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Cake's Takes on Spider-Man: No Way Home (Marvel Movie Spoiler Review), (2021)

Caila has been a fan of Marvel and the MCU ever since its cinematic conception, having followed every movie and show released so far!

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No Way Home

The theatrical release and promotional poster for Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The theatrical release and promotional poster for Spider-Man: No Way Home.

A Universe

What were your biggest theories going into Spider-Man: No Way Home? I have heard some of everything from everyone about this movie! I couldn't wait to see the ending of this trilogy and what happened to Tom Holland's Peter Parker in this film. As we all know, this is an MCU movie. So that means what? It's not a standalone film, it's not something that can just be watched without watching a plethora of other films to connect the characters, their stories and the background. That is what makes the Marvel Cinematic Universe so special! From Infinity War onward, there was no just jumping in to see what the hype was about. You were either a casual fan or a Marvel fan! Spider-Man: No Way Home expands upon that and takes this story into other universes.

The Spell

The spell that began a new phase in Marvel.

The spell that began a new phase in Marvel.

One of the Starts of the Multiverse

So, as we know from the trailers of the film and the last film, Peter has been outted as Spider-Man to the world by Mysterio when he dies. When Peter sees how much this has affected his life and the lives of those around him whom he cares about, he talks to Dr. Strange in effort to turn back time and make it to where no one knows that he's Spider-Man anymore. However, Peter ruins Strange's spell by consistently telling him people that he wants to remember still. Instead of everyone forgetting that he is Spider-Man, the spell counteracts itself and invites unknown villains from ALL universes in the multiverse that know Peter Parker is Spider-Man! This includes villains from the first two Spider-Men of the early 2000's in both Andrew Garfield and Tobey McGuire's Spider-Man series.

We get one of the best cameos in the MCU to date, with Matt Murdoch (Charlie Cox from Daredevil on Netflix) come in as Peter's lawyer to wrap up his legal issues regarding the last film. The overall problem we thought that would be was hardly an issue at all. From there, Doc Oc, The Green Goblin, Sandman, Electro and Lizard from other universes who come into this one and wreak havoc over New York! It really does become a Scooby-Doo montage of Peter rounding up all of the villains to a cavern in the Sanctum Sanctorum. When we come to find out that most of the villains are going back to their deaths in their own world, our Peter cannot let that go and decides to heal them instead of just sending them back as Strange says.

A New Version of the Spider-Man

A Loss Suffered

All is going well with healing the villains though. Doc Oc, who is absolutely one of the best villains to come back, is cured to where he can control his robotic arms. Electro is being drained of most of the electricity in his body so he does not have powers anymore. Peter is also on his way to finding a cure to Sandman and Lizard's ailments, but his plan is blown away by The Green Goblin surfacing again. Peter unwisely trusted Norman Osborn like his Aunt May did, due to him coming to her homeless shelter as Norman instead of his alter ego, the Green Goblin.

The Goblin tries to trick and kill everyone with a bomb, telling them that he had been lying in wait for the perfect moment to emerge, but Peter's Spider-Sense goes off so quickly that he helps everyone escape. In the collapsed building, Peter and Norman have an epic fight that leads to the destroyed lobby area, where Goblin pulls out one last trick and crashes his flying board into May and kills her. This scene is very effective at getting the feels. In that moment, Goblin, not only, solidifies himself as one of the best Spider-Man villains of all time in all mediums, but he also thickens THIS Peter's story.

What Makes a Hero

A photo of Peter as he becomes who is supposed to be.

A photo of Peter as he becomes who is supposed to be.

Peter Becomes Spider-Man

What they have done is something that I think some people hate: They did a story without Uncle Ben that is equally as effective as if it was with Ben. We do not need to see that man die again for Peter's story to work. It worked perfectly and here's why! After he realizes that he could have stopped Aunt Mae's death because he could've just followed what Strange said in the first place, Peter is distraught and doesn't want to be Spider-Man anymore. He has an amount of guilt on his hands that he doesn't know what to do with, as he's ruined his own life and his friends and now lost his mother figure.

The storyline gets even more effective when the other two Spider-Men are invited into the story. Tobey McGuire and Andrew Garfield are also in this movie, as expected, and they are both great! They are amazing versions of what I think their characters would have grown to be. When they all meet up, it's a Spider-Man fan's dream! We get funny, heartwarming scenes and more. Both the other Peters tell our Peter how they both have suffered the losses of their Uncle Ben's and Gwen Stacy and how they had to move past their feelings to keep doing the right thing no matter what. Our Peter even said it before in Homecoming as to why he wanted to be a hero in the first place. If bad things happen and you CAN do something about it and you don't, then it's also on you. They give Peter the best pep talk they can and it's effective.

Peter and MJ

Peter and MJ say a final goodbye before the final memory wipe.

Peter and MJ say a final goodbye before the final memory wipe.

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Whatever it Takes...

After, we get some of the best scenes in the film. There's a huge fight scene between Lizard, Sandman, Green Goblin, Doc Oc, and Electro and our 3 Spider-Men! I, hands down, believe this is one of the best Marvel moments of all time throughout the MCU or any Marvel property. The fight ends with our Peter ready to slaughter The Green Goblin for what he did to May until Tobey's Peter stops him, letting him know it isn't right without using any words. It's a powerful scene that helps shape our Peter Parker. After saving the day, curing all of the villains, Peter sends all of the villains and the other two Spider-Men home to their own worlds and new fates.

He has Strange cast a new spell that wipes the memories of everyone in the world who ever knew him or his identity at all. We get a sorrowful goodbye from Ned and MJ revealing that they wouldn't know him anymore. We've seen Peter and MJ grow from friends to loves in this trilogy, so it feels sad to watch them part as he promises he'll come back for her. After Strange casts this spell, we see other villains in the sky of the Multiverse trying to come through, a hint at the possible MCU future, and he erases everyone's memories.

In some of the final scenes of the film, we see that Peter does track down Ned and MJ in the coffee shop she works in. They are still friends but do not know or remember him. He finds out they've been accepted to the same college and are going to go on to amazing lives without him, which satisfies him, because he only wanted the best for them to begin with. Peter knows their lives would be better off without knowing him or his identity. So, he leaves the shop without trying to become friends again with either of them and in the final shot, we see him getting his own apartment, his GED book to graduate and starting anew!

My Final Thoughts...

I think this movie is a load of fun especially at the beginning and at the end! I think they did a brilliant job of balancing so many well-known characters into one story. I have a minor issue with Peter even caring that his identity being revealed because nobody else in the MCU has a secret identity, but to Peter it was the biggest thing ever. Another issue was that it was resolved quite quickly in the film, which I thought would have been cooler if it had been one of the problems Peter had to overcome. My biggest problem with the trilogy overall can be chalked up to not even being a flaw of the films at all after seeing the whole trilogy. Peter is an idiot in all of these movies! He is really the catalyst for all of the events to continue to get worse. He has a good spirit and does things for the right reasons, but he is usually what makes things come to a head in each of his films.

I can chalk that up to him being a teenager in these films. They're showing what a kid would be like if he wanted to be a superhero. It starts out for the right reasons, but now he sees what it REALLY takes to be a hero. Loss, suffering, and pain all come with the job. This is what makes Peter Parker Spider-Man. Spider-Man has always had as deep and dark of a hero's storyline as anyone, but it's overshadowed by his good attitude, wit, brains, and desire to do the right thing always, even if he dies. We're getting into more of the darker territory that drives Spider-Man/Peter. THIS trilogy WAS his origin story, Aunt May and Tony Stark were his Uncle Ben deaths and I love how they're doing things differently! I think it works perfectly and it's cool to see an updated story for a character while still holding true to what makes that character themselves.

Just a Thought

Kingpin and Spider-Man as seen in the comics.

Kingpin and Spider-Man as seen in the comics.


It'll be cool to see a more adult Peter Parker that does not frustrate the viewer as much because he's making teenaged mistakes and I cannot wait to see him go to work in his next set of films. Here's a list of a few of my theories on the upcoming trilogies.

1. I think eventually Kingpin will once again come to torment Peter Parker. As a main villain of Peter Parker in the comics, animated show and everywhere else, it would only feel right to introduce him to the trilogy somewhere.

2. With Kingpin comes Daredevil because of the Netflix history, which Vincent D'Onofrio mentioned is still in the same universe. We already got to see Matt in this movie once, so I think it would be pretty cool if he came back in his next trilogy as a father figure or a hero to look up to for Peter.

3. I think they are going to do a college aged version of Peter and an adult Peter in another two trilogies, where eventually he's prepared to help another person like Miles Morales, a new Spider-Man. I think Tom Holland would have a good dynamic with a cool kid a little younger than him.

Actors, Actresses and Production!

The actors, actresses, production teams, and companies that went into making the spectacle that is Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Actors/ActressesProduction TeamsProduction Companies

Tom Holland

Jon Watts (Director)

Columbia Pictures (Production Company)


Chris McKenna (Writer)

Marvel Studios (Production Company)

Benedict Cumberbatch

Erik Sommers (Writer)

Pascal Pictures (Production Company)

Jacob Batalon

Kevin Feige (Producer)

Sony Pictures Releasing (Distribution Company)

Jon Favreau

Amy Pascal (Producer)

Jamie Foxx

Stan Lee (Based on Comics by)

Willem DaFoe

Steve Ditko (Based on Comics by)

Alfred Molina

Mauro Fiore (Cinematography)

Marisa Tomei

Jeffrey Ford (Editor)

Tobey McGuire

Leigh Folsom Boyd (Editor)

Andrew Garfield

Michael Giannchino (Music)

Money, Money, Money!!!

This movie, as of writing this, has grossed over $1 Billion worldwide already and has already been dubbed the 8th highest grossing film of all time! This is on a $200 million budget! Amazing! THIS IS NEW CINEMA!!! Some directors have come out and stated that they do not feel as if the new wave of superhero movies should be considered as "film" or "cinema". Although I understand the sentiment behind it, they have to understand that the world, life, and preferences change! This is not the first Marvel movie to gross over a billion and I'm sure it won't be the last. This is new age cinema! These movies are the new norm for movie goers and even casual movie goers! Marvel is breaking ground and won't be stopped anytime soon!

This Movie is... GOLD!!!

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