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PanamaTrickster Reviews: Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022)

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Feeling like a short film that went on for too long, Bodies Bodies Bodies isn’t all that engaging. While nothing in particular felt overly forced onto us, it still had a cringey vibe that made you feel uncomfortable the whole time. This was not due to the plot, but rather how the characters interacted with one another, and with the dialogue chosen by the screenwriter to represent each of them. None of the characters felt hollow individually, but when brought together, your care for their personalities just goes out the window.

Much of the movie felt like it was supposed to be a work of art in regards to some of the camera angles and positioning, but turned out to be a piece of art that most people wouldn’t linger around long enough to remember or talk about. What was strange enough about this movie was the attention to the language of the generation that was represented. The screenplay was written by 32-year-old Sarah DeLappe, who has little to no history in the field, but nevertheless proved to be fairly knowledgeable in understanding how the younger generation of today interacts with one another.

The highlight of this movie was most certainly Pete Davidson, who let us as an audience know fairly early on that it was ok to have a laugh through some of the campier parts. All in all though, Bodies Bodies Bodies will be forgotten by the morning, as it offers hardly any take aways or lasting chills.


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