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Bones Owens : Man Behind The Music

Bones Owens has collaborated with many musicians during his career, and is a popular song writer today. He was born and raised in a small, rural Missouri.


Caleb "Bones" Owens was born and raised in Bowling Green, Missouri. At age 10, Owens began to play guitar. He was raised in a religious family, and Owens attributes his start in music to his parents. His mother and father, both, strongly encouraged and influenced his start in music, and will be featured in an upcoming track on an album that Owens is currently working on.


Caleb Owens got his first publishing deal in 2005 with EMI Records, and this was just the beginning of Owens success. He has since shown his worth as a song writer and solo artist, and he continues to work very closely with artists such as Yelawolf, Jelly Roll, and even Bon Jovi.

Owens released his EP Hurt No One in 2013, which included the track "Moonshine" which was featured in the CMT show Gainesville.

A popular hit for fellow artist Yelawolf, the song Daylight was co-written by Owens and has been featured in the movie The Magnificent 7 which was released in 2016.


Owens married his wife, Elizabeth Owens, in 2014 and the two have one son together, and they family now lives in Whites Creek, Tennessee. Whites Creek is a community in Northern Nashville.

In 2017, Owens released his follow up EP Make Me No King, which included the track "Long, Long Time" which is currently proving to be a hit for Jelly Roll, Struggle Jennings, and Owens as they collaborated together to remix the song into the hit that is more popularly known than Owens solo track.


Owens is currently recording a new album now and fans are eager to see where else Bones Owens career will lead him.



Ariel on February 12, 2018:

Is it true that Bones Owens is Buck Owens nephew?

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