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Bleach TYBW has an official premiere date.

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I'm so glad this is a few weeks away.

I'm so glad this is a few weeks away.

What we know...

Hard to believe we’re so close to Bleach:TYBW, yet and still we got an actual day on its premiere. I’m so glad that we can mark our calendar for this, especially after waited a decade for this.

Reminder that it started on March 2020 where Shueisha announced Bleach would be returning on their Shonen Jump Twitter. And at Jump Fiesta 2022 we got the trailer for Bleach TYBW Arc. And it was in this trailer that we learned that the final arc will premiere in October 2022. But we didn’t get a specific day.

Whelp that changed with the recent trailer we learned that Bleach TYBW will premiere on October 10th 2022. It was also announced that the Thousand Year Blood War will follow in the foot steps of Attack On Titan Seasons 3 and 4 and will be split into four parts called “cours.” This final season will air in air in four cours.

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It hasn’t been mentioned how frequent these cours will be premiered. But that will no doubt learn the distance between cours after the first one ends. This does mean this will be between 48 to 52 episodes.

This moment was hype in the first trailer.

This moment was hype in the first trailer.

Wait, why are Kisuke's eyes green?

Wait, why are Kisuke's eyes green?

The Conclusion...

In conclusion I’m eager to see how this turns out, as each cour will be 12 to 13 episodes. This means I’mma have to read the TYBW arc in the manga, in case they cut some stuff out. It’s possible for them to change aspects of the manga that needed improvement. Again Bleach TYBW airs October 10th 2022, so I might as well wait and see.

Bleach TYBW Premiere Trailer

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