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Latest Superhero Movie - Bloodshot

My name is Krishnavamshi Kesani. I am from India. I am a student currently persuing my B. Tech in SRM Institute Of Science And Technology.

I like to see Vin Diesel movies, including the Fast And Furious movie series, the Pacifier, The Chronicles of Riddick, and more. Bloodshot is the most awaited Vin Diesel movie which is released on 12th March 2020. The production company of the movie is Columbia Pictures and it is distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing. It is directed by David S. F. Wilson. The movie stars Vin Diesel, Eisa Gonzalez, Sam Heughan, Toby Kebbell, etc. When we first see the Bloodshot movie, it seems very much like a Vin Diesel movie. The movie shows him as a hulking leading man who goes into a dangerous scenario and successfully kicks the butts of the villain without even breaking a sweat. Bloodshot is mostly an action movie.


The movie is based on a popular comics series with the same name as the movie which is created by Kevin VanHook, Don Perlin, and Bob Layton. The movie follows a soldier named Ray Garrison, played by Vin Diesel, who goes hell-bent on a mission of revenge. Ray Garrison is dead during his career in the military, but the Nanotechnology project created by an Engineer Dr. Emil Harting resurrects him to fight another day. Ray is now a superhuman and has super healing powers. But the perks in the resurrection is that he lost his memory. This section of the movie is painfully cliched.

The movie has a high body count and a lot of gunfire at the introduction of the film, but very little blood is shed on the ground, so that is why the movie is got a PG-13 rating. The same restrictions made the editing style of the scenes frantic and quick-cut that makes the action scenes of the movie often incoherent. The realistic impacts in the movie like the gunshots and crushed skulls are the smoke effects created by the field of spilled flour. The opening scene features Vin Diesel as camo wearing, a gun strapped man who looks like a fully modded video game character. I actually loved the first twenty minutes of the movie.

Further, when Gina, Ray's wife, is murdered the villain is considered as the douchebag villain of the movie. The villain in the movie enjoys killing someone and have a lot of fun with it. Because this slaughter scene takes place in a cliched location of a meat locker, Kebbell's character is draped in a crisp white parka and topped with a knitted cap on top of his head. Then the Bloodshot movie becomes interesting when a major twist in the plot comes. It may appear as a major twist for those who didn't read the comics yet. Ray Garrison, then teams up with the super-soldier KT and an eccentric programmer Wilfred Wigans, who wants to take revenge on the villain one last time.

The screenplay of the movie by Jeff Wadlow and Eric Heisserer is excellent, setting the movie to look like a 1980's action movie before changing it into something a bit more modern. The action scenes of the movie become less gun focussed and KT offers an eye candy or a tragedy prop female character. David S. F. Wilson, who was a video game veteran turned into a director with this movie as his debut, delivers an aggressive pace that rolls over plot holes with the grace of a tank. And while the bodies in the movie won't bleed means that we can literally blow Ray's body into bits.

Vin Diesel as a sneering super-soldier has done an awesome job. But Morris's Character blows right after Vin Diesel's character all like a whirlwind and charisma to steal all the praises as a good character in the movie. His character will not appear until the interval but once he entered the scenes all the praises were after him instead of Vin Diesel. From this movie, Morris's character becomes the film's best bit.

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Overall, the movie is good. But it didn't reach the high expectations of the audiences and Vin Diesel's fans. The visual effects in the movie are excellent. Many people think that the script of the movie was heavily retooled in post-production. But none of this clumsiness can kill the entertainment value of this movie.

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