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Cake's Takes on Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (Animated Move Review), (2013)

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The Flashpoint Paradox

The promotional cover for the animated movie, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.

The promotional cover for the animated movie, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.

The Big Bang!

This film is the actual start of the DC Animated Movie Universe! This is where I should have started my DCAMU journey, but it's fine to double back and connect the dots. Although I have seen the very ending of how this will all go, it is cool to look back at the moments that I missed and see how they go into the storyline entirely. It really is a well placed universe, canonically speaking. I made it my duty to start the timeline over and see what I missed in the storyline. So the DCAMU begins with one of its smaller heroes, The Flash and his mistakes, a Flashpoint Paradox. A sort of Big Bang, in its own way. How does this time hop remix the entire shape of the DC Universe though?

Is Faster Always Better?

The Flash kicking it into overdrive and going into the Speed Force.

The Flash kicking it into overdrive and going into the Speed Force.

Changes Galore!

Within the bounds of the story, I can understand what made Flash go back in time, but it is not easily explained or shown to the audience. It's just kind of one minute Barry is in his own timeline, and the next he's in front of his mother, who was dead in his world. So big mess up, right? This all begins with a fight with Reverse Flash and his minions. The Flash easily handles them with the help of his Super Friends, but he is still sent back in time somehow.

Once in this timeline, this is where the meat of the movie lies and where it will begin to shape the DC Universe, for worse. In this timeline, the people probably only have days to live left because there is an ongoing war between the Atlanteans and the Amazonians. However off-putting that sounds, it gets even deeper than that! This Flashpoint Paradox has changed even more! Some changes are cool to see and then some changes are either cringe or just very different than what we're used to seeing. This timeline is standing on its head really. Not only did Barry change everyone in this world, he also changed himself!

We do get the same sad backstory for Batman, but it is a very cool twist we get with the character though. With a bit of work, Barry convinces this timeline's Batman, to help him try to recreate the situation in which he got his powers. He wants to be struck by lightning in a chemical chair. It is actually really rough seeing him go through this process in Wayne Manor. When he finally does, he is the only thing that is the same in this world as in the one he comes from. So The Flash decides to find a way to fix the one thing that began all of this and get back to his own world afterwards.

There is Only War!

The fight between The King of Atlantis and the Warrior Princess.

The fight between The King of Atlantis and the Warrior Princess.

Twists, Turns, and Sequels

I do like that this cartoon movie took the time to acknowledge and show our Forever President, Barack Obama, or a version of him! That was really cool! Most tv shows, cartoons, or movies tend to show a white President, but at this time the movie came out, Barack was President of the United States of America, so that was cool to see DC show that. Hey, at least one thing did not change aside from Barry. The war between Atlantis and the Amazons has a really cool backstory. It is pretty deep and it begs to be dived deeper into honestly to see how things got to that point. However, the flashback they provided to tell the story with was good enough to get the job done.

The emotional scene in the middle of the movie they pull doesn't feel earned at all. Barry had not been through enough or even in the timeline for it to come about. So I did not understand that really, but I let it go. The new Superman we end up coming across was WAY more likeable to me than the actual Superman we get in our normal timeline. He is much more of a sympathetic character and he's WAY more of a threat at the same time. It's weird but in a really cool way.

The war has a huge grip on their entire world, as I said before, they are in their last days, essentially if no one can stop this fight. As it begins, this movie shows you that it can be just like other movies that entertain in a violent way. It is more violent, edgy, dark, yet not a gore fest. The twist of the movie, as mentioned before, has been in comics for a while now, so I don't find it to be surprising, but I don't feel like they did a good job at setting it up in the movie from the start. It was a good seed to plant for the setup for the rest of the films to come though. When Barry does finally set the timeline back to what it was, you know by the ending cutscene in the credits that it's still going to be some mess going down. Really good setup!

My Final Thoughts...

Some things in these short movies remain underdeveloped or undeveloped entirely because of the time constraints they put on the films, but they still have explanation. I could poke a big hole into the movie's plot and twist, but it is still badly explained though. Showing again though, that this mini-verse is better than the entire DC Extended Cinematic Movie Universe. Within just the first film of the franchise, it is blatantly obvious that this was a setup for more movies down the road and the small seeds were sown evenly. Unlike their live action/CGI counterpart universe, this movie connected dots already, gave some backstory without getting too enveloped and taking away from the main story. It was good fun to watch! I couldn't wait to keep going in this timeline to see what happens next for more dots to connect!

This Movie was a Gem!

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (Animated Movie), (2013)

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