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Cakes Takes on Slender Man (Movie Review)

Caila went to Meremac-STL for journalism and has been writing for most of her life.

Internet Slender Man

Picture of Slender Man with a little girl.

Picture of Slender Man with a little girl.

Slender Man Movie Review

So, I watched this movie already knowing that it wasn't going to scare me much just based off the fact that it was PG-13. The movie Slender Man movie had everything to go off of with a setup based on a mountain of internet lore that was created and easily researchable. The trailers for the movie made the movie come across as a far more scarier film than it turned out to even try to be. When I think about how they fumbled the ball with this movie, it makes me a little bit upset because there was so much that could have been done with this movie. Slender Man in this movie actually reminded me of the first Sinister movie's antagonist, Bagul, in a way, as the character can manipulate things around him and wants to take the children away from the world they're in.

The imagery that they had in this film was a little cool at first, but could tell that's where most of the money went, as it got corny looking pretty fast for me. The teenage characters in this movie made me hate them within the first 30 minutes of the film, honestly. They were so intent on seeing a ghost or spirit or whatever Slender Man is for no reason at all. Even when they're all going through the same sort of trauma, nobody tells each other anything until it's already too late for them all. The effects in the film only made it more obvious to me how they should've focused more on the story to me. The CGI in the film took over it all and when they did show certain things like the Slender Man up close, it just looked terrible to me. I really wish that the more the movie went on, the less we saw the antagonist. That and maybe a more practical approach to the design of the character and the "scary" images/hallucinations they put in would've boosted the enjoyment and horror of the film. I think that would have helped it be a bit more scary.

The scarier parts of the film to me were the scenes based in the lore of the Slender Man and it made me long for him to be more of the central focal point of the movie even if he's not on screen as much. There almost was no main character to me or anyone that really made me feel anything in the film. It took the course of following a character closely until their random death or something bad happening to them and then going in behind someone else's character. This just created more problems for the film to me, as it made it seem like Joey King acted circles around her other young lady costars in their group of friends who conjure the Slender Man. I felt it was unnecessary in a way, because the movie took itself so seriously only to not be that great overall, so her acting to me just drew attention to the fact that not much else was that good. I think that somewhere in the middle of it all, the film lost its way and its plot. The girls just ended up being on a hallucinogenic trip waiting for Slender Man to come and find them so they could save another friend. At the end of it all, one of the main things that I didn't like about Slender Man was that, at first it seemed like he was a force of nature and an entity to be reckoned with, but by the end of it, he was negotiable and could be bargained with. I think it would have been at least a scarier ending if all of the girls that got involved with Slender Man, no matter how you got involved, were killed at the end of the day. It would have made him a better villain, if nothing else.

By the actual ending of the movie, there is narration from one of the girl's sister and it made no sense to me because the story was not being told like that at first and had not been narrated by anyone up until that point. I did not realize that we were watching the movie from her point of view. The ending just made me wish for more lore and background or some sort of add on for the character of Slender Man. This movie had so much to use and it did do some of it well, but it could have been done better and scarier though. Nothing made me think that the story was legitimate for even a second, nor did I believe in any of the characters, even when they were going crazy. It felt like they were just throwing rules in at times and breaking those same rules at others. Overall, the film was watchable but I'd say it's not worth going out of your way to see it or find it to watch. This is something that you could see on TV or watch if it's on at someone else's house or something. You'd do better going off of the stories on the internet of the character, honestly.

Slender Man

Slender Man with all of his tendrils and appendages.

Slender Man with all of his tendrils and appendages.

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Actors, Actresses and Production

The team of people that went into creating the Slender Man movie in 2018.

Actors/ActressesProduction TeamProduction Companies

Joey King

Sylvain White (director)

Screen Gems (production company)

Julia Goldani Telles

Bradley J. Fischer (producer)

Mythology Entertainment (production company)

Jaz Sinclair

James Vanderbilt (producer)

Madhouse Entertainment (production company)

Annalise Basso

William Sherak (producer)

It Is No Dream Entertainment (production company)

Alex Fitzalan

Robyn Meisinger (producer)

Sony Pictures Releasing (distribution company)

Taylor Richardson

Victor Surge (based on the character, Slender Man by)


Javier Botet

Ramin Djawadi (music)



Brandon Campbell (music)



Luca Del Puppo (cinematography)



Jake York (editor)


Sarah Snow (producer)

David Birke (writer)

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This movie is a... Diamond in the Rough.

Money! Money! Money! Money!

This movie cost up to around $10-$28 million to make and reaped in the benefits of almost $52 million. This just about doubled what the movie cost to make as a whole. This is surprising as most people weren't too excited about the movie overall from what I could tell with audiences or people who saw it.

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