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Book and Movie Review for Redeeming Love Written By Francine Rivers

I am a teacher, mom, grandma, wife and avid reader! I love reading Christian fiction. My favorite author being Francine Rivers.

The Story of Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

This story is set in the days of the gold rush to California. It is, however, based on the Bible story of Hosea and Gomer from Hosea in the Old Testament.

The story in Hosea is one of a man of God living fully and wholly devoted to God. Hosea is told by God to marry. He is told specifically to marry Gomer a town harlot. Despite his own feelings, he listens to God and marries Gomer. Gomer does not understand why or how Hosea could ever truly love her. Gomer does not make it easy on Hosea and leaves returning to her old world. God continues to direct Hosea to be his true and faithful servant. Hosea must show Gomer the love that is an undying love.

Redeeming Love follows this story. It is not set in B.C. but actually in the 1950s in California. Michael Hosea is a man of God much like that of Hosea in the Bible story. Sarah is much like Gomer in the Bible story.

Francine Rivers creates a great work of historical and biblical fiction around the gold rush era. You see the strengths and weaknesses of both Michael Hosea and Sarah. You feel their struggle and realize the love that is available to them through God and each other.

Redeeming Love the Movie Based on the Book By Francine Rivers

What Is the Story Actually About?

The story begins with a mom and her illegitimate daughter, Sarah, living on the east coast. Sarah's mom is a "kept" woman by a rich, married man. The relationship of her mom's and her lover's fall apart when Sarah is a young child.

Her mom, left with no income or means of making one, move to a shanty near the docks on the east coast. Sarah's mom resorts to prostitution to make a living. She lives with the man that sells her. Sarah's mom dies and the man sells Sarah to a rich, perverted man. This man goes by the name Duke. Duke likes little girls, too much. He keeps Sarah but never actually know her name. From the time that Duke purchases Sarah, he calls her Angel. Angel remains at Duke's beck and call until the day that she runs away. She runs till she connects with a madam of a saloon. This madam, Duchess, grooms Angel and prepares her for services as a harlot.

Duchess takes Angel and the rest of her ladies of pleasure to California to set up a new place of business in the mining town of Pair-A-Dice. Angel is devoid of emotions. She goes through the motions of her work and talks to no one. She is a beauty of a young lady and attracts a high price for time with her. Miners come with gold in hand to spend time with her in her room at the saloon.

Pair-A-Dice is where Michael Hosea sees Angel for the first time. Michael Hosea is a farmer on the outskirts of Pair-a-Dice, California. He lives alone without neighbors, since his brother-in-law left to go mining in the streams. He drives into town when he has fresh harvests to sell to the local general store. On one of the days that he is selling his harvest, he sees Angel walking. Michael knows he must meet her.

Michael finds out that not only is she not a "respectable" lady, but a harlot at the local saloon. Michael hears from God that he has to meet her and make her his wife. Michael is opposed to the idea at first thinking he must be wrong. God just couldn't expect that of him.

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Through many twists and turns, Michael does finally marry Angel. Life, though, is anything but easy with Angel. Angel is an angry, sorrowful girl that feels she deserves no love from anyone.

Many times Angel leaves and many times Michael brings her home. The last time, though he does not. He knows that, ultimately, it is Angel's decision whether she will stay and love him.

Throughout the book you see the hand of God. You see how God never gives up on us. You see that God loves us no matter what.

Redeeming Love the Book by Francine Rivers

The Movie Was Almost As Good As the Book

The movie is produced by Mission Pictures International, Nthibah Pictures, Advantage Entertainment, Pinnacle Peak Pictures, and Pure Flix Entertainment. It stars Tom Lewis as Michael Hosea and Abigail Cowen as Angel/Sarah.

It is very rare for me to feel that a movie can come even close to how well the book is written. This was one of those rare times. The movie was so much better than I expected. It was wonderfully produced and filmed. The quality of the movie both in visual and storyline was superb.

I highly recommend the book first, followed by the movie. I like getting the "whole" story through the book and then seeing it play out on the movie.


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