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Calling All Criminal Minds Fans: My Favorite Cliffhanger Endings and Most Suspenseful Episodes!


Criminal Minds

I'm a big crime buff and watch a lot of crime related shows but I think Criminal Minds is my number one favorite out of all of them. I don't think there's one season I didn't like. Criminal Minds has a lot of fans, so I'm know I'm not the only one. Which is why I wrote this, because the greatness of the show should be shared with everyone.

The reruns and the following clips will forever be out in the universe and those who aren't familiar with it, I want share these clips with you! So, let's now take a look at the cliffhanger endings and most suspenseful episodes.

Cliffhanger Endings:

Season 1 Finale "The Fisher King Part 1"

Agent Greenaway gets shot at the end and we find out her fate in the Season 2 premiere "The Fisher King Part 2"

Season 2 (special Sunday night airing after the Super Bowl 2007 ) " The Big Game"

Reid and JJ go to question a suspect and split up. Reid chases the suspect into a corn field, which leads to him getting kidnapped by the suspect. We find out his fate in the episode "Revelations" (which aired on Wednesday night, their regular time slot)

Season 3 (middle of the season) "Lucky"

Garcia gets shot at the end of the episode "Lucky" and we find out her fate in the following Wednesday's episode "Penelope"

Season 3 Finale " Lo-Fi"

They end it with each team member getting into a car and then at the very end, one of the cars blows up. We don't find out anyone's fate until the Season 4 Premiere "Mayhem"

Season 5 Finale "Our Darkest Hour"

The team is called to California to investigate murders that are taking place during rolling black outs there due to a heat wave. In the course of the investigation they find out the suspect has a connection to the detective on the case Matt Spicer. At the end of the episode he gets shot and his daughter gets kidnapped. We don't find out what happens to her until the Season 6 Premiere " The Longest Night"

Season 9 (middle of the season) "The Road Home"

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JJ gets kidnapped at the end of the episode "The Road Home". In the following Wednesday's episode "200", they start looking for her and trying to figure out why she was abducted. It's eventually found out that it has something to do with a special assignment she had during her time in the State Department.

Season 11 (towards the end of the season) "A Badge and a Gun"

Morgan gets abducted at the end of the episode "A Badge and a Gun", while talking on the phone with his girlfriend Savannah. In the following Wednesday's episode "Derek", they try to find him and figure out why he was taken.

Season 11 (towards the end of the season) "The Sandman"

Morgan and his now wife Savannah (who is pregnant) are in the hospital parking lot talking, when she has a gun aimed at her from above. All this takes place at the end of the Episode "The Sandman". In the following Wednesday's episode " A Beautiful Disaster", we find out she gets shot. Morgan then tries to find who did it, which puts him in a dangerous situation. This is the last episode he is in, since he leaves the show after that.


I'm going to switch gears now, and go to the most suspenseful episodes. So, here we go.

Most Suspenseful Episodes:

Season 2 " Aftermath"

After investigating a case where a man breaks into women's homes, Greenaway flashes back to when the Fisher King broke into her house and shot her. It leads her to follow the suspect and she eventually shoots him vigilante style.

Season 5 "100"

This is the episode where Hotch's ex-wife Haley gets killed by George Foyet better known as the Reaper.

Season 6 "Lauren"

This episode has to do with Prentiss's time in Interpol. She faces off against an enemy of hers named Ian Doyle. At the end, they make it seem like she died, but really she didn't (which no one learns until the beginning of season 7)

Season 7 (2hr) Finale "Hit" and "Run"

This is the 7th seasons finale which was 2 hours long. The 1st hour was titled "Hit" and the 2nd hour was titled "Run" (the clip I put up is from the 1st hr). The team is called in on a bank robbery gone wrong and it gets complicated when JJ's boyfriend Will goes inside the bank (at the robbers request) and gets shot. This also marks the last episode Prentiss is in as she leaves the show after this.

Season 8 "Zugzwang"

This is the episode where Reid's girlfriend (who he's never met) gets taken and unfortunately killed by her stalker.

Season 8 Finale "The Replicator"

This is the episode where they go up against someone called the Replicator who is someone who replicates crime scenes of cases they were involved in. This is also the episode where Section Chief Strauss dies (which is what the clip I put up involves).

Season 9 Finale "Angels" and "Demons"

In this episode the team goes to Texas to solve the case of prostitutes who were murdered. They soon come across a preacher and department full of Texas rangers they don't trust. All which leads to a shoot out. "Angels" aired on Wednesday May 7th 2014 and Demons (which is the finale) aired the following Wednesday (The clip I put up is actually a promo for the episode "Demons" I couldn't find a better one ) This is also the last episode Blake is in since she decided to leave after 2 seasons.

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