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Cane Ashby Becomes Obsessed With Getting Katherine's Money on the Young and the Restess


Cane becomes money hungry

Spoiler alerts for The Young and the Restless from Soap Hub tease that Cane Ashby will become money hungry and obsessed with getting his hands on the money that Devon believed to be his. Viewers are now wondering if Lily's former spouse will leave Genoa City with Katherine Chancellor's billions, or broke and ashamed. Loyal fans are still not convinced that the alleged authenticated will in the real one. It's possible that the expert Jill hired could have been paid to lie. The news broke yesterday, October 22 that Daniel Goddard has been fired. It's looking like Cane is going to leave Genoa City, the same way he came, which is as a scam artist.

If Cane is behind a scam to steal Devon's fortune, he probably is not working alone. Last week Amanda mentioned an "old guy" she had been talking with on the phone and viewers believe it could be Colin. Jill's ex-husband would naturally assume that he would benefit if his son came into a fortune. Cane and Jill even mentioned Colin last week. Jess Walton has been hanging around Genoa City a lot more this time around, so it's possible her ner do well former spouse might have his hand in this situation.

The old jerk could be Colin

Soap Dirt suggests what many fans have been suspecting, which is that the "old jerk" who sent a Hilary look-alike to Genoa City is likey Cane's father. Tristan Rogers, who portrays Coin Atkinson is currently back on General Hospital where his character Robert Scorpio was recently named the new District Attorney. Rogers has often done double duty on both daytime drama's and he could do it again. When Colin first came to town he had his sights set on Katherine's money and attempted to use Jill to get it. He also sought a loan from Devon when he found himself in a bind.

It's not a stretch for the father and son to be a tag-team that tries to bilk Devon out of his inheritance. Cane went missing for a while on The Young and the Restless and returned just as Devon was getting the news that someone was contesting Katherine's will. On Tuesday Jill said that the statute of limitations had run out so there is no legal remedy for this situation. She and Cane said they hope Devon wi want to honor his grandmother's wishes, even though it puts him at a loss. In the meantime, Cane will ponder the decision and decide he wants what he beieves his rightfully his.

Daniel Goddard is shocked at his dismissal from The Young and the Restess

Soap Dirt reveals that Daniel Goddard announced his departure on Instagram, where he said he was shocked and gutted just as the fans are. He gave no indication of what will happen to his character during Cane's final days in Genoa City. Devon Hamilton is one of the good guys so it's not likely that his brother in law will leave town with his fortune. This is, however, the world of daytime drama where anything is possible. For that reason, viewers should keep an open mind. On Wednesday Cane and Jill tried to get through to Devon who is in denial of current events, so this situation could become pretty volatile before it is resolved.

Celebrating the Soaps says that Jill will soon choose sides in this battle. She said on Tuesday that Katherine's wishes should be honored and she now believes the first will was a forgery. This may be an indicator that she sides with Cane. On Wednesday it seemed that she is leaning in that direction. Cane and Jill realize Devon is under no obligation to give up his fortune, but hope his conscious will tell him otherwise. Daniel Goddard has portrayed Cane Ashby for 13 years and his loyal fans will miss him. A few weeks back he tweeted "Reunited and it feels so good" which gave viewers hope that there would be a Lane reunion. Perhaps the song that should have been used was "There's no me without you."

It seems as though once Christel Khalil went on recurring status, the writers were unable to do anything with Cane, and now they have chosen to scrap him altogether. Once upon a time in Genoa City, Cane and Lily were a happy coupe raising their twins, Devon was enjoying life with Hilary and Neil was a role model for them all. Now all of that has changed but life goes on. Best wishes to Daniel Goddard in his future endeavors.

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