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Bollywood Actress Pictures - Namitha Kapoor

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Namitha Kapoor

The voluptous beauty Namitha Kapoor is a popular South Indian actress. She started out by participating in the Femina Miss India. A Taurian, Namitha was born on May 10, 1981 in Surat, India. She has acted in a number of Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and bollywood films. She also acted in an english movie "Maya". Although she started out in Telugu movies, she became famous after the Tamil film "Engal Anna" opposite Vijayakanth. Being sexy, busy and quite voluptuous, she's constantly cast in almost all her films, entirely for skin show.

Namitha is 6 ft tall and weighs 70 kg. Namitha's father is a businessman and her mother is a housewife. She used "Bhairavi" as her screen name for her first two telugu movies. Namitha has taken to yoga in the recent past to keep her mind and body fit. During her leisure time she loves to swim and play badminton. She used to be a swimming coach for young kids before coming to movies. These days her star value is so high that any movie featuring her can expect a decent reception at box office.

Beautiful Namitha

Beautiful Namitha

Sensuous Namitha

Sensuous Namitha

Namitha Looking Sexy
Namitha - What A Bust!

Namitha has got a degree in English literature. She won the Miss Surat title in 1998 and in 2001 she came third in the Miss India event. Before getting in to movies Namitha did a few TV commercials like Himani cream, Himani herbal soap, Nile herbal shampoo, Manikchand Ghutka, Arun Ice cream etc. She is a fitness freak and work out whenever she can. White roses are her favorite flowers.

Namitha The Dream Girl

Namitha The Dream Girl

Scroll down for more of Namitha picture galleries

Scroll down for more of Namitha picture galleries

The sexy back pose Namitha
Namitha Photo gallery

Namitha Photo gallery

Namitha In A Sexy Dance Scene
Leggy Namitha Posing

more celebrity photos and videos

Namitha Posing In A Split Gown

Namitha Posing In A Split Gown

Namitha, doing a Sania Mirza act, Playing Tennis

Namitha, doing a Sania Mirza act, Playing Tennis

Namitha - She is so inviting

Namitha - She is so inviting

Namitha Undressing
The Really Busty Sexy Namitha Inviting You
The Really Busty Sexy Namitha
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Come To me Looking Namitha

Come To me Looking Namitha

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Really Sexy Namitha
Namitha Cleavage
Sexy Pouting Namitha
Happy Namitha Pictures

Happy Namitha Pictures

Namitha In Red

Namitha In Red

Namitha Daydreaming

Namitha Daydreaming

Wow! Namitha

Wow! Namitha


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