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Cakes Takes on Devil May Cry Anime (2007) (Anime Review)

Caila went to Meremac-STL for journalism and has been writing for most of her life.

Devil May Cry

Dante with Trish (on left) and Lady (on right)

Dante with Trish (on left) and Lady (on right)

Devil May Cry Anime Review

So, I was looking for a good anime to get into this past spring and I saw that Devil May Cry was on Hulu! With it only being one season for the show and the episodes aren't long at all, this was right up my alley for something to watch, but not to get way too invested in. I had always heard of the character of Dante, the demon slayer, Son of Sparda, through other mediums before but never played any of the Devil May Cry games myself, however that did not really matter while watching this show, as you can still keep up with it no matter what.

In the beginning of the show, Dante, who, if you know the story, is a human-demon hybrid that runs a shop called Devil May Cry for slaying rogue demons. He is incredibly strong, has amazing vitality and great powers being a half demon. It is based after the first game, yet again, none of it matters really. The show does not bring up most of the lore surrounding the Devil May Cry games like Dante's backstory, his twin brother, Vergil, or the emotional turmoil that they both go through throughout most of the games in the DMC series. This show is basically what you would want to watch if you wanted an inside scoop on what Dante's day to day life is like outside of the video games.

The games usually take on the course of a single big mission broken up into small missions throughout the whole game. So it covers a certain time span. The anime, however, goes from different days and missions, some of which that are just as bland as the last. It also follows the pattern of getting a mission and solving it within the short time span of the episode. What the show tended to showcase, whether it was intentional or not, was how lonely and alone Dante was and forced himself to be all the time. You hardly feel or see him connect with anyone in this show, whether it be Morrison (his manager), Trish, Lady (whom he owes endless amounts of money) or the little girl that he's tasked to babysit for half the season, Patty. He and Patty do gain a big brother/little sister relationship at some point that seems real and sweet, but it isn't like a relationship that he could have with an adult, so it doesn't really advance his character growth.

As a fan of the Devil May Cry storyline and the series now, mostly through gameplay watching, a bit of research and gameplay myself, I can understand the reason why Dante is so detached from people, lonely and doesn't want a relationship or kids one day is because of his disdain for his demonic heritage all his life. So it makes sense for him to come off that way in personality in the anime in hindsight. For a new viewer however, it could easily come off as cold, distant, and lonely. The devil hunter's behavior could probably also be seen as boring, as not too much happens in the anime, especially with his character, which is extremely unfortunate because Dante is one of the most charismatic and exuberant characters in Capcom's history. It does not show at all in this anime. You would think his character was depressed from everything going on in his life, like piled up bills and constant debt from everyone he knows, with the way he comes across in the show. Dante is too chill, a little stale, and comes across as if he does not care about anything at all and not in the way of the third video game in a carefree manner. It's weird how it's his show and it seems like he doesn't want to be there in the episodes. Not the wisecracking, dorky, fun loving demon slaying twin son of Sparda we know and love.

That, along with the non existing storyline for the show, are what pulls it down for me as a whole. Yes, it is fun to be alongside Dante in his day to day activities, eating strawberry shortcakes and ordering pizza with no money, but it does come across heavily that there is no story here, even by the second or third episode, you start to notice that nothing is really connecting to make a plot. Each episode is a standalone episode that does not shape the plot around it until the final two episodes of the one season of the anime. Within the last two episodes, we get a small plot that is like the others, but on a slightly bigger (2 ep.) scale. Another demon is out to get Dante and Patty but it actually looks as though Dante may be in trouble with this one and the episode is left on a cliffhanger and resolved by the very last episode. I would have liked to have seen an overarching plot with the entire anime as a whole and something going on with such an interesting character with so much lore like Dante. I would be much more okay with the way this anime's story went if it had added something major to the lore of the story of DMC or if it added anything at all, but it barely does that though.

This anime show was just following Dante on some of his missions and showing how he does what he does, and the games honestly did it better because at least they're really entertainment and actually funny. The animation style is slow moving, not too much action, and doesn't come off as very fluid, but it is very nice to see Dante drawn in this style though. He looks good and so do all of the other characters like Lady, Trish, and little Patty. I'd say that if you do like the Devil May Cry series, the characters, and the main character, then I'd say that this old anime is worth checking out just to add to your knowledge of the series. I have heard that somebody was planning on creating a new Devil May Cry movie, anime, or cartoon (I'm not sure which), and that got me excited, because hopefully it couldn't be any worse than this was. I just hope that they take the mistakes that this anime made and learn from them and create something worthwhile. I do feel like the Devil May Cry series is a video game that could work outside of its medium, of being a video game, if you do it and market it well. Overall, I would warn that the anime will go by quickly, as the episodes are short, sweet and to the point, but they don't offer much to the series as a whole.

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DMC Anime

Devil May Cry anime title

Devil May Cry anime title

Devil May Cry HD Collection (Dante's covers)

Devil May Cry video game covers of the HD video game collection. (Games 1-3)

Devil May Cry video game covers of the HD video game collection. (Games 1-3)

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This anime is a... Diamond in the Rough!


Caila Daniels (author) from Chicago on September 15, 2020:

I’m trying to work my way through the games actually.

Esctacy Artistry from Florida on September 14, 2020:

Devil May Cry is a pretty awesome game. Played it almost as much as I did the FF franchise.

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