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Television: Can Watching Too Much Of It Make You Sick and Lead to Death?

Margaret Minnicks has been an online writer for many years. She researches and shares remedies for using certain products for illnesses.


There is an article on the Health & Fitness website where the headline is capturing a lot of attention especially from those who watch a lot of television. The headline stands out that reads "This is How Watching TV Will Kill You."

If this is true, it is alarming news for those who watch a lot of television. It is hard to believe that something in your own home could be a person's weapon of destruction. While some might misunderstand that this article refers to watching television on your PC, it is about watching your television set in your house.

So, how do the experts convince television watchers that they could die because of their viewing habits?


Makes You Eat and Drink More

Most people can agree that watching television calls for eating and drinking while doing so. At the movies, people eat popcorn and drink soda or water. People are free to drink alcohol while watching television at home.

Scientists from Canada and the Netherlands conducted a study and found that people eat and drink more because they see people on television doing it. Also, there are commercials that stimulate people's appetite that make them want to eat and drink.

Leads to Violence

There have been many news reports about crimes committed based on what was seen on television, especially among teens.

A study was done in 1960 proves that there is definitely a link between violence on television and violence involving real people. Some young people who see violence on television exhibit more aggressive behavior than if they had not seen it.


Provokes Criminal Behavior

A British study was conducted on kids who watched television for a minimum of three hours a day. The results showed that the kids engaged in some type of criminal and antisocial activity such as stealing, starting fights, or bullying. A New Zealand study found that as many as eight violent scenes are shown in some kids' shows.

Watching television might lead to more criminal activity not only with kids and young people but also with adults.


Causes Sleep Deprivation

The Harvard School of Public Health and MassGeneral Hospital for Children joined together and conducted a study. The two organizations looked into the amount of time older kids spent watching television and if they had a television in their bedroom.

For every hour spent watching television, kids lose at least seven minutes of sleep. Those who watch television in their bedroom give up about half-hour of their sleep. The study indicated that boys are affected more than girls. Adults can be sleep deprived also.


Results in Low Test Scores

Johns Hopkins University conducted a study and found that kids who spent more than two hours a day watching television scored much lower on tests than those who didn’t watch television as much.

An entirely different study found that kids and teenagers who spend a lot of time watching television have the lowest level of educational success. The study started with thousands of babies who were followed until they were 26 years old. The results showed those who watched television the least were the ones who went on to graduate from high school and college.

Decreases Language Development

More than one study was conducted that showed the amount of time babies watch television has a great deal to do with their speaking development.

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One study was done by the Seattle Children’s Research Institute where over 300 babies were tested. The babies wore audio recorders for up to 16 hours. Researchers noticed that every hour spent in front of a television lowered the number of words the babies heard. That amounted to about 770 fewer words per session proving that their vocalization slowed down.

On the other hand, another study revealed that babies learned to talk sooner and much better from live conversations rather than from watching television.


Increases Cholesterol Levels

It seems unbelievable that watching television for a long period of time could lead to increased cholesterol levels. Researchers found that kids who watched TV for four hours per day were about four times more at risk of developing heart disease later on in life.

That's because they don't go outside to play, ride their bikes or get physical exercise. Instead, they sit, watch TV, eat junk food and consume sugary drinks.

Raises Risk of Colorectal Cancer

More than 1,500 patients who received colorectal cancer treatment were studied. It was revealed that those who watched more TV before they were diagnosed with cancer had a greater risk of dying within five years. The patients who watched little or no TV did not have that high risk.

After examining more than 566,000 cases, the US National Cancer Institute showed a link between exercise, watching TV, and patient survival rates.

Lowers Sperm Count

Do you believe that watching television has something to do with a man's sperm count? Harvard School of Public Health concluded that men who have a sedentary lifestyle and watch a lot of television have a 44 percent lower sperm count than men who don't watch that much TV.

The bottom line is that lower sperm counts are evident in men who watch at least three hours of TV each day or 20 hours in one week.


Don't Die From Watching Television

No one wants to deliberately do something to cause them to die early. Therefore, it has been suggested to cut down on the amount of time you watch television. An Australian study reveals that watching many hours of television can actually lead to an early death.

It was found that watching television six hours every day could take away 4.8 years from a person's life. This means that for every hour a person older than 25 watches television, it takes away 22 minutes from that person's life.

Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health found that spending more than three hours a day watching television or doing other sedentary activities will cause a 13 percent higher risk of dying early because of heart disease or diabetes.

No one wants it written on their tombstone, "Here lies one who died from watching TV."


This Is How Watching TV Will Kill You


DREAM ON on March 15, 2018:

I love watching t.v. and unfortunately I work nights. So all the programs I use to love to watch were on at night. I could record them all but then I would never watch them because it is too nice out in the summer to be watching t.v. I think as long as you eat properly, exercise some t.v. would be fine. Everything in moderation. Too much of anything is a bad thing. Thank you so much for sharing your t.v. findings. An interesting way to look at one of Americas favorite past times.

Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on February 14, 2018:

Carib, I watch a LOT of television. I hope the research is not 100% correct. Like you, I can see that some of the results might be true. I feel that watching television can lead to other things and keep a person from doing something else. I don't believe a person could die by merely looking at the screen.

I did enjoy doing the research and writing the article (while watching TV).

CaribTales on February 14, 2018:

My primary reason is that it wastes time, but these facts supported by research are much more serious. Thanks for the reminders.

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