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Boruto and Kawaki—When will the Timeskip Begin?

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Some theories help decipher all the mysteries about the timeskip or time jump, or whatever you want to call it, from Boruto, which we will affectionately nickname as "Boruto Shippuden".

Well, first of all, it is important to clarify that no one has yet given official confirmation that there will be a temporary jump in the Boruto series, but analyzing the series objectively, there are too many clues that indicate this timeskip is going to happen at some point in the series.

Boruto and Kawaki final battle

Boruto and Kawaki final battle

The first and clearest clue is the flashforward that we could see in the first chapter of both the anime and the manga.

In this chapter there is something that attracts a lot of attention and that most of you will surely have noticed.

In this scene, both Kawaki and Boruto seem to be in their teens, they do not seem the same protagonists from the beginning of the series.

The faces, clothes, and height of both protagonists lead us to think that they would be between 15 and 16 years old approximately. This is something very curious since when the manga begins, Boruto is 12 years old, so there are only two possible options to explain that time step, or there is a timeskip at some point in the series or the course of the manga overlaps with the continuous growth of these two characters, that is to say, they grow as the chapters pass, but after reading 48 manga, we do not see this is happening. The timeskip is more likely.

In addition, in that flashforward that we mentioned previously, another noteworthy event also occurs, in the anime just when Boruto and Kawaki finish talking, Boruto textually says "the story goes back many years ago", implying that it has taken a long time to get to that point in history.

In the manga Boruto does not say that phrase but comments repeatedly that "this is my story, not my father's" and at the end he ends up saying that "this is my story, but a little bit at the beginning is the story of me and my father"..

With this phrase Boruto is expressing there are two very different moments in the course of the series, a first moment where his father Naruto has a lot of relevance, and a second moment where Naruto goes to background and Boruto is the one who takes center stage, the moment where his story really begins, probably having a development alone or with Sasuke outside Konoha.

The second clue is much more subjective.

Boruto and his face scar

Boruto and his face scar

We must not forget that Boruto is the sequel to Naruto and that in many occasions, the main work is the one that nurtures and inspires the subsequent development of the sequel.

With Naruto we had two clearly differentiated parts, the first part of Naruto that included the first 27 volumes, which in turn were developed in 244 manga and the second part of Naruto, nicknamed in the anime as "Naruto Shippuden" that included the remaining volumes until 72, ending the series with a total of 700 published manga and making a temporary jump between the two parts of two and a half years.

Also in the first episode of Naruto Shippuden, we could also see a flashforward of the meeting between Naruto and Sasuke, so it would not be surprising that Boruto imitated that form of narration and split his work into two parts with a temporary jump in between, introducing "Boruto Shippuden".

Boruto Shippuden

Boruto Shippuden

When will this timeskip occur?

Well, this is something difficult to ascertain but we can make a fairly accurate approximation with the data we have to date.

In an interview with Mangaplus, Ikemoto commented he intended that the Naruto series would be completed in 100 volumes, that is to say that he would plan to finish Boruto in about 28 volumes since Naruto would cover the remaining 72 up to 100.

Currently, they are introducing 4 manga in each volume of Boruto, so apparently the Boruto series will have a total of 112 chapters, 43% of which have already elapsed, driving us halfway through Boruto.

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Added to this, we must add that in manga 48 they gave us very valuable information, that Isshiki Otsutsuki had 2 or 3 days of maximum life left, and then loses to the new Naturo’s transformation.

If there had to be a time jump, the perfect moment to develop it had to be just after Isshiki's death, provided that he has managed to put the karma on Kawaki, (something that never happened), since a peaceful time with no main antagonist begins, as long as Momoshiki’s revival in Boruto is stopped with a pack of pills Amado gave to Naruto.

Naruto never gave the approval to kill Boruto after Kawaki lost his karma.

Kawaki would surely be under the supervision of the Hokage and Boruto will go into Chunnin tests to leave Konoha with Sasuke to investigate the karma seal or by his own decision if he considered that it represents a danger to his loved ones.

Either way, this would be the perfect time to do a timeskip, a time that would be closer to coming than we think.

Isshiki's death came due to Naruto’s Barion mode, which lasted a few minutes, but was enough to cut Isshiki’s lifespan to 5 minutes. Sadly to him, he couldn’t pass his karma seal onto Kawaki and lost after being tricked by a Kawaki’s shadow clone.

Although it seems a little hasty, we can predict that the temporary jump could be located between manga number 70, and the timeskip would occur in chapter 250. Kishimoto has stated Boruto is due to end in chapter 500.

In other words, the time jump could occur after March 2021, as the battle against Isshiki Otsutsuki was shorter than imagined.

Boruto timeskip

Boruto timeskip

But will the manga be paused for a while?

Well, this question is a bit complex to answer.

With Naruto the time skip occurred between manga 238 that was published on November 22, 2004 and manga 245 that was published on February 14, 2005, introducing 6 manga from the novel Kakashi Gaiden in between that time jump.

The publication of the manga continued to be weekly as it had been to date and there were only 5 weeks off between all those publications, but taking into account that one was at the beginning of the "Kakashi Gaiden", 2 were at the end of this and another 2 were at the end of this and another 2 were at the end of the year, so we can consider that the Naruto manga continued with its publications on a regular basis.

Boruto, which has monthly releases, is different from what we had been used to, taking into account that since the manga's publication began, it has never stopped. For this reason, it is natural to believe we should not wait to see the temporary jump or that they would take a break of 1 or 2 months at most, since the monthly releases leave much more time for the development of the work compared to the works that have weekly publications.

So relax, making a stop to take that timeskip will not be necessary.

Boruto manga- Boruto and Kawaki's training

Boruto manga- Boruto and Kawaki's training

So when will "Boruto Shippuden" end?

Well, if the calculations are correct and the work is going to have 112 more manga chapters, we would need 64 manga to reach the end, which is equal to 5 years and 4 months, since there is a month of space between each publication.

This would mean that "Boruto Shippuden" would end in November 2025, curiously the same month that the first part of Naruto ended and also curiously the same month that the second part of Naruto ended.

But of course, this is only speculation, allowing that the duration of the manga will also be conditioned by the authors' ability to tell everything they want in the time they have proposed, and those terms can be lengthened or shortened a few months up or a few months down, but getting very close to everything we have theorized.

Do you think there will be a "Boruto Shippuden"? When do you think it might be time for the timeskip to take place?

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