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Emme Rylan Announces She Is Back at Work

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Emme Rylan is filming again

Emme Rylan is filming again

Emme Rylan is acting again

Soaps in Depth has just revealed that actress Emme Rylan announced she is working as an actress again. This will be good news to her fans but a disappointment for those who want her to return to General Hospital. Rylan and several other actors were let go from the ABC soap in 2020 and she has not announced working again until now. Rylan got her start portraying Allie on the Disney series Drake and Josh in 2005. She began her time on the soaps in the role of Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light. from February 7, 2006, to September 18, 2009, when the series was canceled. She took on the role of Abby Newman on The Young and the Restless in May of 2010 and left that role in 2013. There were rumors that the actress was fired because of budget cuts but other sources said she walked away from Abby because she was placed on recurring status. However, it happened Rylan began portraying Lulu Spencer on General Hospital just a few months later. Emme was fired from that role at the end of 2020 after Lulu went into a coma and was placed in an out of town facility. Fans are hoping the powers that be will wake Lulu up and that Ryland will once again be a part of the ABC soap.

Rylan has had an interesting few years

Rylan was born Marcy Faith Behrens. on November 4,1980 in Providence, North Carolina and in addition to acting she is also a producer. She also has had non-soap opera roles in the films Bring It On: All or Nothing in 2006, Impulse Black in 2011 and, Shevenge in 2015. Since being let go she has been traveling on the road in a camper with her husband and three children and at one point was staying with a sister. The actress has chronicled her journey on social media and her fans are with her every step of the way. Now that it has been announced that Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) has been pronounced dead some General Hospital fans are hoping Lulu will wake up from her coma and return home. Prior to slipping into a coma she was mouthing the words "I love you" to her husband Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zampragna) who is now moving on with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) and has the blessing of his forme mother in law Laura Collins (Genie Frances).

Laura and Cyrus and Luke and Lulu

Laura and Cyrus and Luke and Lulu

Emee Rylan's new movie

Rylan said it feels good for her to be back on a set again but she did not give any details not even the name of the film. Based on the images shared by Soaps in Depth it looks like it will be a horror flick and Soaps She Knows suggests that the actress might be a victim based on her bloodied hand. There is no other information available at this time so fans will be left guessing for a while. Rylan could be in a feature film, television series, or made for TV movie. Her project could air at theaters, on streaming services, or on the small screen. Since she did not give pertinent details it's possible she is under a gag order and not allowed to give away too much while the shooting is taking place. One thing that Rylan's fans know is that she is honest and forthcoming and will tell all when the time is right.

Emme Rylan and Julie Berman

Emme Rylan and Julie Berman

The future for Emme Rylan

After Lulu was placed in the long-term care facility there were General Hospital fans who believed that Julie Berman would reprise the role that went to Rylan after she left the soap. The writers have not said anything about what the fate of Lulu will be but fans are hoping she won't die considering that her dad was just pronounced to be deceased. Best of luck to Emme Rylan on her new project here's to hoping that her GH character will return to Port Charles where she belongs. Lante fans continue to wait for a Dante and Lulu reunion and have even dedicated Facebook groups to the couple. Be on the lookout for updates related to Rylan and Lulu as they become available.

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