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Cake's Takes on The Suicide Squad (DC Movie Review), (2021)

Caila went to Meremac-STL for journalism and has been writing for most of her life.

The Suicide Squad

The promotional and theatrical release poster for the movie.

The promotional and theatrical release poster for the movie.

Soft Reboot?

DC has a bad wrap right now for making bad universally related movies. Their forte has always been comics and cartoons, in my opinion. The DCEU (DC Extended Cinematic Universe) has been up and down in the ratings and in the box office for years now, trying to catch up to Marvel's MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). The films have been a hit or a miss with more misses than anything, to say the least. I thought that the first Suicide Squad movie was absolute trash! ABSOLUTE TRASH! Couldn't have been worse, and a lot of people will agree with me on that, I'm sure. It never felt like a team movie. It felt like the Harley Quinn and Deadshot movie featuring Killer Croc and the one flame guy, whose name always escapes me because that's how inconsequential he felt to the film. While the film's name was Suicide Squad, you go in knowing that not everyone is going to make it out alive, but that movie felt like all the characters, except for two, were going to die and had no storylines. So anything from this movie would feel like a step up from that last one, right? Let's see...

A Team Prepared?

The team all pulled together for their mission.

The team all pulled together for their mission.

Quick Intros

The opening act makes you feel like the same thing is happening as the last one. Everyone is dying in the beginning of the movie. They are all on a mission as another Suicide Squad, and they all fail! You start to think "Oh, here we go again". It does open with big action, which is good for this film! It's very fun! We are introduced very early and immediately to the new Suicide Squad as they are being deployed, by Amanda Waller, on the same mission that the last team just failed at. Amanda is the same character, if not worst, as before! She is SO strong, intimidating, tough, and you believe everything she does and says. Viola Davis does a marvelous job with this character every time she plays it.

Within the first 15 minutes, there's a moment, that upstages the hilarity in the rest of the movie. It's sooo good and really sets the tone for the rest of the film along the way for how silly and funny it's going to be. The first movie did not make me laugh as much as this one. I honestly cannot remember if I laughed at that film at all actually, but this moment was funnier than anything that happened in the entire first movie. By then, we have the squad almost fully assembled. We have been introduced to the characters, their mission and the plot of the movie almost instantly, which keeps the pace of the film on the quicker side, but do you honestly NEED backstories for EVERY character when they might die anyway and not mean anything to the story.

For some of the characters such as Captain Boomerang, Harley Quinn, and Colonel Flagg this can be considered a soft reboot/sequel because they do let it be known that they know one another. They also drop unsubtle hints that this movie is connected to the greater universe by mentions of Superman and in canon things. By having some characters who have already been introduced before, you have more time to focus on those we do not know. Everyone feels more important in this movie than the last.

Harley Quinn: The Common Denominator

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in her 4th time in the role.

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in her 4th time in the role.

The Squad

The movie seems more legit than the last one. They really do push their R rating to the limit! That is great! This creates more of an adult feel to the movie and grants them more inventive ways to destroy things and to kill. It comes off as realistic, legit, and people REALLY look like they get hurt. With all of the characters being focused on in some way or another this time, people get shine who you never would've thought would be a second thought to this film. They all get moments to show off their powers and their storylines and how they have become who they are as of now.

John Cena as Peacemaker is AMAZING!!! Cena has really proven these last few years that he can be taken serious as a comedic actor. His timing is hilarious, his deliveries on his lines are great and he has a great presence in a scene with others, not only because he's gigantic, but also because he has charm and charisma! Polka Dot Man's story was so sad and scary at the same time. It really gave me the creeps to see inside of his head and learn about his powers. He seemed the most useless of the characters in the trailers for the movie and he ended up being one of my favorite parts of the film as a whole. The movie even found a way to make you feel bad for the supposed villain of the movie, which was great because it gave it more depth to the character. His one line was enough to make you sad for him and wonder what he'd been through before that.

My Final Thoughts...

Everything and everyone fit right in and had a storyline, unlike the last film that did nothing for anyone besides Margot Robbie and Will Smith. This really felt like a team up film with a lot of crazy different characters in it! It felt like this was what the first film should have been. It is an amazing step up from the first movie and doesn't look back on it at all, which is also why it's confusing as to if this is a reboot or not. The film also does a nice set up for the Peacemaker show that John Cena is set to star in and reprise his role as the entitled character. It's already done filming and this movie, honestly, has me a little bit more pumped to see what happens to Cena in that show! What I find the most astonishing is that this movie could be a standalone film, as it does nothing to the main timeline of the DCEU and does not set up much else, but it can also be a film that attaches itself to the timeline because of the mentions here and there of other characters and things such as Bloodsport putting Superman in the ICU before from shooting him. You almost want to hear more about that story than anything! I think that the music in the first movie worked a little bit better for marketing in the first movie; Bohemian Rhapsody, Sucker for Pain, and Heathens were all perfect for the first movie! Overall, I think this was the best they could do with The Suicide Squad. I don't have any overlying problems with the film, as they did a nice cleanup of the last movie, but I do wish that it was more congruent with the timeline that DC has already and more connected to the universe that they have set up. Either way, this movie did its best!

This Movie Was.... A Diamond!!!

The Suicide Squad Movie Review Poll (2021)

Actors, Actresses, and Production!

The actors, actresses, production companies and teams of people that went into making this movie happen.

Actors/ActressesProduction TeamProduction Companies

Margot Robbie

James Gunn (Director and Writer)

DC Films (Production Company)

Idris Elba

Charles Roven (Producer)

Atlas Entertainment (Production Company)

John Cena

Peter Safran (Producer)

The Safran Company (Production Company)

Joel Kinnaman

Henry Braham (Cinematographer)

Warner Bros. Pictures (Distribution Company)

Sylvester Stallone

Fred Raskin (Editor)

Viola Davis

Christian Wagner (Editor)

John Murphy (Music by)

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