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Cake's Takes on Marvel's Hawkeye (TV Series Review), (2021)

Caila has been a fan of Marvel and the MCU ever since its cinematic conception, having followed every movie and show released so far!

Hawkeye TV Series Poll (2021)


The poster for the premiere of the Disney Plus show, Hawkeye!

The poster for the premiere of the Disney Plus show, Hawkeye!

I'll Be Home for Christmas...

Hawkeye is Disney Plus's newest Marvel series, starring Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton (Hawkeye) and Hailee Steinfeld, as Kate Bishop, his unwanted protege. After the events of Endgame and getting his family back from The Snap, Clint Barton is only trying to spend Christmas with his wife and 3 kids in retirement. However, duty always calls for an Avenger... or a former one. Upon being in New York, Clint crosses paths with a 22-year-old Kate Bishop. She is a champion archer, fighter, and a Class A smart aleck, who steals Clint's Ronin suit at a black-market auction and is seen out in it, making enemies in the process. Clint cannot just let this pass as he does not want his past to come back and bite him in the butt, so he has to help save her from being caught up in something more than what she's expecting.

The Ronin

A cartoon version of Hawkeye's alter ego, The Ronin.

A cartoon version of Hawkeye's alter ego, The Ronin.

The Past Comes Back to Bite You

The situation that it took for Clint and Kate to meet was actually pretty cool. It brought back something that I wanted to know more about in Endgame: the Ronin character. Ronin was not explored upon in Endgame well enough to get to really know what Clint had been doing that entire time while everyone was dusted. The most that we know is that he was avenging his family and clearing out Yakuza, but not much else. Once he has his family back and things are going back to somewhat normal for him, he is pulled back out of retirement, finding out via the news that his alter ego is back out on the loose and possibly causing trouble.

When he finally meets the "trouble", he finds Kate, his superfan, in the costume, he feels obligated, as a hero, to help her out of it and get his suit back. The saddest part of the show so far, to me, is how Clint cannot let go of his former life. While he is out looking for the suit, he runs into constant side quests and other situations that prevent him from just leaving New York. Although his family wants to be with him as well, they are so understanding of him, his work, and his schedule. His wife is such a partner to him. They are such friends, and you really get the feeling of closeness between them in their relationship as friends and husband and wife. His 3 kids know who he is, and they all are aware that he might not be home for Christmas and let him know that it's okay. Clint seems to be the only one with hope left. It's such a sad side story for his character.

Who We All Came to See

Kingpin in the Hawkeye TV Series

Kingpin in the Hawkeye TV Series

Theories and Clues

I was not exactly excited to see this show when I first heard about it because I thought that Clint and Natasha (Hawkeye and Black Widow, respectively), both deserved movies or a joint movie within the first few phases of the MCU and that was a missed opportunity for Marvel. However, within only the first 3 episodes, this has easily slipped into the territory that all the other Marvel shows have gone to; I cannot wait until the next episode! There are theories galore, clues left for us in the show, and Easter eggs hidden away that let us know a certain character is coming into the MCU officially!

I actually thought it would be more of a Christmas action-drama TV series, but it's a lot funnier and wittier than I expected it would be though. As the show goes on, we get to see the teacher/student relationship grow closer between Kate and Clint! They actually have a good dynamic between the pair, as she continues to make herself useful to him. Although, she's happy to spend time with her favorite hero, Kate does realize how she is the reason he is missing out on Christmas with his family, and it really gives the show a sad undertone.


Maya as a young girl and her uncle

Maya as a young girl and her uncle

Confusion and Twists

Speaking of sad undertones, the show does do its best to get into Natasha's (Black Widow's) death more and how that has haunted Clint ever since it happened. With the callbacks to the Endgame Vormir music, it's hard not to feel a twinge of pain when thinking about her forcing him to let her hand go to get the soul stone. The feeling of pain is only conflicted with a feeling of excitement and suspense, by Natasha's sister, Yelena, coming out to kill Clint. We know from the film, Black Widow, that Yelena thinks that Clint is the reason why Natasha is dead. She expresses this to Kate, not understanding why Kate looks up to Hawkeye so much, but she does not know the grander scheme of things, as we find out in the same episode that she had been dusted away like the other half of the population by Thanos.

Yelena knows nothing about Hawkeye but what she can research and find out on her own, while Clint knows more about her than she knows, from Natasha's perspective. Easy confusion, but I can see where it's going in the story though. However, I did not see the reveals that come out of the show, like the twist to one of the side plots of the show. Kate has been telling her mother for days that something is up with her new beau and her mother just won't listen. With the twist from Yelena in episode 5, we find out why. Kate's mother is working with or for the Kingpin and possibly knows far more than she has let on this time.

This twists in episode 5 were actually shocking, which made it impressive to me. Not much gets past me when it comes to story, but this twist did take me off guard. Introducing the man (Kingpin) FINALLY through picture was a great touch to just say... "He's here!" It is also extremely welcomed that Vincent D'Onofrio is playing the character again in Marvel, as he did an excellent job in Daredevil as the physically imposing King of New York City! The final showdown in episode 6 was one that I actually couldn't wait for to see how they wrap everything up and take these characters into the next seasons, movies, or other Disney+ shows.

Unlikely Duo

Clint and Kate take on the underworld.

Clint and Kate take on the underworld.

The End

The ending of the show has gotten some mixed reviews. Some love it, some, not so much. I, personally, liked the last episode of the show! The show has many storylines to finish up by this point and I wanted to see how this could possibly bleed into the movies or upcoming Disney Plus shows. The episode mostly consists of a few fights going on at once. Kate and Clint have to stop Kate's mom while dodging gunfire, Yelena and Kate tussle while Yelena tries to kill Clint, Kate goes up against The Kingpin, Yelena finally meets Clint and they go at it, and Maya confronts her friend and her uncle, Kingpin, about her father's death. It's a lot going on in this episode with loads of Easter Eggs and callbacks to the comics.

By the end of it all, Maya apparently shoots Kingpin in the face (which I have a theory about, because I'm sure they wouldn't call Vincent back to play this iconic character in this perfect role for him for barely 2 episodes). Kate's mom goes to jail, Yelena is cool with Hawkeye after an explanation, and Kate goes to spend Christmas at the Barton residence. So, he did make it home for Christmas, which was honestly one of the more intriguing storylines of the show to me for some reason. I really did get the feeling that he might not make it on time in some parts of the show. I do feel like they made this show concise but almost to a fault. It felt like one more episode would have tied the knot on that Christmas bow tighter, rather than feel a bit rushed to do so.

My Final Thoughts... and Theories...

I think the show could have been wrapped up tighter, but other than that, I thought that this show was absolutely one of my favorites from the new Disney Plus shows from Marvel! Easily! It exuded the spirit of Christmas, that Marvel humor, and great character development for Clint Barton and the side characters like Yelena Bolova. I loved most of it! The end credit scenes left something to be desired, being a longer cut of the musical scene we saw in the first episode. I loved it there and hated it here. Not all cutscenes are meant to add more to the story, however, this one, depending on how you feel about musicals, may not have been worth it.

My biggest theory after watching the ending of the show, is that we will see Kingpin again very soon. He's definitely not dead. I think he'll show back up in another Disney show or a movie and be for the more grounded heroes. He does run New York after all. There's no reason to not bring him back and do the scene from the comics where Maya shoots him and leaves him blinded. So that's where I think this is headed. I think this show did an amazing job of filling in gaps to certain character's storylines like Natasha, Ronin and Yelena. This show explained why she was so crushed yet determined in Endgame. Her sister was gone but we didn't know that until this show.

Overall, I think the show did an amazing job at what it was supposed to do. Bringing one of our less talked about heroes into the light, characterizing other characters, and bringing a classic story of a man just trying to be home in time for Christmas. Everything blended very well together, and it has become one of my favorite Marvel TV Series since finishing it.

Actors, Actresses and Production!

The actors, actresses and production teams, in New York City, New York and Atlanta, Georgia, that went into creating the Disney+ series, Hawkeye.

Actors/ActressesProduction TeamProduction Companies

Jeremy Renner

Johanthan Igla (Creator)

Marvel Studios (Production Company)

Hailee Steinfield

Kevin Feige (Executive Producer)

Disney Platform Distribution (Distribution Company)

Vincent D'Onofrio

Michael Paraskevas (Music)

Disney+ (Network)

Vera Farmiga

Christophe Beck (Music)

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) (Cinematic Universe)

Linda Cardellini

Brad Winderbaum (Executive Producer)

Florence Pugh

Trinh Tran (Executive Producer)

Alaqua Cox

Victoria Alonso (Executive Producer)

Louis D'Esposito (Executive Producer)

Eric Steelberg (Cinematography)

James Whitaker (Cinematography)

Terel Gibson (Editor)

Rosanne Tan (Editor)

Tim Roche (Editor)

This Show is a.... Diamond!!!

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