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Cake's Takes on Loki (TV Series Review), (2021)

Caila has been a fan of Marvel and the MCU ever since its cinematic conception, having followed every movie and show released so far!

Mobius and Loki

Loki and Mobius

Loki and Mobius


The MCU is so expansive right now in 2021. We have lots of shows and movies coming out for Phase 4 in the next two years and Marvel fans are EXCITED! WandaVision kicked off Phase 4 on Disney Plus with a BANG and everyone has had a lot to live up to ever since then. Loki was one of the shows that I was looking forward to the absolutely the most! I knew that although Loki had left our world and went somewhere else, this show could have huge implications for the MCU!

I like that the Loki series picks up with a reminder of the events that transpired in Endgame for him to be in the situation he is in now. Just within the first episode, you already get the feeling that Loki is going to answer lots of questions and add more to the MCU as a whole. Loki is transported to the TVA (the Time Variation Authority) who uphold the sanctity of the Timelines and make sure that everything is supposed to happen the way that it should be happening. We are introduced to Mobius, who is working for the TVA and is on Loki's case by preference. In order to get Loki to help them with their mission, Mobius uses different tactics and shows Loki his life in the timeline that he came from as it would have been.

It is very sad to watch Loki see his future on screen again so he can know what he is destined for. Nothing but loss and pain, same as his brother, but from a different perspective. Afterwards once he has a small breakthrough to Loki for the first time, it is good to see the relationship that Mobius and Loki have. He reads Loki up and down and tells him like it is, but at the end of the day Loki is going to Loki. He disappointed me again, which was not surprising, but it makes his character extremely predictable.

The Variant

Sylvie and Loki

We learn that the TVA is chasing a variant of Loki, which was why Mobius was marinating Loki so much to get him to help them find this variant. Who to chase a Loki and outsmart one better than another Loki? Good plan? Wrong! Loki is more interested in the variant and her plans than the TVA and theirs. We meet Sylvie, the variant. I love Sylvie and Loki's dynamic! Especially when they are finding more out about each other. Throughout their conversations, you can really see that no matter the timeline, a Loki is always a tortured soul, as we come to know more about her life within the episodes. Sylvie was snatched from her timeline as a child and chased into hiding into different times and apocalypses throughout the existence of Earth so that the timeline would not variate from what is supposed to happen in the first place.

The Loki of this timeline and show comes across more funny and more silly/ridiculous than the one from the first Avengers movie or the first two Thor films, where he directed comes from in the MCU. He is way more carefree and less determined in a way, constantly being sidetracked and has way more hilarity. There is a lot of character development due to his surroundings. As well as developing the character, they explore Loki's powers as well by the middle of the season. It is very cool over the course of the show to learn what both Loki and Sylvie can do! In the middle of the season, we know more about the TVA.


Loki's promotional picture for his tv show.

Loki's promotional picture for his tv show.

Surprises! Surprises!

Through some good moments and good dialogue Sylvie tells Loki that she knows that the TVA is all just variants. They are all exactly what they are chasing as their work. They are also being controlled but no one knows who is actually behind it all. He reveals to her that he is bisexual, which is something that I do not know what that had to do with the storyline, as it added nothing and did nothing for the character or the story as a whole, because we had never had that information or an implication before in any other movie we had seen him in up until that point. Loki has never even had a love interest before, so this really made no sense to me!

By episode 4 we meet the Time Keepers, who are the supposed leaders of the TVA and controlling everything. Loki and Sylvie effortlessly destroy them only to find out that they are simply robots also being controlled by something. After this, the show takes a sad tone. You really feel bad for Loki and any Loki variant. Figuring himself out and having a sense of humility is beautiful to see as time goes on. Finding more out about the TVA is such a good cliffhanger for each episode to end on. During the end of the season, Loki meets other Loki variants during one of the, seemingly, many climaxes of the series. I think this is something good for Loki to see different versions of himself. He is able to put things into perspective for himself and learns more lessons.

The Conqueror Variant

Meeting He Who Remains...

Meeting He Who Remains...


Episode five got a bit hoakie for me with all the Loki variants fighting and arguing and trying to take over each other in the end of time. Although by this time, Loki and Sylvie have already made it known to a few people at the TVA who they actually are and what the TVA is doing, essentially exposing them for being frauds and being controlled, there are still some members of the TVA who are still trying to protect an establishment that they know nothing about. It really is all they have, in a way, and that is very sad to see that they could have had real lives.

Loki and Sylvie's on screen chemistry is really great! They do make the show interesting by falling in love. I couldn't help but think a few times through the show's run, "Ugh! Could you guys just kiss already!?" Seeing Loki's growth by the middle of the fifth episode is like watching an entirely different person. He is far more compassionate, says what he means instead of riddles to get around feelings, he has a new purpose and he knows his wrongs now and is able to admit them. I feel like the sadder part was that the other Loki variants could not all have the same character growth that the main one did. A slew of Loki variants were introduced at the end of the timeline and they barely serviced the plot except for two of them, aside from showing Loki the bad in himself that could still be, and I feel that was done more effectively in previous episodes by seeing his future with Mobius and just talking with Sylvie about her struggles.

Loki and Sylvie soon meet He Who Remains, who is a Kang variant, who tells them that should they destroy him, then all of his variants will find a way to take over their timeline and all of the rest as well. Loki being offered everything he ever wanted in life was a possible ploy by He Who Remains, but it does speak to what Loki has learned and gone through in his time with the TVA and his variants. The tropes in the last episode are seen within minutes of the episode coming on, most of them coming from He Who Remains himself. I like his personality. He's a very typical villain so far, but he is very charismatic and fun, and we haven't seen anyone like that in the MCU as a villain in a while!

Timeline Split

The splitting of the multiverse timeline.

The splitting of the multiverse timeline.

Multiverse Implications

Loki's change as a person is so admirable by the end of the series. It is just sad to see that Sylvie had not changed. It is actually nice to see him being able to talk her down and show a side of himself that is more humane and loving. I finally get my kiss scene! No matter the change though, a Loki is going to Loki. His journey is always one of trauma and sadness. Sylvie kills the Kang variant, sets off another time variation, sends Loki back to a different version of the TVA in another timeline where they clearly bow to Kang the Conqueror, and the season is pretty much over after that.

I know this series is getting a second season, but I hate cliffhangers! Only because my imagination runs wild with theories on its own, especially with Marvel! While being a cliffhanger, this show could have been a standalone season and had no season two and still would stand the test of time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It still has major suggestions for the universe, including adding more questions at the end of it. Now that this season is over, it has me wondering if Kang is going to be the next "Big Bad" for this Phase in the MCU or if he is going to be a multiverse villain only, as he is slated to be the main villain in Ant-Man and the Wasp: QuantumMania!

My Final Thoughts...

I thought this show was really great! It had amazing direction and production! The imagery was beautiful and more beautiful still every single episode! The dialogue was pretty good and it was funny and felt real! As I said before, the show does move the full storyline forward now being that the Multiverse is probably fully open now and has the ability to connect all of these stories and introduce more characters from Marvel's array of superheroes and supervillains they have access to. Loki is a great character, especially since he is one of the rare villains that have come back into the storyline in the MCU and hasn't been fully killed off in every timeline! We could possibly get the Young Avengers with Young Loki, Sylvie may enter the normal timeline at some point, they have opened the multiverse officially for the other movies now like Spider-Man and Doctor Strange and so much more that this show can do! I cannot wait until season two comes out and draws even more lines that connect the Disney Plus shows to the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. This show is definitely worth a watch to see if you are a fan. If you don't then you are going to miss out on a lot of story!

This show is.... a DIAMOND!!!

Loki (Disney Plus TV Series Review), (2021)

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