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Bleach Anime Returns October 2022

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It's baaaaaaaack

It's baaaaaaaack


Whelp, as of writing this we're three months away from the tenth anniversary of Bleach's anime cancellation. So how appropriate then, that the anime adaptation of Bleach's final arc will drop ten years and seven months afterwards.

None the less, I'm excited, so let's get into the details of what we know so far.

This is what we've waited for...

This is what we've waited for...

Assessment and conclusion...

It all started March 20, 2020 when Shueisha announced on their Shonen Jump Twitter account that the Bleach anime would be returning. Though at the time, there was no specifics announced. And as one can expect, us Bleach fans were excited and anticipated more. In between this and Jump Fiesta 2022, word got around that the final arc would drop in 2021. And on September 2021, it was announced Bleach would be getting an art exhibition at Jump Fiesta 2022. And while that happened, there was an unconfirmed rumor that the final arc would air in 2021, with some under the impression that it’d be animated by MAPPA.
And it pains me to admit that I fell for the first half of that rumor. As a result fans waited throughout the rest of spring all the way to winter of 2021 for any word of the anime and when it would air. And when we got to Jump Fiesta 2022 was a pleasant surprise. We got a minute and forty-one second long trailer announcing that the anime would drop October 2022.
According to, the final arc will be handled Pierrot Studio and directed by Tomohisa Taguchi. They also mentioned how Viz will be providing the English dub, as they required the worldwide rights to Bleach’s final arc.

And I’m all for it, as I’m excited for Bleach’s return.

Jump Fiesta Bleach Trailer

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