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Bond: After Craig?

Daniel Craig As 007.


Ian Fleming.


Tom Hiddleston: A Potential Replacement for Daniel Craig?


When Ian Fleming wrote James Bond, 007, his character was an aristocratic, womanizing, rebellious, Vodka Martini drinking, suave, sophisticated, MI6 agent with a penchant, for violence.

From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, each Bond actor has made the fictional character, their own. Every Bond fan, male or female, will have their favorite actor.

Daniel Craig has taken the Bond character and made it, very much, his own. From Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Spectre, and now finally, No Time to Die, Craig has injected life into the character once more. Not since Sean Connery played Bond, has there been such an actor like Daniel Craig, who in my opinion, has been a Bond for the new century.

'No Time to Die' was delayed by the pandemic and has only just been premiered. The cast of 'No Time to Die' appeared on The Graham Norton Show. Is it custom, when something is being plugged, be it a film, a song, a book, etc.

All the Bond films featuring Daniel Craig have been box office hits. These movies sent Daniel Craig into the stratosphere of popularity. Yes, Daniel was known for being in movies like 'Layer Cake' but when an actor becomes Bond, there is no going back. Before and after Bond, those actors will have a successful career, but they will be always be remembered as James Bond. This was true for Sean Connery, Roger Moore, etc. And, it will certainly be true, for Daniel Craig as he hangs up the character of James Bond.

Daniel's movies have kept true, to the Fleming character, but have also kept up with modern times. They have shown Bond has a heart and have shown, that deep down, Mr. Bond is a good man. The movies have explored Bond's background and each film has continued the theme, of how Bond, became Bond.

'No Time to Die' has been touted, as a great film, from start to finish. I for one will be looking forward, to seeing it, either at the cinema or when it is released on DVD, etc.

Daniel Craig it seems has had a love/hate relationship with the franchise. Daniel Craig seems a quiet man and has handled the adulation he has received, it seems, quite well. During the making of the movies, Craig seems to have done, most of the stunts. However, it seems his body has taken a knocking for it sustaining a broken leg and foot, in the process. Of course, as you get older, sustaining injuries becomes harder to recover from. That's probably one of the reasons, why Daniel has decided to quit the role, while he is ahead and goes out on a high.

The music to Bond films, has also, been one of the outstanding hallmarks of the franchise. And, Daniel Craig's reign as the British spy has been no different. All theme songs to Craig's Bond, have been excellent, expressive, and haunting. Whether it was Adele's 'Skyfall' or Chris Cornell for 'Casino Royale".

Now we move on to who might replace Bond. Many names have been touted, but I can reveal that the actor will not be named until 2022. Bond fans who have enjoyed Craig's definition of Bond will be waiting with, bated breath, to see who that will be.

Tom Hardy, Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Renner, Idris Elba, Chris Hemsworth, etc, and many more, have been linked with the part. It is possible, those responsible for the Bond franchise will already know Craig's replacement. Or, they may not or at least have their eye on the actor who can fill Craig's shoes.

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Some have said a new Bond, should be a woman, an ethnic minority, or an LGBT person. Whilst I am all for equality, I think to replace Bond with any of the above would not be right. Bond should remain a male and retain certain characteristics, as Ian Fleming, intended. Of course, Bond has to be modernized too, for a new audience and a new era, (at least, maybe, from a box office hit point of view). Idris Elba would probably, make a great Bond. However, too many roles these days, are made black or female, when they were white and male just to be PC or Woke. This should not happen to James Bond and in my opinion, Tom Hiddleston would be an excellent candidate, for Bond.

Finally then, whoever becomes the next Bond, they will know they will have a hard act to follow in Daniel Craig.


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