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Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022) Movie Review.

This Movie Review is the Brain Child of so many different personalities!!!


Running Time

94 minutes


Halina Reijn


Sarah DeLappe (screenplay), Kristen Roupenian (story).

MPAA Rating


You’ve been watching *that* scene in House of the Dragon over and over because you just like seeing that sort of thing. You can only take Idris Elba fighting off a lion so many times in Beast before you wish you were the lion. You’ve seen Isabelle Fuhrman play the world’s least convincing 9 or 7-year old in Orphan First Kill.

But what you haven’t seen is an A24 film that actually has a runtime of less than 90 minutes and doesn’t feel longer because of “atmosphere”. If you’ve skipped seeing Bodies Bodies Bodies in theaters because the prospect of paying full price to see a movie in a theater feels less attractive because said movie is set in one single location…that actually makes sense.

But you’d be missing one of the best horror movies of the year.

If you still can’t believe A24 would release a movie less than three hours long, don’t worry. We can be sure there will be a Bodies Bodies Bodies extended cut (possibly called Bodies Bodies Bodies Bodies) available on the A24 website for $45. That’s what Midsommar sells for, and I remember everyone thinking, “Midsommar is good but it’s just way too short.”

Trailer Trailer Trailer


Bodies Bodies Bodies opens with two promising young women making out. Their names are Sophie (Amandla Stenberg) and Bee (Maria Bakalova- The Bubble), and they’ve known each other for six long weeks so you know it’s true love. They’re on their way to a hurricane party as a massive storm is set to touch down in a couple of hours.

Sophie is seeing friends she hasn’t seen in forever because she’s been in rehab. Bee is tagging along because she likes Sophie so much.

Each of Sophie’s friends or “friends” has about one scene to distinguish themselves as a character so let’s give them each one sentence or three to make you fall in love with them or hate them. Before they die.

  • David (Pete Davidson)- It’s his (David Pete…son?) parents’ mansion they’re all going to for the hurricane party. David is an insecure douche that’s really into drugs you snort with your nose and his girlfriend. He’s so dead.
  • Emma (Chase Sui Wonders)- She’s David’s girlfriend and you wonder why the f they’re actually together. She’s also an actress and has been known to be really dramatic. She’s so f*cking dead.
  • Alice (Rachel Sennott- Shiva Baby)- Alice has a podcast. She also has a boyfriend that’s much older than she is. She’s definitely dead.
  • Greg (Lee Pace- Guardians of the Galaxy)- Greg is Alice’s boyfriend and he’s a 40-year old dating a 20-something. He knows how to open wine bottles. Greg’s dead baby, Greg’s dead.
  • Jordan (Myha ‘La Herrold )- She also likes doing drugs you can snort through your nose as well as drinking. She and Sophie may have shared history together. RIP Jordan.
Someone forgot the cards or the etch-a-sketch.

Someone forgot the cards or the etch-a-sketch.

Sophie and Bee arrive before the storm is supposed to hit. Jordan wonders why Sophie didn’t let anyone know she was showing up. And who’s this white b*tch Bee?

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You get they’re all such good friends who really can’t stand to be with each other. Pretty much the definition of the word “toxic”. From the first time they’re all under the same roof you can tell there’s tension under the surface. But what will set it off?

Sophie introduces Bee to all her friends and they seem welcoming at first. They’re more welcoming after some binge drinking.

Then Jordan says the magic words. They will play Bodies Bodies Bodies. They’re on record as saying every time they play this game someone ends up crying or really upset. What could possibly go wrong?

What’s Bodies Bodies Bodies? A game in which one person is the “murderer” and the rest of the players try and find out who the killer is before they end up “dead”. It’s so much fun.

They play the game and it goes off without a hitch. Wrong. There are so many hitches it’s practically a mediocre Will Smith romcom from 2005. Only instead of being slapped onstage, peoples’ feelings are hurt. Playing the game has done its forewarned damage.

Then the storm comes. The power is out.

Someone ends up with his/her throat cut.

Before long, these longtime group of friends will be looking askance and side-eye and 360 eye at each other with suspicion. As the bodies, bodies, bodies, drop dead who will be left alive? And is that person the killer? Maybe. Or not. That’s what they want you to think. No. Definitely yes.

This looks like the trailer image.

This looks like the trailer image.

What Works With Bodies Bodies Bodies.

  • Writers Sarah Delappe (screenplay) and Kristen Roupenian (story) manage to stay a couple of steps ahead of even the most seasoned mystery/horror fans. One of those movies where the astute watcher may guess right about some of the plot machinations, only to have the rug pulled out from under and fall right into a decorative but lethally sharp sword.
  • Rachel Sennott, so good in Shiva Baby (one of 2020’s best uncomfortable comedies) doesn’t steal scenes in Bodies X 3, she owns them. Even the most innocuous line readings feel like razor wire. Rarely has the phrase “body dysmorphia” been so hysterical.
  • 9 out of 10 people who tell you they guessed the wickedly logical ending are lying . The 10th person is your best friend Judy Greer.
"That image above does look like the trailer cap."

"That image above does look like the trailer cap."

What Doesn’t Work With Bodies Bodies Bodies.

  • The singular location is sometimes visually static. You feel like you’re watching talking heads in a filmed play at times. Fortunately those heads are saying acerbically funny dialogue.


Surviving a hurricane may be nothing compared to spending a night with a group of noxious friends. Especially when one or more of them may be a killer. Rarely has some of the worst people you’d never want to meet in real life been the source of so much bloody fun. A who as well as a why-dunnit, Bodies Bodies Bodies is the best horror mystery set in a mansion with a bunch of entitled rich d-bag millennials of the year.


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