up in their movies, but the stand-alone stories do not revolve around them. There is set-up in this movie... but we didn't know it was set-up until the future movies rolled around. That's what is so great about the MCU. But I digress...

This film tells a fantastic story about a man who hates bullies who finally has the capability of fighting against said bullies. We get to see young Howard Stark, we are introduced to the badass that is Peggy Carter, and we get to see the introduction of the space stone (even though we don't know it's the space stone yet), a stone that will play a major role in films to come. As I said, there is set-up... but the movie doesn't focus on it. The movie focuses on the character of Captain America and the bully that he must face in order to save the world. It also happens to be a fun, action-filled World War II flick that never gets boring.


The Verdict

Maybe I am really biased towards Marvel movies... but I really like this film. This is definitely a movie that I can rewatch without it feeling too repetitive. I love how likable Cap is, and I love how formidable Red Skull is, even if I do wish we could have gotten to see more of what he can do. This is a World War II movie, but with a sci-fi superhero twist that makes it even more exciting. I am glad I started my MCU rewatch with this one because Cap truly is the First Avenger.

I give Captain America: The First Avenger a 9/10.

Next up on my rewatch is Captain Marvel... but I have already reviewed it. Check out my page to see that review. That means that my next review will be Iron Man, the movie that kicked off the MCU in such a fantastic way. I hope to see you all there.

Red Skull's Return

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