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PanamaTrickster Reviews: Bullet Train (2022)

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You wont really know what you are in for with this movie until the first act is more or less complete. Initially, it feels like it could be a parody movie, then feels like it could be a comedy, then an action movie, then a whodunit movie. Then it feels like it could just be a well-crafted version of them all. Seemingly inspired or learned from Christopher Nolan’s famous camera work, David Leitch’s cinematographic technique felt seasoned and purposeful.

However, the plot was fairly confusing and hard to follow. You never really felt rewarded for finally getting your question answered, as a new confusing point is introduced soon after. Too many side stories were going on at the same time, and it was difficult to keep track or care for any particular event on its own. Additionally, the comedy bits felt like they were nothing but a thin layer, overshadowed by a story that could easily have been relatively believable if not for such abundant over-the-top Michael Bay-esque sequences. That is not to say this movie doesn’t have its fair share of creative points. I can easily say that it felt different from most other movies in the same genre. The closest I could relate to this type of movie is Kingsman: The Secret Service. Undeniably creative, but sometimes overwhelmingly chaotic.

The soundtrack was in a league of its own. Fitting every scene to a T, the soundtrack is one for the ages, and will probably end up being one of the most streamed from 2022. After a while, the film does grow on you, as you start to spend time with the characters a bit more. You finally begin to care about them and become interested in their backstory and emotions.


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