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Blackpink and Selena Gomez Collaboration Confirmed, "Selpink" Trending on Twitter, Two Global Stars Coming Together

Blackpink× Selena not Ariana Grande" Selpink" trending worldwide


Blackpink officialy confirmed their collaboration with Selena Gomez as confirmed by YG, Entertainment while on the other hand Selena Gomez confirmed the collab according to Billboard on August 12,2020.

Selena is currently hyped among the public with her number one song "Lose you to love me" which became her first number #1 song on Billboard hot 100 and also reach #1 in two countries and among #5 in ten countries. Her personality, bold look and sensual voice adjust perfectly when you hear "Taki Taki" on collab with DJ Snake, Cardi B and Ozuna, which received well response from the public and became her first song to cross a billion streams on spotify. "Wolves" by her and Marshmello was also most liked by public. She also held the record for the most followed female artist on Instagram with 187 million followers now hold by Ariana Grande with 198 million followers

Selena now has the most anticipated comeback with Blackpink resulting in "Selpink" trending worldwide. Whenever, she collab with any artist the overall result is "bop". She gained enough of her success at young age, She is currently 28, considering the popularity she has.

Her recent album"Rare" scores number one position in Billboard 200 which include her first number one hit " Lose you to love me" and several #5 hits. She has pretty net worth of 75 million dollars which she spends effectively considering her fashion etiquettes. She earns much from Twitter followers(61 million followers), YouTube( 26.1 million subscribers) and Instagram( 187 million followers). As far as all of us know she started her career as a part of " Disney Channel".

Now her recent collab made the whole thing come to a point, "Selpink" trending on Twitter and even she posted a picture of her collab with blackpink has given their fans a chance to come through the pain. As for her fans, has seemed to increase everytime she hints for a new song. Considering, the awards( 106 awards) she has in her bag, she is nearly coming to snatch more awards meant for her with the vibrant fans of her, she easily could do so. Public are watching and waiting for her soothing vocals in her new collab.

Coming to Blackpink, who are going to heir the throne as the global group. World have seen an era of Little Mix, Destiny's Child and many others. Blackpink has snatched our wigs with their comeback enrolled with lots of girl power so called"girl crush" concept. Their image has been highly reputed among us as they are giving hits every time they drop a music video. Their recent record breaking song "How you like that " garnered 86 million views in its first day of release on YouTube. Their first ever debut song "Boombayah" has sold over 9 million records worldwide and "Whistle" being their first song to reach #1 in South korea. With their debut songs they have been charting higher even on US billboard world digital song sales chart. "Boombayah" currently has 939 million views on the other hand "Whistle" acquirs 533 million views on YouTube with it being release four years ago.

Their comeback with"As if its your last" depicted more of their cute side and describes more of a Pink concept from their name " Black Pink". Unexpectedly, it has over 847 million views on YouTube and 10 million sales worldwide. They came into more fame with their song " DDU DU DDU DU", which has over a billion views on YouTube and became the first kpop group song to ever reach this mark. Talking about the sales it has above 12 million sales across world wide. This music video was suggested by Rolling Stone as one of the best music video of 2018 and also top charts in more than four countries. It also received Platinum certification in South Korea and Gold in USA with over 500,000 units sold.

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They came into the scene of music with a leap of over a year with" Kill this love" which garnered 56.7 million views in its first 24 hours creating a world record breaking Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next". For the time being, it has 970 million views, thriving to reach for a billion mark. It reaches top 10 in more than seven countries and "Paper" stated it as the best song of 2019. The song has got silver certification in Japan with over 30 million sales. The song also received "Best Music Video" award in E! People's Choice Awards and they also won the awards for "Best Group" and "Best conert tour" respectively in the same year.

Talking about collab, they collaborated with pop star "Dua Lipa" generating their first top 40 UK hit"Kiss and makeup" and later with the pop sensation "Lady Gaga" generating the hit single "Sour Candy" which garnered 21.8 million views in its first 24 hours with just an audio picture. This song gave blackpink their first top 20 UK hit. Coming to their popularity of each members Lisa(37 Instagram followers) , Rosè(28 followers), Jisoo( 27 followers) and Jennie(31.2 million followers). With each having a net worth of 8 million dollars, apart from their music , they pretty much earn from You Tube as they are the most subscribed female artist with 44.1 million subscribers as well as several brands they endorse such as Dior, Chanel, Penshoppe, and many others.

Their new collab with Selena Gomez is going to wipe our minds for sure, so blinks and selenators let's stick to it and make them achieve higher.

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Ngangom Kailash (author) from India on August 22, 2020:

Hi are u all excited for collab!!!

Mabema Singha on August 20, 2020:

nice one..would love to see it soon.

Baishali on August 19, 2020:

Its nice to see how people loves them and writes about selena and blackpink are my bias tho

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