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Bleach Filler List - The Complete Guide

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Bleach Filler List

Bleach Filler List

Introduction to Bleach Filler List

Hello anime fans, I am going to give you a brief summary of all the filler episodes and my opinions on which ones are worth watching.

List of Filler Episodes

Karakura Heroes Omake 1 ~ 33

Karakura Heroes Omake 2 ~ 50

Bount Arc ~ 64-108

Stolen Hogyoku Arc ~ 128-137

Rukia's Story ~ 147-149

New Captain Arc ~ 168-189

Random Episodes ~ 204-205

Karakura Riser Omake ~ 213-214

Zanpakutō Rebellion Arc ~ 227-265

Hueco Mundo Recap ~ 266

Magic Lamp Gaiden ~ 287

Hell Chapter Movie Promotion ~ 298

Hell Chapter Movie Prologue ~ 299

Random Episodes ~ 303-305

Random Episodes ~ 311-316

Gotei 13 Invasion Arc ~ 317-341

New Year Special ~ 355

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Thanks to insane111 for the cool list.

Karakura Heroes Omake

Both episodes 33 and 50 are not worth watching in my opinion. Just skip them.

Bount Arc ~ (64-91)[Season 4]

This section is created for the anime only and serves to buy time for the manga to get more chapters done at the time of release.

So the story behind this arc is about Bounts. They can absorb souls that allows them life longevity. Ichigo goes on this quest to defeat them. A rather average filler that is watchable. However, after that awesome Soul Society Arc, you will notice a sharp decline in terms of quality and excitement.

Stolen Hogyoku Arc ~ (128-137)[Season 6-7]

This arc was alright. It wasn't the best or spectacular in any way, shape or form. I personally liked the Bount Arc better. I would highly suggest that you skip this!

In case you were interested about the plot, Hitsugaya's team that includes Renji, Rangiku, Ikkaku and Yumichika were sent to patrol Karakura town. The filler starts on 128, where Hitsugaya gets to steal the limelight a little bit. The fillers are mainly about some side quests that includes Hitsugaya's team and then finally the last few are about the stolen Hogyoku.

New Captain Arc ~ (168-189)[Season 9]

This one starts out good and then the middle part gets really draggy and long. Here is my suggestion for you - watch the first 15 and the last 3 episodes.

So they introduced this new captain called Shūsuke Amagai, who came in to replace Gin after his betrayal from the Soul Society with Aizen.

They also introduced a Princess Rurichiyo Kasumiōji and her two Shinigami bodyguards, Kenryū and Enryū, who arrives at Ichigo's school. Rurichiyo soon becomes the subject of a kidnap attempt by some assassins wielding strange swords that absorb energy. She ends up getting abducted and Ichigo is chased down for trying to break up her marriage.

A little more plot twist and you have some betrayals going on and the reason Amagai becomes a Captain is to avenge his father, who was killed by big old man Captain-Commander Yamamoto.


Zanpakutō Rebellion Arc ~ (227-265)[Season 13]

In my opinion, this is the best filler section I have watched in the entire series. The last 10 episodes of this arc(255-265) are boring though.

This arc is pretty much a rebellion from the spirits of the Zanpakutō from their respective masters. This event was planned by Muramasa, whose ulterior motive is to release his master from captive as he was sealed many years ago. Ichigo ends up defeating him of course and becomes the savior of the day again.

Gotei 13 Invasion Arc ~ (317-341)[Season 16]


I hope this emoticon tells you how I feel about this arc. The battles are drawn out way too long like a soap opera. I suggest that you skip this.

In case you were interested in the arc, I have provided a short summary. After the battle with Aizen, Ichigo and the Gotei 13 take a breather. Then, some imposters slip within the ranks and attack their respective captains. Since this is all a mix up, each captain is unable to tell who is the real one, causing a chaos. Ichigo wants to help in this, but his powers are waning.

Bleach Filler List Conclusion

There you have it. I have watched all of them and sometimes I cannot tell you why I watched them. Only god knows.

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