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Boa Kwon: Review of Her Self-Titled English Album Called "Boa"

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Boa Kwon (more commonly known as BOA)


Who Is Boa Kwon?

Boa Kwon has really earned a reputation for being one of the most famous celebrities in all of Asia. She has millions of fans in Japan as well which is very interesting. You would think that because she is South Korean that she would be more popular in her own country. But she is actually more popular in Japan. For those of you that may not be familiar with this name, Boa Kwon is a very famous pop music singer. She was born on November 5, 1986 in South Korea.

The track listing for the album "Boa"

  1. I Did it For Love
  2. Energetic
  3. Did Ya
  4. Look Who’s Talking
  5. Eat You Up
  6. Obsessed
  7. Touched
  8. Scream
  9. Girls On Top
  10. Dress Off
  11. Hypnotic Dance Floor

BOA is the Singer's First English album

The album also called BOA was released on the date of March 17, 2009. It made its debut on the Billboard 200 reaching #127. The style of Boa’s music is considered to be either dance pop music or R & B or rhythm and blues kind of music. The album has a definite dance feel to it. When you listen to the album you want to just get into the music, get excited and really feel good.

The Official Music Video for the song "I Did It For Love"

A Brief Review of the Album BOA

The first track on the album I did it for Love is perhaps the most popular song on the CD. That song is a great one to start off the album and has a good groove to it. There is a vocal collaboration for the song by Sean Garrett. This is one of her hit songs and basically helped her achieve superstar status.

The next song called Energetic is kind of repetitive and is not one of the best songs on the album. Did Ya is the next song on the album and this one has a mid-tempo dance feel to it. It is a decent song. The fourth track called Look Who’s Talking has a definite electronic sound in it that is noticeable throughout the entire duration of the song. The next track called Eat You Up features some very melodic vocals by Boa and she shows her talents on this one. Obsessed is the sixth track on the album and is the best song in the album. The last 40 seconds or so feature some awesome chants or singing by Boa and she shows how great and capable she is as a singer.

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Touched which is the seventh track on the album has a very weird sound to it in the beginning. It is like a clock that is ticking. The weird sounds continue throughout the song. This is one of the weakest tracks on the album. The eighth track on the album called Scream is a decent song. There is not much to say about this song. The ninth song on the album called Girls On top features some singing in the beginning along with some shouting. There are also some more strange sounds along with some rap vocals. Again, this is also not one of the best tracks on the album but it is okay to listen to.

The Songs "Dress Off" & "Hypnotic Dance Floor"

The tenth track on the album called Dress Off features the electronic sound which dominates throughout most of the song. This song is a pretty great one as it features Boa’s talents as she experiments with different ways of singing. This song is an instant mood booster. The eleventh and final track on the album called Hypnotic Dance Floor features some melodic vocals by Boa and it is a pretty good mid-tempo kind of song.

The song called Obsessed (best song on this album)

Boa's first English album is definitely worth having

The album is just under 39 minutes long. This is a good album overall to listen to if you are stressed out or are having a rough day. The pop and dance beats should help you improve your mood and get you into the mood of dancing and singing along with the music. If you think that Lady Gaga has great songs, just listen to Boa Kwon. Boa’s songs are better written and Boa is a much better vocalist. If you listen to this album, you will be impressed as it is overall a solid release. Lady Gaga is pretty good, but Boa Kwon is just on another level when it comes to her songs. For fans of the lovely BOA Kwon, check out the music of May’N (May Nakabayashi), Kana Nishino or Namie Amuro. This English album by BOA gets a final score of 80 out of 100 points.

The song called Hypnotic Dance Floor

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