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Cakes Takes on Star Wars Clone Wars S7E5-8 (TV Show Review) (SPOILER TALK)

Caila went to Meremac-STL for journalism and has been writing for most of her life.

Star Wars Clone Wars Final Season

The Star Wars Clone Wars TV show logo

The Star Wars Clone Wars TV show logo

Star Wars Clone Wars S7E5-8 TV Show Review (SPOILER REACTION)

So we go back into the Star Wars universe for the next few episodes in the final chapter in the Clone Wars show for this reaction post! Episodes 5-8 were up next and they all were based on Anakin’s former padawan, Ahsoka, and her life away from the Jedi now that she has left the Jedi Temple and the Order. Now I cannot say that I have ever been an Ahsoka fan. I’ve always liked her do it yourself attitude and feisty nature, but she’s always been a bit pesky to me. I’ve never loved her character, but I completely appreciated the ending that they gave her at the end of season 6. Her separating her trust and herself from the Jedi and choosing her own path was something that I didn’t expect in her character and I admired that about it. That choice made her character far more interesting to me than anything else in the show had before. It made me wish that Anakin had done the same with his choices and he might have lived a different life throughout the story.

The fifth episode opens with Ahsoka riding across terrain on a motorbike, and that immediately draws out the feels, because she gets Luke Skywalker’s music from when he was staring off longingly into the 2 suns in the original Star Wars movie, A New Hope (or movie 4). I thought that was a cool little moment. Ahsoka crash lands into a garage where a young woman named Trace is working on a ship and her bike is totaled. Trace questions her and tries to get her for as much money as she can, but Ahsoka bargains to just use their equipment to fix her bike herself instead. And I’ve noticed that most Star Wars mediums (tv shows, movies, books and video games) do a good job of always showing the differences between the different classes of people in the universe. They’re always on one extreme of really rich and happy/evil or another extreme of a schemer or money grubber or the last extreme of really terribly poor. Trace offers their hanger to Ahsoka to fix her bike and they get some trouble off the bat in thugs who come down to their shop and are expecting money from Trace’s sister, Rafa. Ahsoka has to step in and rough them up and send them on their way. When Trace wants to know how Ahsoka knew how to fight so well, she told her that her big brother taught her. THAT pulled at my heartstrings for this episode! It made me really miss them together even though I don’t like her that much, I could feel their connection.

Episode six begins and we are really introduced to Rafa’s character. We’ve seen her in the last episode but not much. Rafa is a quick mouthed schemer, a manipulator, undependable, and a user that says she takes care of Trace but it’s really the opposite. She also doesn’t like the Jedi for reasons unbeknownst to the audience for now. Rafa never wanted to involve Trace in the first place, but when her secret plans fell through she had to tell them that she was planning a trip into space and needed a ship and crew to do something. When Ahsoka, Trace and Rafa all blast into space on Trace’s new ship, The Silver Angel, they end up accidentally going into military territory where the Jedi and Republic operate out of. This was another of my favorite scenes that stood out to me and that I fully remembered the next day and the day after. Anakin feels a presence he hasn’t felt in a while on the ship that comes into their territory and reaches out with the Force and tells his ship’s commander that everything is okay and that the ship can pass through. Ahsoka can feel him lightly as well reaching out through the Force but I don’t think she knew that it was him though. THAT was a good moment! Made me care about them being together again so much. Once Anakin lowkey helps their ship pass through, the 3 girls continue to talk and Rafa eventually has to reveal to them where they’re going and what they’re doing. It doesn’t end up being good either, as they’re running spice (which thousands of slaves mine and can be used illegally in Star Wars canon) from the Spice Mines to a king. Trace continues to remain in denial about her sister’s issues and that she could be leading them to trouble. Ahsoka starts to see how ignorant she was of things in her past life in being so high up, in social class, with the Jedi. She also notices how Trace and Rafa think that the idea that the Republic wouldn’t use slaves to run spice is inconceivable. By the end of the episode, the three are all arguing once they retrieve the spice about what to do with it, once Rafa reveals the final detail of their trip that they’re delivering the spice to a huge drug kingpin of the Pykes. Rafa has gotten them entangled in things that she doesn’t even know about, but what made me mad about this episode was Trace’s stupid and plot devicive episode decision to just dump the spice out in space that was worth a lot more credits (or money, in Star Wars canon) than any of them were worth or had. It was simply to further the plot.

Next on Episode seven, Ahsoka comes up with a plan to get the Pykes to just give them their credits before checking the barrels of spice. She decides to use a Jedi mind trick on the King and it works, surprisingly, but it doesn’t work on everyone around him. I thought that was a dumb risky move to use the tricks in front of everybody and think she could get away with it it in such a big group. The three are quickly found out and captured before they can leave the planet. Once the three of them are thrown in a cell together, tempers start to flare. Ahsoka and Rafa already didn’t get along very well outside of a common interest for Trace, but now everything is starting to come out about why she doesn’t like the Jedi while they’re in the cell before being tortured. I can say that I understand her anger but to me there’s no way to justify the way she lives her life now because of it. The choice the Jedi who accidentally killed Trace and Rafa’s parents had to make was hard, but it saved countless lives in the spur of the moment in exchange for just two and their home. While yes, it is very sad that it all happened the way that it did, what helped me understand her anger was in what happened afterwards. The Jedi seemed to do nothing about it after. Two people were dead, two kids had their parents ripped away from them and the Jedi just left with words that made no sense to them, because they don’t know what the Force is or what it can do. The Jedi should have found a way to help them and they didn’t, so that made me a bit mad for them as well, so ever since, Trace has been in care of her older sister. After that quick vulnerability, we get tough Rafa again. This episode made me long for Trace to figure out how much better off she’d be without her sister, especially when they had verbal spats. Rafa is literally toxic sometimes because she’s so emotionally damaged. When the trio gets separated from one another and Ahsoka has to fight a group of Pyke soldiers, while the other two are off on another part of their plan, the episode really takes care to show the combative fighting scenes to be realistic. Ahsoka, while she definitely handles herself well and gets the job done, she gets beat up during this fight a bit also. She also quietly uses the Force to help Trace become more confident in herself and her skills. The one thing that I did not like about this episode was there was no progression. The girls literally ended right back in the same cell again together at the end of it.

The final episode I watched for now in the last season was episode eight and this seems to have concluded Ahsoka’s solo adventures without the Jedi. This episode starts with even bigger dysfunction between the sisters and turning into actual arguments with the pair. Rafa’s anger explodes and she misdirects it to other people and not seeing how her actions were never beneficial to anyone, not even herself. The Pykes still have no clue that the girls do not have any spice, they’ve tricked them into believing that they still have more spice and that Ahsoka is selling Trace and Rafa out on a deal that they get one rotation to get the spice back to the drug lords. Once out of the reach of the Pykes and on their way back to the Spice Mines, the sisters figure out what it is that Ahsoka has done for them and reminds them both of their mother with her care to keep them safe and capacity to help, even when she has nothing to gain from it herself. They go back to get some spice to make up for their transgressions against the Pykes. Raffa’s quick talking comes in handy for a second, but literally gets them into more trouble again a second later that Trace has to fight their way out of. The Pykes feel that their butts are on the line for the recovery of the spice just as well because of someone who is running the show even above the. I was wondering who it was they were talking about until they start talking with Darth Maul on a communicator and Ahsoka sees them and Maul almost sees her through the communicator as well. Ahsoka’s path at the end of this episode connects to chasing Darth Maul, which in turn, leads her back to the Jedi, who are also searching for Maul. This brings us back to the quotes at the start of each episode that usually pertain to what the moral of that particular episode will be. This episode’s quote was: “You can change who you are, but you can’t run from yourself.” Ahsoka is being led back to the Jedi and back to Anakin because it is who she is and what she has always stood for. Even her newfound friends, Trace and Rafa, can see it is what she was meant to do her with herself! I haven’t finished the last four episodes of the season yet as I write or post this, but I’m presuming this all goes back into a life of hiding for her as well; These next few episodes should lead heavily into the inside details and things we didn’t get to see from certain characters, in the movies, during the infamous, Order 66!

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Ahsoka Tano

Former Jedi padawan to Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, whom these four episodes were about.

Former Jedi padawan to Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, whom these four episodes were about.

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This TV Show (episodes 5-8) is... A DIAMOND!!!


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