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Breaking Stereotypes About BTS

The author has a deep respect for BTS and the boyband's members for having my back during this painfully annoying and ruinous pandemic.

About BTS:

BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) is a South korean seven membered boy band. Three of the members making up the Rap line are Kim Namjoon (Rapmonster), Min Yoongi(Suga) and Jung Hoseok (J -Hope). While the other four members that make up the vocal line are Jeon Jungkook, Kim Taehung(V), Kim Seokjin(Jin) and Park Jimin. They overall have a perfect mixture of talent needed for a successful K-pop group. Their fandom which isArmy is very well-known for their kind and mind-blowing donations.BTS started a collaboration with UNICEF(United Nations Children's Fund) for the welfare of children worldwide, in 2017 with the Love myself campaign with the motto of Anti-violence. They also joined hands with UNICEF in 2021 again using their fame and fanbase for the welfare of the people throughout the globe . Their music carries the same message too.I recommend you to listen to the following songs:

  • Love yourself
  • Magic shop
  • Mikrokosmos

And many more.They are providing comfort and happiness to everyone.


Some of their music I recommend you to listen to with their heartwarming lyrics.


We are bulletproof -The Eternal

Love yourself

Still with you

Magic shop


Sweet night



(Right to left) The members that are standing are  Suga, Jungkook, Kim namjoon while J-hope, Kim taehyung, JIn and Jimin are sitting for their song Butter's photoshoot.

(Right to left) The members that are standing are Suga, Jungkook, Kim namjoon while J-hope, Kim taehyung, JIn and Jimin are sitting for their song Butter's photoshoot.

But even are all these great deeds, they are not clearly understood by various locals who are unknown to K-pop and create shameless memes on these wonderful boys.

It is utter shame that something which stands for such a beautiful cause has to go through Death threats, Cyberbullying, Racism and Body shaming which leads to unknown people despising them without even trying to understand them.

1.They look like girls or they belong to the LGBTQ+ community

You can easily come across an idiot on Twitter that will say Bts members look like girls. This is truly shameful how haters objectify women and the queer genders as a subject of their hatred. By saying that they look like girls as an insult, is disgusting as how did women become a subject of shame. This shows the ancient and foolish mentality of these people which truly needs to change.

Bts identify themselves as straight and support the LGBTQ+ community . Jin once said in an interview with a straight face that he has a crush on Brad Pitt.

2.They are racist

A bunch of K-pop fans say Bts are racist, this is a sensitive issue and I would not like to present my opinion as facts. But, one thing I know for sure is that they are the victims of racism. After their MTV performance, where they sang the cover of the song fix you by Coldplay, a german reporter made some racist remarks regarding them calling them 'virus' and asking them to go back to South Korea.

Bts and Army in total donated 1 million dollars for the black lives matter movement.

3. Are unreal

Locals a lot of times have a stereotype in their mind about K-pop that is all the money-making business and fake. Therefore, due to a lack of knowledge on the issue people naysay about bts being fake on cameras.

Well, which industry is not here to make money though. Bts and K-pop have separate identities. They are known to be real human beings with real-life anxiety and mental health issues that they talk about in their documentaries. I recommend you to watch any of their documentary series. You can watch them sleep eat talk and just have a normal, not the typical celebrity lifestyle we usually think famous people live. It gives a sense of relief to see someone so famous washing utensils in the kitchen,it just breaks the fake camera personas that people keep complaining about.


When I say memes I mean the ones we share with our friends on Instagram or WhatsApp.There are a huge amount of memes made on Bts for being Asian and not matching the beauty standards. Racist memes are the most popular ones. I think the true cause is just hatred and racism. They are not subject to these memes, they are real-life people who have feelings and who do nothing but try to be perfect role models for hundreds of teens.

5.Look the same

Now this one is really popular too. Some people say it with malice in their hearts or because they are just plain racist. But some are genuinely confused while identifying their individual members. Even I found it difficult to identify them individually when I first got to know them. I guess it is just because Korea follows certain beauty standards that just makes them look slightly alike. But they are not cousins and nor blood-related, but are really amazing friends. Just watching them relaxing and having their usual small talks in their back stage rehearsal stages is interesting and entertaining as it is so relatable and entertaining. I recommend you to watch some of their backstage clips which reflect their chemistry very well.

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ISHIKA MEHERE (author) from NAGPUR on July 02, 2021:

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