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Blonde Asian Celebrities

Blonde Asian Rinko Kikuchi

Blonde Asian Rinko Kikuchi

Blonde Asian celebrities have a way of lighting up a room.

In this hub we profile three Asian blondes with hair colors and hair styles that will make you, too think about changing your hair color.

We feature Rinko Kikuchi, Ayumi Hamasaki, and Tila Tequila.

Actress Rinko Kikuchi (above) from Japan is one of the most beautiful asian blondes I have seen simply because the hair style she chose is so feminine.

She wears it parted with long side bangs and her hair is very long and wavy.

Rinko chose a light wheat blonde hair color that matches her cool skin tone that has hints of blue and pink in it.

In a smart move, her eyebrows are dyed lighter as well.

Rinko KIkuchi is a Japanese actress who was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in the film Babel.

She is the second of only two Japanese women to ever have been nominated for an Oscar in acting.

Blonde Asian Ayumi Hamasaki

Blonde Asian Ayumi Hamasaki

Singer Ayumi Hamasaki (right) of Japan pairs her yellow-hued skin with a combination of caramel blonde around the top of her head, and wheat blonde, around the side of her face down to her shoulders.

The slight brown hues that are mixed into her hair color match with her big brown eyes.

Ayumi has been singing since the late 1990s and is the highest-selling solo singer ever in the history of Japan.

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She also holds the record for having the most number one hits by a female singer in her country.

Blonde Asian Tila Tequila

Blonde Asian Tila Tequila

Hot Asian blonde Tila Tequila (above) has a hair color that blends with her skin tone so well, it looks like it could be her natural hair color.

Tila has a cool skin tone and pairs it with a medium blonde shade.

Even though her eyebrows are dark, they are thinned out enough that they do not clash with her blonde look.

Asian-American Tila Tequila is a fun-loving party girl who first came into fame for her starring role in the show A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, in which both men and women vied for a chance to be her partner.

She is also a singer and model and is known for having very petite, fit, thin frame.

If you are thinking about making the change, note that Asian hair is usually very healthy and moisturized. It can withstand double-processing much better than many other hair types. So here is some hair color inspiration for you!


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