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Doctor Who TV Show With David Tennant as the Doctor

L.M.Reid is an Irish writer who has published many articles. She is an expert on all things Doctor Who

The Doctor  and Donna at the TARDIS from Doctor Who

The Doctor and Donna at the TARDIS from Doctor Who

Doctor Who 4th Series Review

A complete summary and review of the Doctor Who Fourth Series starring David Tennant as The Doctor. I have watched this science fiction TV series for years. From the early series in the 1960s up to the present day!


All the writers and producers on the programme are also ardent fans. That makes such a difference to the quality of the writing and characters. All fans know that David Tennant who plays the tenth Doctor decided at the age of four while watching Doctor Who at home that he wanted to become an actor.

I have watched every single episode since the new series started in 2005 over and over again on TV re runs. But the DVD Box Sets have so much more on them.

David Tennant

This was to be the last complete series of thirteen episodes that David Tennant played The Doctor in the Doctor Who Television series.


Catherine Tate plays his companion, Donna Noble.I loved her character in the show because she was the first companion who was not either in love with the Doctor or in awe of him.

Episode Synopsis

I have included a synopsis of each episode below.

  • 14 episodes on six discs
  • Doctor Who Confidential episodes.
  • David Tennant video diaries
  • Deleted scenes that were not broadcast on TV.
  • Teasers and trailers
  • Children in Need "Time Crash"
  • Audio commentary
Donna Noble in the TARDIS in the TV series "Doctor Who"

Donna Noble in the TARDIS in the TV series "Doctor Who"

Doctor Who Fourth Series

I bought this Doctor Who DVD Box Set and have watched it so many times because it is really brilliant.

Yes you can easily get the episodes downloaded onto your television from the free Box Sets. What you do not get is all the extras which I have outlined in detail below.

Doctor Who Episode Guide

David Tennant plays Doctor Who and Catherine Tate plays Donna Noble in these episodes of the series

Episodes of Series Four are:

The Christmas Special - Voyage of the Damned

This is the 2007 Christmas Special. It starred David Tennant as The Doctor and Kylie Minogue as the companion. The Doctor is still fixing the TARDIS after the Master turned it into a Paradox machine.

He did not have the security shields on and so the TARDIS crashed in to a Spaceship cruise liner The Titanic. Martha decided to stay with her family on earth so The Doctor was travelling alone.

Kylie Minogue is Astrid Peth and a waitress. The passengers from different worlds have come on the space cruise in order to experience Christmas time on earth. The ship is hijacked, most of the passengers killed and all but one of the crew.

The Doctor likes Astrid Peth so much that he asks her to join him on his travels in the TARDIS, she agrees to this. It is left to the Doctor and Astrid Peth to stop the spaceship crashing in to earth and killing those on the ship and on earth.

Astrid Peth sacrifices her own life in order to achieve this with The Doctor.

Episode 1. Partners in Crime

The Doctor is investigating a company that has a new slimming product on sale. There he meets Donna Noble, who he had met the year before in the Christmas episode of 2006; The Runaway Bride. He had asked her to travel with him that time but she said no because she got too scared.

We learn that since then she has regretted it and has been looking for him. After defeating the aliens Donna and The Doctor go back into the TARDIS and off on their adventures together.

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Episode 2. The Fires of Pompeii

The Doctor wants to show Donna what Rome was like in the past. He miscalculates the settings and they end up in Pompeii the day before the eruption. He insists they return to the TARDIS without warning the people.

Donna argues with him but The Doctor explains he can not change certain episodes in history and save the people. Just as they get the TARDIS back and are about to leave aliens interfere and the Doctor and Donna have to sort them out.

Once this is done Pompeii begins to be enveloped in the dust from the eruption. The Doctor insists that Donna gets in the TARDIS and they leave. In the TARDIS Donna begs The Doctor to save them; he insists he can not, so she then begs him to save at least one person. They return and The Doctor brings the family they met in Pompeii into the TARDIS and to safety outside the city.

Episode 3. Planet of the Ood

The Doctor and Donna arrive at a planet thousands of years in the future and find a dying alien called the Ood. They investigate and find a factory that is breeding the Ood and training them as slaves. Their genetic make up is altered once they are born so that they believe that they should be slaves. There are some Ood who have managed to overcome this and rebel against their situation.

The Doctor and Donna help them to become free. Donna is so upset at what she sees the Ood going through that she tells The Doctor she wants to go home and stop travelling with him because it is too hard. But once the Ood are free she changes her mind and stays with The Doctor.

Episode 4 and 5. The Sontaran Stratagem and The Poison Sky

Martha Jones phones The Doctor in the TARDIS from Earth. She asks him to come back as she needs his help. Martha is now a qualified doctor and works for the military division that protects earth from aliens called UNIT.

The Sontarans who are a race of aliens who only want to fight have decided to use Earth as a breeding planet. They take over earth and The Doctor eventually defeats them. We also meet Donna’s mother again and her Grandfather Wilf.

Episode 6. The Doctor's Daughter

Martha is in the TARDIS with The Doctor and Donna saying her goodbyes but when she goes to leave, the TARDIS locks them all in and flies out of control. They end up on a planet that is at war. In order to keep the war going both sides use a genetic manipulator that takes blood and reproduces adult offspring from the donor.

This happens to the Doctor and a young girl comes out of the machine and greets him as dad. She is already encoded with the fighting knowledge needed for the war. At first The Doctor does not accept her as his daughter. Eventually he stops the war with the help of Donna, Martha and Gennie his daughter.

He has accepted her now and invites her to come on to the TARDIS with him and Donna. But she dies as they stop the war. The Doctor is devastated. There is a lovely twist to this story which I will not spoil.

Episode 7. The Unicorn and the Wasp

The story of this episode was told around the disappearance of the writer Agatha Christie. It also contained an alien that the Doctor had to defeat.

Episodes 8 and 9. Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead

This was in 2 parts and we were introduced to the Doctor’s future wife, Professor River Song here. The interaction between David Tennant and Catherine Tate as The Doctor and his companion Donna Noble is really very good in this episode.

They visit a planet that is a library because The Doctor receives a message from River Song. He does not know her yet because she is from his future. They sort out the aliens and save all the people. This is full of action but also there is a lot of emotional stuff from all three main characters.

Episode 10. Midnight

The Doctor went on a space bus excursion without Donna who decided she wanted a rest and stayed in the spa. He was stuck in this space bus and attacked by the passengers because an alien had taken over his body and mind.

He nearly dies but a member of the cabin crew grabs the alien when it leaves his body for a few seconds and kills it and herself to save The Doctor and the passengers.

 David Tennant

David Tennant

Episode 11. Turn Left

The Doctor and Donna are at a bazaar and she visits a fortune teller while he is out at the market. Donna ends up being attacked by an alien but does not realise it. She is brought back to the point a few years ago where she made a choice while in a car with her mother. She turned left and got a job that lead her to her wedding, getting transported to the TARDIS and meeting The Doctor. T

his story is told in the episode The Runaway Bride two years earlier. The alien has brought her to the other reality of her world if she had turned right instead and never met The Doctor and saved his life so that later he was able to save earth from aliens. Because in this reality he was dead the aliens took over the planet. This is the world that Donna now lives in.

Rose Tyler manages to come through from the alternative universe and explain what has happened. Donna has to die in this reality to get back to her other one and the Doctor. Eventually Donna gets back to where she should be with the Doctor and tells him what happened. She gives The Doctor the two word message that Rose gave her for The Doctor.

It is a big shock to him and the viewers so I will not spoil it here just in case you haven’t seen the episode.

Episode 12. The Stolen Earth

The Doctor arrives back on earth in a panic after what he heard from Rose. But he is confused that all is okay. He returns to the TARDIS with Donna but then something happens and earth disappears leaving the TARDIS suspended in space.

He can not find earth. Meanwhile earth has been stolen by Davros and the Daleks along with many other planets. Everyone on earth is terrified as the Daleks take over. Even Torchwood with Captain Jack and Unit with Martha Jones are powerless to stop the Daleks.

They come together with Rose and Martha uses the phone she left on the TARDIS to get The Doctor and Donna through time and where they all are. The Daleks have the Doctor at their mercy.

They are going to blow up the Universe and everyone in it. Donna was trapped in the TARDIS and another Doctor is created by mistake by Donna who is half human, half Time Lord. He save Donna and the TARDIS. They then go back for the others.

Donna also ends up becoming half Time Lord and half human too. They all save the planets together and everyone gets back to where they should be. The other Doctor stays in the alternative reality with Rose.

That leaves just The Doctor and Donna. He knows she is about to die because of the Time Lord DNA in her. The only way he can save her is to wipe her mind of him completely.

She realises this about five seconds before it happens. He brings her home to her mum and granddad and when she wakes up she does not recognise him. If she ever does remember him or their travels in the TARDIS she will die.

The Doctor leaves on the TARDIS alone again and completely heartbroken over losing Donna as a travelling companion and friend. This last episode of the season has everything, action, old friends returning and heartbreak.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Doctor Who is a science fiction television series that was first broadcast in 1963 by the BBC in Britain. The first actor to play The Doctor was William Hartnell and when he decided to leave the very popular show the BBC came up with a very clever story line in order to continue the series.

The Doctor could regenerate into another human body as he was an Alien from the planet Gallifrey. The character of the Doctor would keep all his memories of his previous regenerations but would have his own unique characteristics with each new incarnation. This way the show could continue. It did for another twenty six years until 1989. Seven different actors played The Doctor during this time.

Christopher Eccleston

Doctor Who TV series returned to Television in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston playing The Doctor. He left the show after the first series. David Tennant then played the character in the next four series of the TV Show.

David Tennant

If you decide to buy Doctor Who The Complete Fourth Series DVD Box Set you will be buying a lot more than just the episodes that were shown on TV. The extras that are included are amazing.

David Tennant always produces fantastic video diaries as he spends the nine months in Wales making the series. You get to know the actor as well as see how he makes some of the scenes of Doctor Who. David Tennant has been voted the best actor to ever play the part


L M Reid (author) from Ireland on February 14, 2015:

I have liked all the new Doctors too. Not too fond of the character of Clara though, find her boring. Loved Amy and Rory Pond.

Alan Sharpe from Whitehouse, Texas on February 11, 2015:

I love the new doctor who's, the writing is great! David Tenant is my favorite doctor.

L M Reid (author) from Ireland on August 29, 2010:

Thanks LeanMan and billyaustindillon for reading My Doctor Who hubs. The Daleks and the Cybermen were frightening back in the old days.

Yes looking back now the old B/W ones look bad but now the special effects are fantastic. All the better to scare the living daylights of the kids who are watching it now!

billyaustindillon on August 29, 2010:

Enjoyed all your Dr Who Hubs - thanks for the research.

billyaustindillon on August 29, 2010:

David Tennant fans will love this - I do remember the early series of Dr Who too and the later series make those so seem so amateurish but they were fun to watch.

Tony from At the Gemba on August 28, 2010:

I still remember the first series way back in black in white, watching it at my grandparents and being scared of the daleks.

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