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Blonde Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian blonde weave?

Kim Kardashian blonde weave?

Kim K. looked great as a blonde. I was sceptical about this change when I heard she did it. And despite the bad feedback she got about changing her hair color, I loved the blonde Kim Kardashian and wish she would bring this hair color back.

The media went into a frenzy when she changed her color, simply because it was such an unexpected move for her. A woman with naturally tan skin and black hair going blonde can be hard to pull off, but there are reasons it looks great on her:

  • Her hair is silky looking, not dry or damaged
  • Her eyebrows are dyed lighter
  • She has a few different shades of blonde in her hair to mellow out the look
  • Her lipstick and blush are light colored
Kim Kardashian blonde wig?

Kim Kardashian blonde wig?

How did Kim Kardashian go blonde?

There is speculation as to how she got her hair good looking so quickly:

  • A weave? If Kim has a blonde weave in these pictures, that means her natural hair is very short. So then is her usual black hair a weave too? Normally white women don't wear weaves, but in Hollywood it is very common for them to do so.
  • A wig? If Kim is wearing a blonde wig, then her real hair has to be thin and carefully flattened down.
  • Hair dye? This one I find harder to believe, simply because bleach and dye is so damaging to hair, and when she went back to dark hair, it was in the same great condition it was before.
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If you want to get Kim's light-haired look:

If you have similar skin and dark hair as Kim K, then I suggest getting a blonde wig. You do not want to spend hundreds of dollars for a drastic dye job that could possibly damage your hair -- especially when you will need frequent touch-ups.

Take a note from Kim and also dye your eyebrows lighter as well to match the blonde. This is one trick that will make a light head of hair look good on you.

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